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  1. Ikadia's Update Log #5 is the last update before launch on February 1st. This has a lot more focus on donation perks, runespan fixes, final collection log checks and necessary updates for launch Runespan Fixes: - Added runespan creatures to the higher level of runespan. - Runespan interface is now working correctly - Runespan nodes will spawn randomly - Steel donators+ can now freely travel inside runespan. - Runespan runes will now be converted into points on teleport/exiting runespan. - Yellow wizard at runespan is now working properly - Collecting rune essence from floating essence will now give you 25 essence instead of 525. - Chipping essence from creatures is now working properly - You can now climb-up to the highest level of runespan - Runespan interface will now display which floor you are on. General Fixes: - Fixed some npc spawns at karambwanji - Fixed the agility pyramid course + you will now be rewarded for reaching the top of the pyramid. - Defensive casting toggle is now working correctly and is based on combat xp instead of damage. - You are now able to cast & autocast the magic spell 'wind rush' - Added Port Piscarilius to the global teleports [Fishing category] - You are now able to catch raw anglerfish at the beach shore at port piscarilius - You can now buy sandworms from tynan's fishing supplies shop. - You can now open sandworm packs giving you 100 sandworms. - You are now able to cook raw anglerfish (84 cooking, 230 xp each). - You can now eat cooked anglerfish (Heals 220 each, can also heal above maximum constitution). - Increased the sinkholes respawn timer by alot. - [Client] Added extended zooming in and out to the client. - [Client] Render distance is increased by alot - Added wilderness resource area (Used to be nullified) - Added a setting for extended double zoom inside the player settings menu. - Upon redeeming bonds will now show a message it was succesfull. - Updated Daily Challenges with a new system. Supporting over 200+ skilling tasks; Rewards: 1-15m coins & 1-10 sof spins - Corrected equipment tab sprites, they will now be aligned properly. - Moved Account Settings to the settings tab - You can now open the available game perks inside the information tab. - Closing the equipment interface will now register as properly closed. - Added more grey chinchompa spawns to the hunter area's - All potions & flasks now will automatically be shattered to pieces when they are empty. - Players logging in for the first time now can not go out of the starter interface untill you've chosen your desired gamemode. - Closing the starter interface without choosing a gamemode will now automatically re-open the interface. - Corrected some more global messages - Increased trivia bot timer. - You no longer get free antifire & super antifire on ingoing hits. - The alchemist instance has been fixed and upon death or destroying the map it will now teleport you home instead. - Corrected drops for the alchemist. - Added killerwatt spawns to the killerwatt plane. - You can now fletch arrow shafts from any log up to magic - Portal at killerwatts will now teleport you back to home. - Added rare loot drop announcements Shop Fixes: - Inside the ikadia shop it will now show you the correct price. - Corrected sell & buy prices for herblore supplies. - Corrected the vote point shop prices. - Corrected ikadia point store prices. - Corrected trivia point store prices. - Corrected deaths store prices + added pet death to the shop. Game Perks: - You can now purchase game perks from the perks interface where you can purchase, activate & de-activate your perks; - Added game perk ''cranked'' ; With this perk, your run energy will never deplete and stay at 100% forever. NOTE: This will not work in the wilderness - Added game perk ''coin collector'' ; Coins that are dropped while killing monsters are automatically picked up. Also increases coin drop rate and coin drop amounts by 25%. NOTE: This will not work in the wilderness - Added game perk ''herbivore'' ; All monsters now have the ability to drop a box that contains 10 random grimy herbs. Also increases Herblore experience by 1.25% and extends potion timers by 200%. - Added game perk ''from the ashes'' ; Gives the ability to have a permanent bonecrusher effect. - Added game perk ''charm tax'' ; Charms are automatically sent to your Bank account after killing monsters. Also increases charm drop rate by 50%. - Added game perk ''ava's secret'' ; Acts as a permanently equipped Ava's Alerter no matter what cape you're wearing. You also have a higher chance of recovering fired ammunition. - Added game perk ''soul eater'' ; Gives a chance of 0.25% to steal some of the targets its lifepoints - Added game perk ''zarosian descendant'' ; Your Prayer points decrease at a 10% lower rate. Also increases experience gained by 1.25%. - Added game perk ''worldy fishing'' ; This perk allows you at a chance to catch double the fish at once. Exp is given for both fish caught and stacks with Agility's multi-catch. - Added game perk ''iron forge'' ; Gives the ability to never lose an iron bar again, no matter what ring or cape you're wearing. - Added game perk ''pyromatic'' ; Gives the ability to burn all logs as they are cut from trees. - Added game perk ''gwd specialist'' ; Removes the requirement of having kill-count to enter any of the 4 Godwars dungeon boss rooms. - Added game perk ''thick skin'' ; Increases your maximum total lifepoints, also stacks with nex equipment, bonfires, potions, rocktails & anglerfish effects. NOTE: This perk will not function inside the wilderness. - Extra: You can now convert $ Bonds to donator points or squeal of fortune spins Titles: - Implemented support for five new titles: - the Reaper: Complete a total of 500 Reaper contracts - the Insane Reaper: Complete a total of 1250 Reaper contracts - the Fighter: Defeated the FightCaves at least once - the Infernal: Defeated the Inferno at least once - Crystillian: Opened a total of 275 Crystal chests Collection Log: - Added acidic strykewyrm to the collection log data. - Added the alchemist to the collection log data. - Added blink to the collection log data. - Corrected dark beasts collection log.
  2. Update #1 Update #2 & 3 Update #4
  3. Update Log [15/08/2022] Presenting: Game Mode Interface The Game Mode selection interface has received a well-needed revamp. The Realism game mode has been added to this screen. However, that mode is still a WIP. Players may now also select their XP modes on the new screen Bug Fixes: The Lectern of Imbuement has been fixed and is now fully functional Players will no longer receive gold caskets in the fight caves, inferno, or raids Amulet of Avarice can now be equipped Fremennik Kilt can now be equipped Tome of Water can now be charged with soaked page, and also works the same as on OSRS Players can now autocast ancients with TSOTD Amulet of Blood Fury passive effect now works correctly as intended (for now, unlimited charges. Charging will be added soon) Leaving the Pirates Ship event area should now properly close the interface overlay for the event Fixed a tile in Ferox Enclave that was still counting as being in the Wilderness Fixed the infernal pickaxe special message sent to the player when the buff runs out Fixed a typo in the message sent when fletching amethyst broad bolts Reverted the Bank max stack of items fix from the last update as it was causing more issues. Will do another fix Untradeables Shop: void knight mace replaced with void gloves (originally was a typo, was always supposed to be gloves) Added the command ::breakvials to toggle smashing vials on/off Daily Achievement task interfaces have started to be added into the quest tab Farming patches at home have been fixed Fixed a couple of doors at home that were placed weird Spin Flax lunar spell added Players no longer get locked when fletching logs, can move freely to cancel the action
  4. Great video. I actually watched it the whole way through, and it was informative. The good thing is that it will be up as long as it is not removed, so hopefully it will help a lot more people than just me 😄. Well done @Jawarrior1
  5. Animated Banner: 35$ Animated Avatars/Discord Logos: 25$ *3D costs 10$ extra. Discord Logos & Avatars Discord Banners
  6. Hi Nima! Feels great to have another designer in our ranks 😊 Hope you enjoy your stay here at RuneList!
  7. I personally think it turned out really well. As I already mentioned, the gem feels a bit odd as the A and K hover over it. I think it could sell very well if you made some headers to it and sold it all as a package. Well done!
  8. SilverNova


    Welcome Moo! Your name really reminds me of this video, haha
  9. Locked as it was implemented after a community poll on Discord.
  10. God damn it. Every time I find a reason to take a break, you sneaksters always manage lure me back in 😆
  11. Looks amazing!! Best of luck to Alora ~ Not like you need it though 😅