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Near Reality (NR) is an OSRS RSPS with a focus on replicating content. Therefore, you can expect a lot of gameplay to be similar, but with a faster pace. One of the examples can be seen at the minigames and bosses that NR holds; Obor, Bryophyta, Zalcano, Tears of Guthix, Pyramid Plunder, etc. With an already high player count that is steadily growing, NR is home to all kinds of adventurers that enjoy OSRS but with a breath of fresh air. 


RuneList: Please tell us something about the history of NR.
Jacmob: Near-Reality has been around for well over a decade now, passing through the hands of Chachi, Jags, Myself and Drax, we have all had a different take on Near-Reality and what we believed to be the best path moving forward. I have made mistakes in the past and this rendition of 'Oldschool Near-Reality' is here to reconcile those issues. Near-Reality has always been known as NRPK, and we want to bring that notion of PvP back to the server, mainly through Deadman Mode in the future. Oldschool Near-Reality is a continuation of the idea of OSS (Old School Server) back in 2012 which is what ultimately closed the original NR v13 for good. We are taking from that idea and putting forward the best server we possibly could, we will not stop until we have taken over the RSPS scene for good. What I believe that made Near-Reality so popular was the willingness to implement unique customs and donator pins (which allow legal RWT through a staff middle-man), we have always been different to other servers, and we don’t plan to stop.

RuneList: What makes NR special?
Jacmob:  Near-Reality has always been a top server for a variety of reasons; the community, legal RWT, pking scene, and the willingness to be different. Oldschool Near-Reality is a server that will push the boundaries of RSPS, bringing in authentic 1:1 OSRS content, and custom content that will be of highest quality. Our Development Team is probably one of the most solid teams in all of RSPS, and what we have in store for OSNR, is going to make us the top server very soon.

RuneList: What updates are coming to NR in the near future?
Jacmob: I will keep this short and concise, over the next month or so expect to see:

  • Gauntlet
  • Theatre of Blood & Hard Mode
  • Nex
  • Nightmare of Ashihama
  • Wilderness Vaults

And if able, we will attempt to be one of the first servers to implement the Tombs of Avarice.

RuneList: What do you expect to see from NR in about one year?
Jacmob:  Oldschool Near-Reality was set up in a way that will provide longevity and stability within the RSPS scene, we took a lot of drop rates, mechanics from OSRS, and our economy is not far off from how OSRS works, this provides a custom experience with faster XP rates, while keeping our economy stable for the long run. With the addition of Donator Pins, we expect to be around a long time, providing lasting and fun times for all.

RuneList: How did you personally get into development/ownership?
Jacmob:  I began making websites for local companies in my hometown, eventually I found Rune-Server, and begun working on websites within the RSPS scene, where I met developers from around the world and eventually worked/owned servers such as Avarrocka, Interbellum, Havoc and many others.

RuneList: What obstacles have you faced?
Jacmob: Near-Reality has always had a target on it’s back, same with many other top servers, and it’s a priority that you must have the proper people in the right places to ensure a stable environment for your development team, staff team, and players as a whole. We have faced people trying to exploit our systems, mass DDos, and many other threats, but as a team we worked together and we have overcame the issues of the past.

RuneList: What is your biggest obstacle currently and how do you plan on overcoming these obstacles?
Jacmob: Our biggest obstacle right now is becoming up to date with OSRS’s content so we can start pushing new and unique custom content that will make us much different than any other server out there. We have such a competent development team, it won’t be much longer until we are up to date with OSRS and we are pushing some of the most unique and ground breaking custom content within the RSPS space.

Thanks to Jacmob for the interview. 

Notable Features

As NR focuses a lot on OSRS, its notable features is mainly the impeccable ability to replicate content to Oldschool Runescape’s standards. The combat is great, the variety of content is amazing and the community is phenomenal. By playing NR, you won’t feel as if you are part of a server, you will feel as if you are playing the game itself but faster, and with a more close-hearted community

Player vs Monster (PvM)     

When we say that there are a lot of PvM challenges, we mean it. NR has a boss for everyone, from Obor and Bryophyta for weaker players, to Vorkath, Zulrah for intermediate, all the way to Chambers of Xeric for those with experience. If you are more into skilling, fear not, as NR has skilling bosses as well, such as Zalcano, Wintertodt and the Gauntlet. They even have the Mimic for players that love clues, how amazing! With that being said, the PvM-aspect is fully covered as the developers have put a lot of love and effort into creating a variety of bosses for players to kill.

↑ Image 1: An group of brave players fighting the Great Olm.

Balanced Drop Rates None
Both Beginner and End-Game Bosses  
Identical to OSRS  
Skill and Combat Bosses  


Training skills on NR is immaculate. There are a load of methods for you to train each skill, and each skill has something to it. For instance, Thieving has both pickpocketing, stalls, and Pyramid Plunder. Mining has regular ores, salts, the quarry, and the Motherload mine. The list goes on. On top of that, there are also skilling outfits to increase your gains, which is magnificent. In sum, all skills are functional and can be trained in multiple ways, with multiple roads leading to 99 in a skill.

↑ Image 2: Sklling boss, Zalcano.

All Skills Trainable None
Serveral Methods for Each Skill  
Rich Economy  

Player vs Player (PvP or Pking)  

Since NR is mainly an Economy server where players have to train and obtain their items from the start, PvP is somewhat of a sore thumb. To begin with, there are low to none Wilderness incentives. People that visit the Wilderness do it due to areas such as the Wilderness Slayer, Revenants, etc. Therefore, most of the players are there for PvM purposes, where you will find players separate or just casually talking while doing their activities. While the combat is quite decent, the problem lies in the lack of players and the lack of Wilderness content, which discourages players to visit it. 

EDIT: At August 2022, there are about 20 people in the wilderness (out of 400). There are also Wilderness events now. 

↑ Image 3: Wilderness PvP

PvP Combat is Good Very Few Wilderness Incentives

Leveling Takes Time (Economy Server) Difficult to get good items (AGS, ACB, ect)


Minigames are superb on NR, with a variety between solo and group, skilling and combat, and safe and dangerous minigames. A great balance of all. There are minigames for the skillers, e.g. Pyramid Plunder, Tears of Guthix and Motherload Mine. Next, there are also activities for PvMers such as the Inferno, Warriors Guild and Barrows. Finally, there is also the infamous OG Duel Arena for people who want to get risky and bet their belongings. The only thing missing are minigames revolving around PvP, e.g. Last Man Standing or a Bounty Hunter system for the Wilderness. However, since this is an Economy server it still deserves a solid 5 stars.

↑ Image 4: The Inferno. 

↑ Image 5: The Inferno.

A Lot of Minigames None
High Variety (Group/Solo/Skill/PvM)  

Player activity     

Currently, on the 20th of August, there are roughly 400 players online. This is quite an achievement, and a remarkable number to hold. The server has been released for over a month now, and still has 300+ members online every day. Although the server is still very new. Therefore, the server might hold far lower or higher players than when the review was written. But, the discord community holds an insane 5,000 members, so the activity will always be top-notch.

High Player Activity
Massive Discord Community
Server Recently Launched


↑ Image 6: Player activity at home

Other content     

Apart from PvM and Skilling, NR also offers four experience rates per game mode, with a total of five game modes. This leaves you with 20 modes to choose from, with each mode having its own restrictions and benefits. Next, there are also achievement diaries identical to the OSRS ones, with QoL rewards to make your life easier. Not enough? No worries, NR also has treasure trails, full collection logs, weekly events and far more.

Weekly updates Not much unique content (yet)

Conclusion    (4.3 on average)

Near Reality grants you the full OSRS experience, but at a faster pace for those who do not have time to spend years and years upon grinding an account. Even if you want a slower pace, it is available through different game and experience modes. This game is for those who want longevity, and want to be able to play the same RSPS for years to come. We highly recommend this game to players who are looking for a grind, a community, and a place to stay.

Website: https://near-reality.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/nr  


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20Sat, 20 Aug 2022 17:53:00 +0000Zeah RSPS Reviewhttps://runelist.io/blogs/18-zeah-rsps-review/ Zeah RSPS Review

Zeah is a 718 RSPS that has OSRS Content. With that being said, you can expect the best of both worlds. It has content ranging from before the Evolution of Combat all the way to the latest OSRS implementations. In addition, Zeah also has a unique take on new content, and have implemented their own task system which goes hand-in-hand with relics that empower your game. Playing Zeah is a unique experience as you take advantage of new content on your road to becoming maxed, finishing all collection logs, or besting players in PvP.


RuneList: Please tell us something about the history of Zeah.
Zeah: Zeah was established as a passion project officially in May 2021. As passionate long time runescape players ourselves, we wanted to provide the RSPS scene with a server that offered a truly different gameplay experience. Undergoing nearly a year of daily development, Zeah was created with the sole goal of allowing players to play their way. 

RuneList: What makes Zeah special?
Zeah: Zeah is an RSPS that couples the best of the past and present, featuring OSRS gameplay rendered in advanced high-revision HD. The options players are given is ultimately what separates us from the rest. Whether that be choosing to relive glory times in pre eoc, keeping up to date with current OSRS content, or experiencing the thrill behind leagues without worrying about a reset of progress. Zeah offers a surplus of activities that are catered to suit the player. 

RuneList: What updates are coming to Zeah in the near future?
Zeah: On Zeah we follow a dedicated road map based on the feedback we hear from the community. We allow players to voice themselves and vote on the updates they want to see. What we currently have planned is as follows; Our house system expansion is around the corner which will allow players to pledge to one of the five houses of Zeah, each granting different passive and active benefits in various skills. You will be able to complete tasks for these houses daily and weekly to gain rewards and relics. At the end of every season all houses can compete to showcase the winning house statue in the center of home for the following season. We also have a slayer rework, the implementation of LMS and other qol's scheduled for this month and early next month. With Theatre of Blood following shortly after. These are subject to some delays, but we usually try to meet our deadlines.

RuneList: What do you expect to see from Zeah in about one year?
Zeah: We're always working on improving Zeah overall and growing our community. With this we expect to see a more polished server, offering more content than it already does, and a thriving community. We provide a main focus in community engagement, offering nearly daily events and hearing feedback behind which updates should follow next. We believe this mindset will ultimately lead to a thriving Zeah in the future.

RuneList: How did you personally get into development/ownership?
Zio: I personally got into RSPS over a decade ago, especially during the times where RS popularity dropped. I've always had a passion for the game, and eventually became passionate towards providing an experience for others. I was part of very small servers back in the day, but the one I'm known for was one I started co-owning nearly 5 years ago which ended shortly before Zeahs inception. Over the years I've definitely grown to learn that the success of a server lays within its community, proper transparent management, quality content, and not being afraid to step out of the ordinary to provide something truly unique.

Simplex:  Programming and RSPS have always been an interests of mine. I've been playing RSPS since private servers were in their infancy, my first RSPS forum account was registered in January 2007, my development Journey began around the same time.

RuneList: What obstacles have you faced?
Zeah: We're reverse engineering a java application from 2011 that is laiden with traps set to stultify reverse engineering, our very existence is an obstacle. Outside the client, our largest obstacle was our departure and subsequent fallout with our previous team.

RuneList: What is your biggest obstacle currently and how do you plan on overcoming these obstacles?
Zeah: Implementing the oldschool RS identity kit (character models) and fitting seamlessly with the environment, pre-eoc items and pre-eoc animations. We've got work-arounds currently, but we still need more time to determine a proper solutions.

Thanks to Zio and Simplex for the interview. 

Notable Features

There are a lot of notable features on this server. From PvP Tournaments to Chambers of Xeric and Queen Black Dragon with both OSRS and Pre-EoC graphics alongside a relic and achievement system to help you in your journey. Phew, all that in just one sentence. That in itself says a lot, doesn’t it? To be honest, there is too much to say. You have skilling and combat pets, an in-depth Wikipedia managed by the community and staff, treasure trails, collection logs, and so, so much more. Our recommendation? Try the game. But if you’re not fully hooked yet, let's give you a detailed look at each area.

Player vs Monster (PvM)     

When it comes to PvM, Zeah has a lot to offer. There are a lot of bosses, with each one having their own benefit. Moreover, their bosses have a lot of variety from low-tiers, all the way to the end game. Their completion log is also an excellent addition to their overwhelming number of challenges, which allows you to track your kill count, fastest time, and retrieved drops. Nex, Chambers of Xeric, Zulrah, Vorkath, Dusk & Dawn, The Nightmare, you name it; They've got it all!

↑ Image 1: Zulrah, The green hooded serpent of the poison waste.

Identical mechanics and balanced drops None
Skilling and Combat Bosses  
High variety in low to end game bosses  


Skilling has both ups and downs. While you can train all skills on Zeah, there is room for improvement. Some skills, such as Agility, Runecrafting, and others are limited in content and thereby forcing you to do e.g. Wilderness Agility Course from level 52 all the way to 85. Other skills, such as Hunter are overflowing with content where you can catch literally almost everything. Imps, Jadinkos, Birds, Grenwalls, Chinchompas, Kebbits… The list goes on and on. With that being said, taking skills to 99 can be a very painful or joyful process depending on which skill you are going for.

↑ Image 2: Multiple skilling areas, also including some RuneLite plugins for skilling.

25 Skills, all trainable Very few methods for certain skills

Player vs Player (PvP or Pking)  

In terms of PvP, it would not be a server we would recommend. First and foremost, there are not enough players to always have someone to fight against. While they do have PvP tournaments every now and then, it isn't often enough to satisfy your bloodlust. Secondly, by having a very wide array of items from OSRS and Pre-EoC, combat can feel very one-sided as one type of weapon completely overpowers another. Finally, there are not a lot of incentives to visit the Wilderness. Revenants and bosses do not grant good enough rewards for players to visit them. The only time you would find people in Wilderness would be for activities such as the Chaos Altar, but even then it becomes more of a cat-mouse chase rather than an exciting battle.

↑ Image 3: Zeah PvP Tournaments

PvP Tournaments Low Wilderness Incentives

Hard to get into PvP (Requires level up)
Negative attitudes towards PKers 


Minigames are one of the weaker areas of Zeah. While there most certainly are interesting activities to participate in, such as Pest Control, Barrows, and Warriors Guild, most of them are outdated and are used to obtain untradable equipment such as Void and defenders. There are a few highlights such as Dominion Tower and the Inferno, which do add a bit of spice to the combat aspect of the game. However, more team and skill-oriented minigames exist in lower numbers, such as e.g. Stealing creation and Sorceress's Garden.

pvm 1.png
↑ Image 4: The Inferno. 

↑ Image 5: Barrows Brothers.

Good amount of minigames No up-to-date minigames
Both Combat & Skill minigames Low amount of players

Player activity     

Despite the content that Zeah holds, it sadly does not have a lot of players. It holds between 20 to 40 players on weekdays and between 50 to 70 on weekends. However, keep in mind that the server is fairly new, with its release being the 1st of March in 2022. Therefore, it might still rise up during the year.

None Can be difficult to find groups
for team-based activities 


Other content     

What makes Zeah stand out is the new content that they have to offer. There is a very unique task system where players can complete easy to grandmaster tasks in order to gain achievement points and relic unlocks. Achievement points can be used to create new items or to purchase golden relics, whilst relic unlocks serve the purpose of permanently unlocking silver relics. These relics will assist you by granting bonus experience and giving various benefits to skills, combat and other content such as luck. This is only one of the many features that Zeah has to offer.

↑ Image 6: Zeah Achievements System.

↑ Image 7: Zeah Relic Management Interface

Unique task system None
Many unique HQ interfaces  

Conclusion    (3.6 on average)

Playing Zeah gives you nostalgia from both OSRS Content and Pre-Eoc Content while also leaving you curious about what the new and unique gameplay it has to offer. With multiple modes, a magnitude of bosses alongside 25 fully trainable skills you will find yourself hooked right from the start. Try out seven different modes, from a masters account with reduced experience rates to hardcore group ironman where you can play with your life on the line alongside four other friends. 

Website: https://zeah.gg/


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18Wed, 23 Mar 2022 20:12:56 +0000
Simplicity RSPS Reviewhttps://runelist.io/blogs/15-simplicity-rsps-review/ Simplicity Review

Simplicity is a feature-rich pre-EoC Runescape private server filled with a variety of semi-custom content and other notable Oldschool Runescape content. This server is staffed by a team of 28 individuals and played by as many as 250 players at a time (on average). This RSPS possesses a very entertaining mix of both familiar and unique content found through exploring skills such as Dungeoneering and Summoning, or by taking on a multitude of exciting bosses and minigames. Prepare to learn what Simplicity RSPS is at its core and find out why we find this a very cool combination of two worlds. 


 SilverNova: Please tell us something about the history of Simplicity.
 Simplicity: We started off from where the previous Simplicity ended in 2016. We took on the task to revive the game and make it better than previously was possible.

 SilverNova: What makes Simplicity special?
 Simplicity: The current Simplicity has been in constant development for over 2 years making it one of the longest-running servers online now.

 SilverNova: What updates are coming to Simplicity in the near future?
 Simplicity: We are currently working on Nightmare boss, Zalcano boss, and Hespori. Which will release sooner than you think!

 SilverNova: What do you expect to see from Simplicity in about one year?
 Simplicity: We are expecting to attract more players with new engaging content  and perfecting the meaningful content that is already in Simplicity

 SilverNova: How did you personally get into development/ownership?
 Simplicity: We got into development in late 2014 after playing Soulsplit and wanting to make something just as fun but more personal. We tried some small projects over the years with no real release. Simplicity was our first attempt to release a populated, fully finished server.

 SilverNova: What obstacles have you faced?
 Simplicity: We have faced many obstacles since the beginning. The first 6 months were tough with constant DDOS attacks, untrustworthy staff, and keeping motivation with little to no players.
Got this back from Simplicity.

Thanks to the Simplicity staff team for the interview. 

Notable Features

The amount of entertaining content this server has to offer is enticing to play for hours at a time. Duo Slayer, Party Dungeoneering, Full Raids, Vorkath & Hydra are just a few of many pieces of content found in Simplicity. There’s a good handful of custom items found throughout the server too, such as Ring of Bosses, Scythe of Vitur X and Dark Twisted Bow - amongst many others. The mix of content in this server is, well, Simply amazing. Let's find out, shall we?

Player vs Monster (PvM)         

PvM is a big hit on Simplicity. This server offers existing bosses from Oldschool Runescape alongside pre-eoc, as well as unique custom bosses to battle. For example, Phoenix and Nex are two bosses from the later stages of Runescape whilst the Nightmare and Hydra are found on OSRS. Simplicity also offers the opportunity to try out new combat mechanics by fighting the Bandos Avatar, Slash Bash or Tarn. All bosses have unique levels of difficulty and offer excellent rewards.

↑ Image 1: The mix of Pre-EOC and OSRS bosses that Simplicity has to offer.

High Variety (OSRS/Custom/Pre-Eoc) None
Good Combat Balancing  
Good Reward Balancing  


Skilling is somewhat of an uncertainty. There are a lot of skills, including Dungeoneering and Summoning which are a popular hit amongst the players. However, most skills are pretty basic when it comes to training. For example, there are only four agility courses; Thieving can only be trained at stalls that are located at home; and Hunter is mainly trained at Puro-Puro. While this isn’t a problem for most players, it can get a bit repetitive when going for 99 in a skill. 

↑ Image 2: One of the many unique AFK training methods that Simplicity has to offer.

Dungeoneering Basic Training Methods
Unique AFK Training  

Player vs Player (PvP or Pking)       

Sadly, PvP action is nowhere to be found in Simplicity. First of all, Simplicity is primarily an economy-based server meaning that you won’t be able to spawn items or set your levels. This isn’t a bad trait to possess, but it doesn’t exactly attract pkers. Secondly, players rarely tend to visit the Wilderness unless there is a hotspot. Even then, there are only a couple of people in the entire Wilderness. Finally, considering the combat feels a bit clunky (E.g. Autocasting) it is hard to get some nice tribridding action. On the other hand, there are occasionally PvP-oriented events hosted which are nice to see.

↑ Image 3: Wilderness has a variety of PvM bosses, but there are no players to PvP with. 

Bosses in Wilderness PvP Combat is Clunky

Very Low PvP Activity


There are a lot of minigames on this server, including both custom minigames and the ones from oldschool runescape. The problem is that there isn’t really a lot of activity in minigames such as pest control unless there is an event that is going on. Therefore, it can take some time for you to get rewards from the minigames you want if they require larger amounts of players. However, the minigames that are currently on the server are focused on PvM/Skilling, and a lot of players seem to enjoy participating in them.

↑ Image 4: A mix of 15 different OSRS, Pre-Eoc and custom minigames

Big Variety (PvM/Skilling) Group Minigames are Empty
Custom Minigames Few PvP Minigames

Player activity          

Simplicity is considered to be a large-sized server as it sees between roughly 60 to 250 active players online at a time, depending on the time and day. There are enough players for chatting and having fun while skilling and PvMing; however, at times there seems to be a good handful of players that are AFK training. While AFK training is a nice feature, it can be demotivating to play at times when a lot of players are AFK training or standing still. However, it is still impressive to maintain large numbers of players for long periods of time - which Simplicity has most certainly managed to accomplish. 

↑ Image 5: Simplicity is an active server with a decent amount of players. 

Decent Amount of players Many are AFK


Other content          

When it comes to miscellaneous content, there’s a lot on the table. Upon logging in, there are a couple of different game modes to choose from, depending on how much of a grinder one is. Additionally, there’s a very nice achievement system with 106 achievements and four different tiers. Moreover, there are also a lot of systems in place to aid with gaming. Some examples being kill log, drop log, drop tables, collection log, etc. 

Different Tools to Ease Gaming None
Activities Outside of the Main Grind  

Conclusion          (3.8 on average)

Simplicity is the perfect server for those who seek casual gameplay and a good variety of content to choose from. There’s a ton of cool activities never seen before on any other server. Plus, it is the kind of server that can easily be played for weeks on end. If original Runescape mechanics and looks are more your style, then this server may not be your ideal match. Afterall, it is more of a custom 317 server than an emulation. So it really depends on what you prefer. Grinds and replications, or entertainment and unique content? We can offer insight only so far, so in the end you will have to decide for yourself if Simplicity is the right server for you!

  Website: https://www.simplicityps.org/


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15Fri, 05 Feb 2021 08:07:00 +0000
Alora RSPS Reviewhttps://runelist.io/blogs/13-alora-rsps-review/ Alora Review

Alora was released in November 2016 by Omicron and is now in its fifth year as a RSPS. During the years of its existence Alora has steadily climbed the ranks of Runescape Private Servers and is now known to be amongst one of the largest and most stable available on the market. With lots of content to offer and many active players; Alora seeks to entertain those who are seeking for a real adventure!


 SilverNova: Please tell us something about the history of Alora.
 Omicron: We're proud to be one of the oldest servers around at the moment, having launched in 2016 and have now been running for over 4 years. Prior to Alora, I ran a few smaller servers that didn't reach anywhere near the same level of success. The server right before Alora's release was called Impact, and it was very similar to Alora, although it had more of a PreEoC/2010 influence (Chaotic weapons, 2010 maps, etc). Although it only peaked around 70 players, we saw that it had potential, but one huge complaint was that the mix of OSRS content with Pre-EoC content was unusual to players and decided that we should simply stick to OSRS content.

 SilverNova: What makes Alora special?
 Omicron: Our biggest selling point, in my opinion, is our warm and welcoming community. We have one of the most dedicated and friendly communities, and ultimately we wouldn’t be here without our players. It isn’t unusual to find players on Alora that have been around for 3 or 4 years. There are a number of features that set us apart from other servers, but the combination of all of our features and the sheer amount of content that we're able to offer after being 4 years in development is what truly sets us apart when it comes to the game.

Aside from this, truly unique features that no other server can offer as of now include real OpenGL HD that emulates the way RuneScape looked in 2010, along with the ability to switch between Oldschool graphics and ~2010 era graphics (models, animations, monsters, graphics, etc). We give players the ability to play the Oldschool game, with the HD look of 2010. We also pride ourselves on having 100% Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood, which not many servers currently offer.

 SilverNova: What updates are coming to Alora in the near future?
 Omicron: We are always keeping up to date with OSRS updates, but when we've got free time we're working on our own unique content. At the moment, we're designing a trustless gambling system, where players can choose from many different games to play, such as a dice game or flower poker, and know that they won't be scammed when playing against another player. We also recently concluded our very first League tournament, where we gave away $2,000 in reallife prizes to participants.

 SilverNova: What do you expect to see from Alora in about one year?
 Omicron: We're always looking for ways to enhance our game, website and community, and we are listening to our players to see how we can do just that. We'd like to see the game stronger, more content-packed and better than it has ever been in a year from now.

 SilverNova: How did you personally get into development/ownership?
 Omicron: I have been playing RuneScape since 2005, which feels like forever ago now. I learned about RSPS in late 2007 around the time of the Wilderness/Free-trade removal. At first I was simply playing other available servers (CheezScape and FrugooScape, for example), but I soon became interested in the development and creation of my own server. What started out as  something for myself and a few friends to play on, quickly grew larger as I realized that other people could also enjoy my work.

 SilverNova: What obstacles have you faced?
 Omicron: The first year was the most difficult, by far. Having hundreds of players log into a server that has never handled hundreds of simultaneous players definitely put our code to the test.
There were numerous dupes and exploits on the game, vulnerabilities on the website, and general bugs that degraded gameplay. On top of this, we were a frequent target of DDoS attacks which were a huge obstacle during our first few months. Thankfully we persevered through these rocky first few months and are much more stable now. Our current obstacle is keeping old players interested in the game, as we have a mature server where many players are maxed out. This means ensuring that we’re often releasing end-game content and keeping our community involved in future updates. 

Thanks to Omicron for the interview. 

Notable Features

Apart from being the only server with SD/HD and 2007/2010 themed-graphics, Alora offers a lot of OSRS content such as Chambers of Xerics, Tithe Farm, Tears of Guthix, Pyramid Plunder, the Nightmare and Theatre of Blood. On top of that, they also have multiple modes to cater all players. Apart from the casual Iron Man Modes, players can also choose to play in Classic, Realism and Elite Ironman Mode for slower experience rates or in Group Ironman Mode. With that said there is a lot of content to cover. 

Player vs Monster (PvM)         

We kick it off with PvM, which receives an outstanding solid five stars. Alora has a reputation for quickly adapting to Oldschool Runescape's latest additions. This means players that play Alora will find themselves fighting new OSRS content on the same week or shortly after Oldschool Runescape has done a release. Currently, Alora is home to 25 bosses, ranging from the infamous God Wars Dungeon all the way to the latest boss: The Nightmare. This is excluding activities like Wintertodt, the Gauntlet, Inferno, and others. All of their bosses have mechanics identical to OSRS, so you will find no problems with adapting your existing skills to the challenges that Alora has to offer

↑ Image 1: The Nightmare of Ashihama, one of the many OSRS Bosses that Alora has to offer.

Quickly Adds New Bosses None
Bosses Are Identical to OSRS  
Large amount of Bosses  


When playing Alora, you will find that ít offers a large variety of skilling methods. You can do pretty much anything. Mine falling stars, catch all salamanders, create mahogany homes or mine dense essence rocks. Out of all the RSPS, Alora has the most features when it comes to skilling. On top of that, they also offer skilling minigames such as e.g. Pyramid Plunder, Tithe Farm, Tears of Guthix, amongst many others. Yes, they have Wintertodt, Zalacano and Puro Puro. If you love skilling, you surely will find your place at Alora.

↑ Image 2: Alora has the new OSRS contruction minigame, Mahogany Homes. 

↑ Image 3: Fully working Miscellania Management. 

All OSRS Skills None
Unique skilling minigames  
Insane Variety in Each Skill  
Skilling Methods are Identical to OSRS  

Player vs Player (PvP or Pking)       

Alora possesses a flawless PvP combat system and content that draws players into Wilderness, such as Revenants, Crystal Dragons, Wilderness Bosses and more. While it does cater to PvP players, they will still have to level up and acquire gear as this is primarily an economy server.

↑ Image 4: Ferox Enclave is the restored remains of a small town in the middle of the Wilderness.

Wilderness Activity Have to level and get gear
PvP Events



Alora offers a lot of minigames. Seriously, a whole whooping lot. With 21 minigames, you won’t find enough time to play through them all. The only problem is that there could be some issues finding groups for larger minigames, as some are less popular than others. However, the majority of them are solo or typically have events on them so there shouldn’t be too many issues. We highly recommend that you try out Pyramid Plunder and Tithe Farm, as there is no other RSPS that has those minigames fully functional.

↑ Image 5: Alora even has Tith Farm as one of their 20+ minigames.

Tons of Minigames (20+) None
Identical to OSRS  

Player activity          

While Alora was previously found holding over a thousand players, it has dwindled down by a bit. During their peak they hold around 500-600 hundred players, outside of that there are usually 250-350 players online. While that amount certainly isn’t a small one, you may find it hard to find a group of players to participate with when playing certain minigames or want to participate in some special activity..

↑ Image 6: Alora is an active server with many players. Always around 250+ online!

Large amount of players Decreased over the last year

Dedicated staff team

Other content          

As with everything else, Alora also exceeds in misc content. They offer quests such as Dragon Slayer 2 for players to take on if they are ready to battle mighty foes. If not, no worries! Alora also has several fun activities for the more casual player, who can take on twisted leagues, clue scrolls or even enjoy some competitive fun with fellow group ironmen.

Quests and Achievements None
Weekly events such as League  

Conclusion          (4.7 on average)

If you are looking for a stable server with too much content for your mind, Alora might be the perfect RSPS for you. They offer identical content to Oldschool Runescape and quickly adapt to whatever is the latest trend. On top of that they also offer multiple challenges, ranging from bosses to minigames to adventures such as clue scrolls, quests and more. You will find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of entertainment to be found at Alora.

  Website: https://www.alora.io/


  What do you think of Alora yourself? Rate this server review above. Feel free to comment your opinions below

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Roat Pkz Reviewhttps://runelist.io/blogs/12-roat-pkz-review/ Roat Pkz Review

Roat Pkz is an OldSchool Runescape private server with a heavy focus on PvP and is packed with a variety of both exciting and innovative content appealing to multiple types of players, including PvM too. Founded by Gretar in 2011, Roat Pkz has been running smoothly ever since with over 400 active players online daily! Considering its many years of success and massive player base, it is clear Roat Pkz is one of the leading RSPS for a reason.
In this server review, we will break down some of Roat Pkz’s notable content, as well as examine the quality of its features and player activity. Based on 30-point scale - ranging from 1 to 5 stars – our team will rate Roat Pkz in attempt to help you decide if this is the right server for you. Keep in mind: many servers are constantly evolving, so certain categories may improve over time. It is always a good idea to try servers out for yourself and come to your conclusions!
Now let’s kick this off with an interview from the owner of Roat Pkz, Gretar!


 Ayman: Please tell us something about the history of Roat Pkz.
 Gretar: Roat Pkz started small and almost fully spawn as that kind of server was really needed back in 2011. Only a limited number of items were un-spawnable and had to be obtained through the PK Shop. Items such as Barrows equipment, godswords, Bandos/Armadyl and Void were free to use, but as times have changed the type of content players want has changed as well, so we have adopted with the times and now transitioned into more of an ECO/PvP server with a balance between each."

 Ayman: What makes Roat Pkz special?
 Gretar: In my opinion Roat Pkz is special because it's one of the few servers that have always had a solid player-base throughout its years, and haven't had the need for an ECO reset for well over 8 years now, which means if you logged out 8 years ago and hopped back online now, your account would be in the exact same state you left it.

 Ayman: What updates are coming to Roat Pkz in the near future?
 Gretar: As you may understand, I cannot go too much into details of future updates since we're competing with other servers after all, but we have a lot of very exciting updates on the way that'll cater to all types of players. Although I can say that we'll be adding new types of content that the PvP scene has never seen before, so stay tuned for those!

 Ayman: What do you expect to see from Roat Pkz in about one year?
 Gretar: I expect us to provide fresh things to a big variety of players and therefore have an increased player-base. We are also always improving our current/future content and making it better as we know that it's pretty important to stay up-to-date on those.

 Ayman: How did you personally get into development/ownership?
 Gretar: I've always had a big interest in the RSPS scene ever since I was young, and I felt like the scene needed a new type of server where players could just instantly log in and start PKing right away, and so I decided to start Roat Pkz. From there I kind of freestyled it, and here we are today with the most dominant PvP server in my eyes.

 Ayman: What obstacles have you faced?
 Gretar: Our current biggest obstacle is making PvP content that is interesting and long-lasting, which caters to every PvP and to keep the server fresh for both veterans and new players.

 Ayman: What is your biggest obstacle currently and how do you plan on overcoming these obstacles?
 Gretar: As of right now, I wouldn't say we're facing any big obstacles. We're in a pretty good place in the RSPS scene. Although a lot of new servers are being released, we're still in the leading spot among the servers and I don't think that'll be changing anytime soon.

Thanks to Gretar for the interview. 

Notable Features

If you are the type of player who enjoys the PvP aspect of Runescape, then you will certainly love playing Roat Pkz! The wilderness at Edgeville servers as the main center for activity and caters to all PK builds and types. Some unique features include daily PvP achievements and tasks, hitpoint events, daily PK tournaments and a Clan Cup for huge OSRS prizes.

Roat Pkz development team also releases frequent updates which maintains the quality of the game at an extremely high standard. Players love updates, right?!

Player vs Monster (PvM)         

Although Roat Pkz is mainly a PvP server, it does offer players unique PVM content. Killing bosses such as the Roat Pkz champion, Corporeal beast and Skotizo can be a lucrative money maker. Due to the vast number of players, you won’t have trouble finding PVM clans / partners.

unknown (4).png
↑ Image 1: A custom boss named "Roat Pkz Champion" that can be fought in the wilderness.

PvM Tasks & Achievements Limited OSRS bosses
Custom Bosses Not so much PvM activity
Bosses drop decent loot  


Roat Pkz has developed its own skilling zone to cater to skillers that consists of thieving stalls, trees, and fishing spots. You can earn skilling points for successfully completing tasks and leveling up skills which can spent in shops found around the game. Roat Pkz is missing a number of skills which is why they are receiving 3 stars from us. This is quite common for servers that are primarily oriented towards Player vs Player gameplay. 

↑ Image 2: Multiple thieving stalls around the home area to pickpocket money. 

unknown (1).png
↑ Image 3: One of the skilling zones on Roat Pkz, a great way to make additional money.

Skilling is a decent money maker Some skills are missing
Unique skilling zones Most skills are not 1:1 with OSRS

Player vs Player (PvP or Pking)       

Player killing on Roat Pkz is highly enjoyable, so there is no question why so many players choose it as their main source for PvP gameplay. Firstly, Roat Pkz keeps things interesting by providing players with countless PK related events and incentives every day. The Most NH kills/Hybrid kills and dharok kills for great rewards. It is also important to mention how great the Roat Pkz combat system is. The developers behind this server have contributed countless hours into the combat mechanics. Many players consider Roat Pkz player killing to be nearly flawless! You will not have any trouble finding a match in this thriving Wilderness. Roat Pkz is full of numerous active PvP clans which makes the server very appealing to new players and the competitive nature of it incredibly fun.

unknown (3).png
↑ Image 4: Wilderness is the most active place on Roat Pkz, many clan fights aswell.

Majority of the server PK's  None
Great combat system



Roat Pkz offers players various minigames to choose from with some of the most popular games being Castle Wars, Last Man Standing (LMS), and the tournament system! These different minigames attract numerous players through automatic announcements made in-game. Roat Pkz also gives away a jaw-dropping 500m OSRS weekly in their tournament system! 
I participated in a Dharoks tournament during the week of writing this review and found a lot of entertainment and fun while competing against other players! 

unknown (5).png
↑ Image 5: A unique tournament system that is activly used by all sorts of players.

Numerous players compete in Minigames Only 3 main minigames
Juicy OSRS prizes!  

Player activity          

Without a doubt, Roat Pkz fully deserves 5 stars for its player activity. This server averages over 400 players online every day and sometimes reaches 550 on weekends. The Wilderness and home area is well populated with players conversing and trading! Roat Pkz has a dedicated staff team in-game and on the forums to assist players with their needs, suggestions and problems that may arise while playing. There are currently 17 members in their staff team which speaks volumes on just how much energy is put into this server.
Keep in mind - this server has been online for nearly 10 years! In this time, Roat Pkz has seen a fluctuation in its player base like most servers. However, Roat Pkz has always seen over 150 players online for its entire existence in the RSPS scene ..which is a great feat! 

Over 400 players online None

Dedicated staff team

Other content          

Roat Pkz has implemented a massive variety of unique content to the game. This server contains 1040 achievements and tasks to complete ranging from participating in an event to mining runite rocks. The variation of content is constantly entertaining!

The Clan Cup also attracts a great number of different clans to compete for the most kills! These Clan Cup’s occur every single month with over 15B OSRS given away over time!

Roat Pkz recent clan cup can be found here.

Frequent events None
Tons of tasks and achievements  

Conclusion          (4.3 on average)

In conclusion, it is fair to say Roat Pkz is one of our top picks for PvP servers considering the quality and vastness of it features. Not to mention the longevity of the server is quite notable. There is no doubt Roat Pkz is very easily one of the longest running RSPS in existence. This server offers players a highly enjoyable experience through its highly active community and ever-evolving content.
If you are the type of player who enjoys more PVM and Skilling content, then we would recommend a different server you can read up on in our other server reviews on RuneList! However, if you receive a thrill out of the PvP aspect of OSRS, then we highly recommend you play Roat Pkz and see what you think for yourself!

  Website: https://roatpkz.com/


  What do you think of Roat Pkz yourself? Rate this server review above. Feel free to comment your opinions below

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Zaros Reviewhttps://runelist.io/blogs/11-zaros-review/ Zaros Server Review

First Impressions Zaros offers several game modes to satisfy all types of players. Those who haven’t played a lot of ed a RSPS or took a long break can take a tour around Zaros which explains the sections rated in this review (PvM, Skilling, etc). There seems to be a lot of activity in more or less all areas of the game which is a nice change from smaller servers. While Zaros isn’t the perfect server you might ever want - It most certainly is close to being one.

Notable Features

There’s a lot of notable features such as multiple worlds, extreme player count, multiple training methods and a lot of content such as all ironman modes (normal, group, hardcore, etc) and a fancy yet simple teleportation system. It has content for days, a solid security system with 2FA, forum and email verification and even offers questing! Ho-ly! That’s a lot. Let us take a look at various aspects of the game individually to try to cover it all, starting off with PvM.

Player vs Monster (PvM)    

Unlike other private servers, Zaros has a multitude of bosses ranging from Obor and Bryophyta to the Nightmare, Inferno and Raids 1 & 2. In other words there’s a massive amount of bosses to fight, from easy ones to insanely difficult ones. There’s also the ability to use instances to avoid getting crashed or crashing others, which is a big pro for ironmen and other solo players. On top of that, the drop rates seemed pretty balanced meaning you don’t have to grind an eternity for a drop but at the same time probably won’t get one in the first few kills. One downside is that it might be difficult to fight a few monsters as certain areas are highly swamped with players.

zaros 1.png
↑ Image 1: Displaying a list of bosses including the Nightmare of Ashihama, The Inferno, Raids I and Raids II

Serveral Bosses (20+) Swamped areas
Balanced drop rates  


Skilling is extraordinary. First and foremost, all skills are fully functional on Zaros. That means you can train Agility on all courses , try out Aerial Fishing or chase imps in Puro-Puro. Secondly, there are xp boosts for those of you who hate a certain skill. You can skip a few levels in Runecrafting, or train it from start to finish by visiting Juna at the Tears of Guthix. Finally, there’s both solo and group training methods. If you’re too tired from Firemaking by burning logs, you can take on Wintertodt with a party of players to gain both experience and items.

zarod 2.png
↑ Image 2: Skilling on Zaros including outfits like the Carpenter and Lumberjack, also working minigames.

All OSRS Skils None
XP Boosts (Outfits, minigames, ect)  
Identical to OSRS  

Group & Solo Training Methods


Player vs Player (PvP or Pking)  

While Zaros offers perfect switching, formulas identical to OSRS and superb PvP content (Presets, PvP Zone, Wildy Bosses and more), the interest in PvP is lacking. There’s between 2 to 15 players fighting in various areas depending on what the time is. If you are looking for some Player VS Player action, you will have to search thoroughly to find a single fight. 

zaros 3.png
↑ Image 3: Multiple PvP teleports, but sadly even the PK Hotspot is dead.

Perfect Combat System Low PvP Interest
Presets & Overlays (Timers, ect)

Weak "PvP incentives" 


When it comes to Minigames, Zaros is unrivalled with the amount that it has to offer. With up to 19 minigames including unique mini’s like Tears of Guthix, Observatory and others, you will find yourself running from one to another in a never ending cycle of entertainment. On top of that, there are minigames for all types of players. Pkers will find themselves fighting in Last Man Standing and Tournaments, Skillers will be grinding Zalcano & Wintertodt while PvMers are busy taking down the Great Olm and Verzik amongst others. Oh, and did I mention they are all identical to OSRS?

↑ Image 4: Zaros has a lot of minigames including Tears of Guthix, Zalcano and Castle Wars.

Multiple Minigames (15+) None
Work exactly like OSRS  

Serveral Minigame Types (PvP/PvM/Skill)

Player activity     

As Zaros currently holds the most players out of all Runescape Private Servers, it fairly deserves five stars for player activity. With over 1,500 players online at all times and over 2,000 at peak times, you will have no problems finding a friend, a group or even a whole party to play the game with. It also makes the game more entertaining to play, knowing that you can speak to anyone at any time which removes the feeling of loneliness. However, as with all big games - Less attention is given to each individual player as it is impossible for a team of even 20 staff to deal with 2,000 players.

↑ Image 5: Zaros has two worlds full of people, around 1,500 players online at all times.

Easy to find friends & groups Less attention to "you" 

More entertaining

Other content     

If you’re more of an adventurer that enjoys roaming cities and doing quests, don’t worry - Zaros covers that too. There’s over 12 quests in Zaros that are identical to OSRS. Not to mention achievements that range from easy to elite such as picking mort myre fungi and obtaining mega rare items from clue scrolls. Oh, clue scrolls. Yes, there are clue scrolls in Zaros. Not to mention everything else like skilling pets, collection logs, fossil hunting and mini-quests like Mage Arena II.

↑ Image 6: As seen in the picture a player can do numerous achievements, Zaros also has RuneLite.

Collection Logs None
Quests & Mini-Quests  

200+ Achievements (Easy-Elite)

Conclusion    (4.6 on average)

Zaros is the perfect server for skillers, adventurers and pvmers. It has a lot of content no matter if you enjoy playing with others or if you’re more of a lone wolf that goes with ironman modes. The only problem is that it doesn't really have a lot of PKers for PvP action. However, Zaros satisfies the hunger of everyone else. They have the latest content and offer a lot of challenges for you. If you haven’t tried it already, we highly recommend you do.

What do you think of Zaros yourself? Rate this news post above.

Article Written By SilverNova

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