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Roat Pkz Review




Roat Pkz Review

Roat Pkz is an OldSchool Runescape private server with a heavy focus on PvP and is packed with a variety of both exciting and innovative content appealing to multiple types of players, including PvM too. Founded by Gretar in 2011, Roat Pkz has been running smoothly ever since with over 400 active players online daily! Considering its many years of success and massive player base, it is clear Roat Pkz is one of the leading RSPS for a reason.
In this server review, we will break down some of Roat Pkz’s notable content, as well as examine the quality of its features and player activity. Based on 30-point scale - ranging from 1 to 5 stars – our team will rate Roat Pkz in attempt to help you decide if this is the right server for you. Keep in mind: many servers are constantly evolving, so certain categories may improve over time. It is always a good idea to try servers out for yourself and come to your conclusions!
Now let’s kick this off with an interview from the owner of Roat Pkz, Gretar!


 Ayman: Please tell us something about the history of Roat Pkz.
 Gretar: Roat Pkz started small and almost fully spawn as that kind of server was really needed back in 2011. Only a limited number of items were un-spawnable and had to be obtained through the PK Shop. Items such as Barrows equipment, godswords, Bandos/Armadyl and Void were free to use, but as times have changed the type of content players want has changed as well, so we have adopted with the times and now transitioned into more of an ECO/PvP server with a balance between each."

 Ayman: What makes Roat Pkz special?
 Gretar: In my opinion Roat Pkz is special because it's one of the few servers that have always had a solid player-base throughout its years, and haven't had the need for an ECO reset for well over 8 years now, which means if you logged out 8 years ago and hopped back online now, your account would be in the exact same state you left it.

 Ayman: What updates are coming to Roat Pkz in the near future?
 Gretar: As you may understand, I cannot go too much into details of future updates since we're competing with other servers after all, but we have a lot of very exciting updates on the way that'll cater to all types of players. Although I can say that we'll be adding new types of content that the PvP scene has never seen before, so stay tuned for those!

 Ayman: What do you expect to see from Roat Pkz in about one year?
 Gretar: I expect us to provide fresh things to a big variety of players and therefore have an increased player-base. We are also always improving our current/future content and making it better as we know that it's pretty important to stay up-to-date on those.

 Ayman: How did you personally get into development/ownership?
 Gretar: I've always had a big interest in the RSPS scene ever since I was young, and I felt like the scene needed a new type of server where players could just instantly log in and start PKing right away, and so I decided to start Roat Pkz. From there I kind of freestyled it, and here we are today with the most dominant PvP server in my eyes.

 Ayman: What obstacles have you faced?
 Gretar: Our current biggest obstacle is making PvP content that is interesting and long-lasting, which caters to every PvP and to keep the server fresh for both veterans and new players.

 Ayman: What is your biggest obstacle currently and how do you plan on overcoming these obstacles?
 Gretar: As of right now, I wouldn't say we're facing any big obstacles. We're in a pretty good place in the RSPS scene. Although a lot of new servers are being released, we're still in the leading spot among the servers and I don't think that'll be changing anytime soon.

Thanks to Gretar for the interview. 

Notable Features

If you are the type of player who enjoys the PvP aspect of Runescape, then you will certainly love playing Roat Pkz! The wilderness at Edgeville servers as the main center for activity and caters to all PK builds and types. Some unique features include daily PvP achievements and tasks, hitpoint events, daily PK tournaments and a Clan Cup for huge OSRS prizes.

Roat Pkz development team also releases frequent updates which maintains the quality of the game at an extremely high standard. Players love updates, right?!

Player vs Monster (PvM)         

Although Roat Pkz is mainly a PvP server, it does offer players unique PVM content. Killing bosses such as the Roat Pkz champion, Corporeal beast and Skotizo can be a lucrative money maker. Due to the vast number of players, you won’t have trouble finding PVM clans / partners.

unknown (4).png
↑ Image 1: A custom boss named "Roat Pkz Champion" that can be fought in the wilderness.

PvM Tasks & Achievements Limited OSRS bosses
Custom Bosses Not so much PvM activity
Bosses drop decent loot  


Roat Pkz has developed its own skilling zone to cater to skillers that consists of thieving stalls, trees, and fishing spots. You can earn skilling points for successfully completing tasks and leveling up skills which can spent in shops found around the game. Roat Pkz is missing a number of skills which is why they are receiving 3 stars from us. This is quite common for servers that are primarily oriented towards Player vs Player gameplay. 

↑ Image 2: Multiple thieving stalls around the home area to pickpocket money. 

unknown (1).png
↑ Image 3: One of the skilling zones on Roat Pkz, a great way to make additional money.

Skilling is a decent money maker Some skills are missing
Unique skilling zones Most skills are not 1:1 with OSRS

Player vs Player (PvP or Pking)       

Player killing on Roat Pkz is highly enjoyable, so there is no question why so many players choose it as their main source for PvP gameplay. Firstly, Roat Pkz keeps things interesting by providing players with countless PK related events and incentives every day. The Most NH kills/Hybrid kills and dharok kills for great rewards. It is also important to mention how great the Roat Pkz combat system is. The developers behind this server have contributed countless hours into the combat mechanics. Many players consider Roat Pkz player killing to be nearly flawless! You will not have any trouble finding a match in this thriving Wilderness. Roat Pkz is full of numerous active PvP clans which makes the server very appealing to new players and the competitive nature of it incredibly fun.

unknown (3).png
↑ Image 4: Wilderness is the most active place on Roat Pkz, many clan fights aswell.

Majority of the server PK's  None
Great combat system



Roat Pkz offers players various minigames to choose from with some of the most popular games being Castle Wars, Last Man Standing (LMS), and the tournament system! These different minigames attract numerous players through automatic announcements made in-game. Roat Pkz also gives away a jaw-dropping 500m OSRS weekly in their tournament system! 
I participated in a Dharoks tournament during the week of writing this review and found a lot of entertainment and fun while competing against other players! 

unknown (5).png
↑ Image 5: A unique tournament system that is activly used by all sorts of players.

Numerous players compete in Minigames Only 3 main minigames
Juicy OSRS prizes!  

Player activity          

Without a doubt, Roat Pkz fully deserves 5 stars for its player activity. This server averages over 400 players online every day and sometimes reaches 550 on weekends. The Wilderness and home area is well populated with players conversing and trading! Roat Pkz has a dedicated staff team in-game and on the forums to assist players with their needs, suggestions and problems that may arise while playing. There are currently 17 members in their staff team which speaks volumes on just how much energy is put into this server.
Keep in mind - this server has been online for nearly 10 years! In this time, Roat Pkz has seen a fluctuation in its player base like most servers. However, Roat Pkz has always seen over 150 players online for its entire existence in the RSPS scene ..which is a great feat! 

Over 400 players online None

Dedicated staff team

Other content          

Roat Pkz has implemented a massive variety of unique content to the game. This server contains 1040 achievements and tasks to complete ranging from participating in an event to mining runite rocks. The variation of content is constantly entertaining!

The Clan Cup also attracts a great number of different clans to compete for the most kills! These Clan Cup’s occur every single month with over 15B OSRS given away over time!

Roat Pkz recent clan cup can be found here.

Frequent events None
Tons of tasks and achievements  

Conclusion          (4.3 on average)

In conclusion, it is fair to say Roat Pkz is one of our top picks for PvP servers considering the quality and vastness of it features. Not to mention the longevity of the server is quite notable. There is no doubt Roat Pkz is very easily one of the longest running RSPS in existence. This server offers players a highly enjoyable experience through its highly active community and ever-evolving content.
If you are the type of player who enjoys more PVM and Skilling content, then we would recommend a different server you can read up on in our other server reviews on RuneList! However, if you receive a thrill out of the PvP aspect of OSRS, then we highly recommend you play Roat Pkz and see what you think for yourself!

  Website: https://roatpkz.com/


  What do you think of Roat Pkz yourself? Rate this server review above. Feel free to comment your opinions below

Article Written By Ayman



  • Positive 3


Recommended Comments

Roat Pkz is a very successful server, I love the PvP aspects of the game like the keys and the shooting star event. Great server, would keep playing for ever. 

  • Positive 2
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Ive learned to Pk on Roat Pkz in the past. I was way to scared to lose my bank on OSRS so decided to look for a RSPS with a great combat system.
I've read over the whole review and 100% agree with all aspects. If you want to learn how to PK or are into PK'ing yourself, then you should join Roat Pkz!
Great server review, well done @Ayman. Great idea to add an interview to it aswell. Would love to see more of these. 

  • Positive 1
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Roatpkz are my homies! I love how the owner & administrators actually listen to feedback/suggestions. It might be my luxury to have some kind of a 'name' in the rsps scene but whenever I text them either on forums or Discord they're always keen to listen to my input. In my opinion that is one of the key features that makes a private server my favorite rsps.

  • Positive 1
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Excellent interview - very objective and honest. 

My 2Cents as a regular player of the server:

Roat is the #1 PVP server. Over 90% of the server are pkers. Most clan activities and overall PVP dominance in edgeville/multi/single pk. There is something for everyone to do in pvp - pures/mains/nhing/brid/multi/single/etc. 

The server is also the most balanced PVP server I've played so far. The combat formula & pvp mechanics are spot on to make it competitive and enjoyable for players. Gretar takes feedbacks from everyone and tries his best to balance the game. 

When you log into the game, you are instantly guaranteed action in the wilderness b/c the server is so PVP oriented.  Gretar and his contributors did a great job w/ the machination of the wilderness and pvp activities while balancing it with other aspects of the game. Yes, there are contents that need improving (pvm/skilling), but the server is spot on when it comes to PVP mechanics. This is how a true PVP server should be made. 

In addition, I also believe it is #1 overall from this POV - the server has been around longer than the dinosaurs - no server can claim this achievement. You can rest assured that your pixels and progress are safe even if you go on a long break. 

2021 will be a great year for Roat Pkz. The server has very ambitious goals given recent updates that imo are very game changing long term. I think a lot of servers will try to emulate Roat Pkz due to its originality and uniqueness when it comes to pvp design, but the server will continue to trailblaze and push RSPS PVP to a whole new level. 

P.S. Site looks great. It has a modern, classy feel to it. Keep up the good work.

  • Positive 1
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Roat pkz is the best rsps i've played it since i joined it in 2014, tried different of private servers but they come and go. Roatz always been active without a reset of eco, it has one of the loyalest player base I've ever seen. The staff team is always great chosen by the owner Gretar who is a great guy, he like to be involved in the community of his rsps.


  • Positive 1
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On 1/10/2021 at 2:15 PM, Rage said:

Ive learned to Pk on Roat Pkz in the past. I was way to scared to lose my bank on OSRS so decided to look for a RSPS with a great combat system.
I've read over the whole review and 100% agree with all aspects. If you want to learn how to PK or are into PK'ing yourself, then you should join Roat Pkz!
Great server review, well done @Ayman. Great idea to add an interview to it aswell. Would love to see more of these. 

Appreciate the kind words!

  • Positive 2
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