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Summer Event, Theatre of Blood Expansion & Bug Fixes!
Tue 13-Jul-2021
Posted by: Ab

Hello everyone,

I know it has been a long time but today we finally have another update for you. Let’s get into it!

Summer Event

Summer has arrived at Rigour (better late than never)! The summer event will last until the 15th of August. During this time, a summer sale will also be active giving a 25% discount in our store by using the code ‘SUMMER25‘.

The event consists of a very simple concept. Every 4 hours, a random NPC will be selected as a “Hot NPC”. Killing this NPC during that period will give you a 1/75 chance at receiving 5-25 summer tickets. You can find the information about which NPC is the hot NPC and when the next change will be in your Events tab.

With this event, some new items are being introduced into the game. They are as follows:

  • Elder Maul (hot), a stronger version of the elder maul.
  • Blade of Saeldor (hot), a stronger version of the blade of saeldor.
  • Magic shortbow (hot), a magic shortbow with slightly boosted accuracy & reduced attack speed by 1 tick. Can fire up to dragon arrows.
  • Master wand (hot), a master wand with slightly boosted stats & reduced attack speed by 1 tick.
  • Neitiznot faceguard (hot), a neitiznot faceguard with slightly boosted stats making it a BiS helmet.
  • Summer pet, a pet giving a 5% drop rate boost.

All these items can be upgraded using the new summer upgrade scroll, costing 1,500 summer tickets, in combination with the original item. You can find the summer shop by trading the summer elemental NPC at the home area.

Theatre of Blood Expansion

Two new ornament kits have been added to the rare drop table of theatre of blood. These may be used to upgrade the various weapons you may receive from theatre of blood. They all have corresponding effects and have slightly buffed stats from their original versions (unlike on OSRS where the kits are purely cosmetic).

  • Holy Scythe of Vitur, 10% chance to increase prayer points by 1-10 when dealing damage to opponents.
  • Holy Ghrazi Rapier & Holy Sanguinesti staff, 5% chance to increase prayer points by 1-10 when dealing damage to opponents.
  • Sanguine Scythe of Vitur, 10% chance to heal yourself for 5% of the damage you deal to your opponent.

The base upgrade chance for these items is at 50%, meaning it can be boosted to a whooping 80% with an upgrade boost token.

New Perks

Two new perks have been added:

  • Cannonball Maker, giving 25% more cannonballs when smithing them.
  • Rune Looter, automatically picking up all rune drops from NPC’s.

Misc. Fixes

  • Fixed being unable to fire regular bolts (unenchanted).
  • Fixed completionist cape not giving its proper boosts.
  • Increased protection value of Overloaded heart.
  • Fixed the item stats of Ghrazi Rapier, Scythe of Vitur & Sang staff according to OSRS wiki.
  • Fixed the attack speed of the sang staff from 5 -> 4 ticks.
  • Slightly increased drop rates from Cerberus, Corp. Beast & Zulrah.

I hope you will enjoy, and look forward to more!


Loot Tracker, Tile Indicators, Pet WOGW & Tons of Fixes!
Thu 13-May-2021
Posted by: Ab

Hello everyone,

Due to my IRL situation with recent exams it has been a while since the last update. Luckily, I am back in full force again working on updates for you. Today I have a long list of fixes and additions that I hope you will enjoy:

Loot Tracker

At last, the loot tracker plugin has been released! It will track NPC drops you receive from killing NPC’s. You can choose to ignore certain items and group them by NPC type or per kill.

Tile Indicators

Players may now toggle on the tile indicators plugin to show highlighted tiles (where your mouse pointer is) and your players tile. Destination tiles will be added soon (where you’ve clicked).

Hunter Traps

Due to recent shenanigans, hunter traps will now automatically disappear after being left for 5 minutes. If you encounter any issues with this change, simply relog to reset your number of laid traps.

Crystal Halberd

  • Fixed the crystal halberd special attack sometimes not going off on larger NPC’s.
  • The crystal halberd special attack now has its proper strength boost (10%).

Dinh’s Bulwark

The Dinh’s bulwark special attack has been added. It will inflict damage to NPC’s/players in a 11×11 radius around the player, dealing two hits to the NPC being attacked.

Well of Goodwill

Another option has been added to the well of goodwill; boosted pet drop rates! Fill it up with 75M coins to boost drop rates of pets by 2x for one hour.

Slayer Helmets

The long-lasting, mysterious issue with slayer helmets giving inconsistent damage boosts has at last been solved. The issue was that the regular slayer helmet (i) was receiving two boosts: one for being a regular slayer helmet (10%) and one for being an imbued helmet (15%), thus surpassing the likes of void slayer helmet and any colored variant. This only applied to the regular imbued version. In addition to this, the Void slayer helmet has received a buff from 20% damage boost to 25% damage boost to really trump the other helmets.

Malediction & Odium Ward

Upon dying with a malediction/odium ward with an enhancement kit, its regular version will now be dropped on the ground for whoever receives the loot.

Abyssal Sire

The abyssal sire is now back and functional again whilst we complete the combat script for it. Sorry about the hiccup.

Bond Gifting

Players may now gift bonds to ironman accounts that have another primary rank (staff ranks) as well as duo ironman accounts.

Duo Ironman

Duo ironman accounts may now change their XP rate, choose any XP rate upon creation & use the referral chest freely as the competition has concluded.

Magic Max Hits

Buffed certain item bonuses to give them more value:

Verzik Enchantment now gives a 5% damage boost instead of 3%.
The occult ring now gives a 5% damage boost instead of 2%.
The chaos blessing now gives a 5% damage boost instead of 2%.

Slightly nerfed the volatile nightmare staff special attack as it was way too powerful. The max hit in pvp combat is now 80, with max gear (including Rigour customs), just like on OSRS.


There are now global announcements when a player goes on a 5, 10, 25 or 50 killstreak, much like when a player ends someones killstreak.

Relleka Rooftop

Fixed the relleka rooftop not giving marks of grace properly.

Tokkul Rewards

A significant increase in tokkul rewards from completing the inferno & fight caves has been made:

  • The inferno now rewards a minimum of 50,000 tokkul, and a maximum of 80,000 upon completion.
  • The fight caves now rewards a minimum of 15,000 tokkul (10 waves) and a maximum of 30,000 (10 waves). This number is multiplied by 1, 2 or 3 depending on how many waves a player chooses to do.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed item definitions for the pet marble gargoyle.
  • Moved the combat instructor NPC (xp lock) to avoid misclicking to south of the achievement building.
  • Lowered the cost of wilderness chest keys from $10 -> $5 each.
  • Removed easter mystery boxes from the donator shop.
  • Fixed an exploit with being able to die to NPC’s whilst in a trade and not properly dying, thus making you invincible for a period of time.
  • Added the regular, un-orbed nightmare staff as a rare from Rigour boxes to increase supply.
  • Fixed missing max cape emotes for various combined max capes, e.g. infernal max cape.
  • Buffed the dragonbone necklace to have the same stats as the updated version on OSRS.
  • The dual sai’s are now two handed.
  • Cyclops’s in catacombs now have a drop table.
  • Switched out the north-eastern hill giants for abyssal demons in Catacombs.

I hope you will enjoy these updates, and look forward to more!


New Home Area, QoL’s & Bug Fixes!
Sun 25-Apr-2021
Posted by: Ab

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while, and finally we’ve reached another exciting update. The patch notes follow below:

Home Area

The home area has received a full revamp! Whilst it may be confusing I think this home will be a bit easier to navigate and gives the server a stronger first impression.
With this change, the LMS area has been moved to the Ferox enclave. It may be accessed by using minigame teleports or simply typing ::lms. Skilling utilities now all come with a near-by bank as well. Lastly, the combat dummy is now available for anyone and can be found in the altar building at home.

Resizable Mode

Fixed the tab area in resizable mode being fully transparent.

Crystal Halberd

The crystal halberd & its special attack has been added to the game. It may be aquired from the superior crystal chest & at a rare chance when exchanging a crystal weapon seed with the Weird old man. This weapon also deals full damage vs. corporeal beast (any attack style).

For more information on the special attack:


  • Tournaments are now ran once per hour instead of once every two hours.
  • Tournament lobby timer is now two minutes instead of three minutes until starting.
  • Increased the chance of receiving a wildy crate for winning the tournament from 25% -> 33%.
  • Looked into an issue with inventories not restocking properly after a tournament round ends.
  • Fixed weapons stance animations being off when joining a tournament (e.g. staff of light).

NPC Combat

  • Looked into issues with ToB bosses & Zuk last-hitting players after their death, causing in no rewards.
  • Fixed an issue with NPC’s using melee hitting through thin walls/fences.

Looting Bag

Fixed an issue with dying with an open looting bag not dropping the items on ground, thus giving you safe items.

Combat Fixes

  • When attacking with a charged weapon (e.g. blowpipe), it will now properly stop attacking if it runs out of ammo during combat.
  • Fixed Verzik’s enchantment not boosting magic damage properly.


  • Fixed an issue with Vorkath instances having multiple people/Vorkath’s inside them.
  • Fixed an issue with other peoples NPC’s respawning in other peoples personal instances (instance tablets).

Ground Items

Fixed item prices not loading & displaying properly for ground items.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed extended/super antifire creation having their level requirements swapped around.
  • Duo ironman accounts may now invite and/or be invited to a group up until 1,500 total level instead of 1,000.
  • If a bloody key despawns before being looted, the information in quest tab is now properly updated.
  • Voting on all sites now gives 50 rigour points instead of 25.
  • Disabled usage of cannons at corp. beast again.
  • Reduced coloring of berserker ring (iw) as it was too bright.
  • Fixed the donator perk increasing cannon ball slots to 50 not working properly.
  • Players may no longer light fires at the home area.
  • Fixed weapons not poisoning the other player properly in PvP combat.
  • Fixed mutated barrows collection log having the amulet instead of enchantment in it.
  • Increased protection value for the pegasian boots.
  • Fixed defensive stats of the ancient wyvern shield.
  • Fixed the equipment model of the armadyl cloak.
  • A significant increase in experience for catching implings (~2.2x).
  • Two trading posts have been added to the donator’s zone.
  • Fixed item definitions of skotizo gemstone.

I hope you will enjoy!


Easter Event, Pet Shredder & MUCH more!
Tue 30-Mar-2021
Posted by: Ab

Hello everyone,

Easter has arrived at Rigour and we bring you some exciting new updates with it! I’m not gonna drag along too much but in light of all of this, we’re holding a 20% sale during the easter holidays. It will last for as long as the easter event – just like the new, limited edition easter mystery box. More on that below.

Below follows a full list of updates:

Easter Event

Easter has arrived at Rigour with a limited-time event (which is the main focus in todays updates). You may find the easter fairy just south-west of home as seen below.

Speak to her and you will find that the easter bunnys eggs have been stolen! In return for helping her retrieve the eggs, you will receive a bunny outfit. Players who complete the event will also have a 1/10 chance at receiving an easter mystery box, which is also available in the store for a limited time only.

The Event

The objective of the event is rather simple. Every 15 minutes, a group of evil bunnies will spawn somewhere around the world, guarding a chest containing the eggs they stole from the easter bunny. You may find the location of them by using the crystal given to you by the fairy. The locations may or may not be inside the wilderness. If you do not feel like venturing into the wilderness, simply wait 15 minutes for the next spawn! Do note, however, that only 100 eggs are up for grabs on each spawn and each player may only claim 10 eggs per spawn – so you must be quick! These bunnies are agressive, however, they do not hit very high. In addition to this, occasionally, bunnies will invade the edgeville dungeon or the wilderness ditch. During this time, players may kill the bunnies for a chance at an easter mystery box drop.

The event & box will be discontinued on the 10th of April.

Easter Mystery Box

The easter mystery box contains various cosmetic items in relation to the easter. Below you may see a full list of items available:

The box itself:

The rares:

Gilded bunny pet – Gives a 5% drop rate bonus

Gilded bunny ears

Easter Ring – Allows you to transform into an egg

The easter ring, gilded bunny pet & gilded bunny ears will all be discontinued after the event (10th of April).

Pet Shredding

The second big change in this update is a new system: Pet shredding. Players are now able to recycle and shred their pets in exchange for pet shards. These may be used to purchase pet mystery boxes or upgraded pets. Purchasing an upgraded pet requires you to have the original version of it as well, which is lost upon purchasing the upgraded pet. The rewards for shredding pets range from 25-1,000 shards per depending on rarity and difficulty to aquire. For example, slayer pets get you only 25-75 points whilst a boss pet gets you a minimum of 150 shards. Certain pets, like raid pets & effect pets give upwards of 1,000 points for shredding them.

The new, upgraded pets added are as follows:

Burning Hydra – 7,500 shards + Hydra pet – Has a 5% chance to deal 3-6 burn damage. Works only in PvM.

Dark Mole – 5,000 shards + Mole pet – Deals 10% additional damage against NPC’s in the wilderness.

Berserk Graardor – 5,000 shards + Graardor pet – Deals 10% additional damage in the godwars dungeon.

Magical Skotos – 3,5000 shards + Skotizo pet – Deals 10% additional damage when wearing a Kodai wand.

Venomous snakeling – 10,000 shards + Snakeling pet – Has the same venom effect as other toxic items. Works in both PvM & PvP.

Teleport Changes

Players may now quickly access the teleportation device by using the lit up spell icons in their spellbooks, representing the different teleport categories.

Event Portal

To make it easier for newer players to find, a portal has been added outside the home bank where you can quickly access the different events.

NPC Fixes

  • Using one piece of anti-dragon protection will now negate all damage from dragons below a combat level of 300.
  • Tweaked walking radius of Sigmund the merchant at home to avoid him clipping into other npcs.
  • When clicking a moving NPC, it will no longer stop the following event until you’ve finished your action (e.g. talking).
  • Moved chaos elemental to avoid him getting stuck on spawn.
  • Fixed an issue with cannons operating on non-combat NPC’s.
  • Added magic combat stats for Vorkath.
  • Added magic combat stats for Rune & Adamant dragons.
  • Increased amount of sand crab spawns.

Skilling Fixes

  • Fixed broken objects (furnaces, cooking ranges & spinning wheel).
  • Using the make-all option when doing bones on altar (at chaos altar) will now keep going until you’re out of bones.
  • Fixed ladder at motherlode mine moving you into the wrong position when climbing down.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes doesnt register clicks when crafting leathers.
  • The antidote+ now lasts for 9 minutes as it’s supposed to.
  • Antidote+ potions no longer clear venom, only poison.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed black dragon extension not saving for slayer rewards.
  • Players may now buy more than one item at a time from vote & blood money shops.
  • Fixed bonecrusher perk being auto-unlocked.
  • Added Kwuarm seeds to brimstone & crystal chests.
  • Fixed item bonuses not writing to equipment interface at start of tournaments.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to equip a fast weapon (e.g. darts or knifes) and throw spells at a faster rate than supposed to.
  • Added some more misc. food items that are dropped by npcs as edibles in the game.
  • Autocast only resets when removing a weapon now. Removing gear will not impact it.
  • Fixed twisted crossbow requiring 60 defence to wear.
  • Fixed an issue with sometimes getting stuck in duel arena when trying to attack players next to you with no movement option on.
  • Players will now be prompted with a message about which key they need and how to obtain it when trying to unlock chests they don’t have the key for.
  • Bank search will now trigger with only 2 characters if it contains a ( to easily search for potions.
  • The lookup & XP Changer have had the transparent slayer icon fixed.
  • Fixed prayer interface off-centre formatting.
  • Reduced lightning on the custom (iw) rings.
  • Tweaked the inventory model rotations of the Wyrm scimitar.
  • Tweaked rank icon offsets to be less cramped together when multiple icons are rendered (e.g. staff icon + donator icon).
  • Fixed item definitions for rangers’ tights.
  • Fixed the redemption prayer draining prayer before healing, thus leaving you with no prayer to use for the heal.
  • Fixed magic not working with rune pouch after using a preset unless opening it first.
  • Removed unholy book from pure setup (again, stupid server).
  • Slightly buffed the accuracy formula of the twisted bow.
  • Applied potential fix to issues with storage chest eating up certain items.
  • Fixed an issue with calculating the value of repairing items. This only affected items that were slightly degraded.

I hope you will enjoy these updates, and happy easter holidays!!

Best regards,


Duo Ironman Competition, Perk Updates & More!
Fri 26-Mar-2021
Posted by: Ab

Hello everyone,

It is time – the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Duo Ironman! In the update bringing this game mode alive, there are some other changes worth noting. The full list follows below:

Duo Ironman

The duo ironman mode has finally been released and the competition is live! Read all about it here if you’re interested:

Storage Chest

The group (and now duo) storage chest has had two bugs fixed.

  • Items will no longer overlap with those of regular banks.
  • Players will no longer be locked out of the chest if another player logs out with chest open.

Perk Changes

  • Fixed an issue with the superior perk text clipping out of the interface.
  • Fixed certain perks not saving properly on logout.
  • Killing bosses now gives 2 rigour points per kill.
  • Barrows chests now give 2 rigour points per round.
  • Fixed Wraith giving 2 + 5 points when it was only supposed to give 5.
  • Fixed certain herbs not being sent to bank with the herb looter perk.
  • Fixed the description on upgrading perks.

Bonecrusher Perk

A new perk has been added called ‘Crushing Expert’. This perk can be found under combat perks & increases the XP received from using a bonecrusher by 25%.

Overloaded Heart

The overloaded heart has, after some discussion, had some changes to it.

  • The overloaded heart now needs to be charged with Overload (4)’s. 1x Overload (4) adds 10 charges. The maximum charges it can hold is 500.
  • The overloaded heart now lasts 6 minutes instead of 5 to give it an extra benefit above the regular overload potion.
  • To avoid overriding effects, the overload heart or potion may no longer be drunk until the previous effect has passed.
  • The overloaded heart now has a ‘Check’ option to see how many charges it has left.
  • Updated hover info for overloaded heart.

Prayer Fixes

  • Fixes to the preserve prayer applied. It will now make boosted stats last longer as intended.
  • Fixed redemption prayer effect going off without prayer activated.

PvP Armours

  • Fixed a bug with morrigans coif degrading too fast.
  • Increased all PvP armours degrade time from 1K -> 2K hits.

Item Fixes

  • Fixed the lightning bow being one-handed.
  • Fixed Lightning bow effect not going off properly. Its max hit is now higher than that of crystal bow.
  • Fixed max cape requirements when loading presets without max stats after switching XP mode.
  • PvP Box is now 1K instead of 1.5K points in pkp shop.
  • Noted amethyst ore is now stackable.
  • Fixed an issue with degradable reclaiming.
  • Fixed item definitions for ornate maul handle.
  • Fixed granite boots item definitions.
  • Fixed duplicate nightmare staffs in bloody key hover menu.
  • Fixed inquisitor hauberk clipping weirdly on the body.

Ring of Suffering

  • The ring of suffering may now be charged with recoils. Upon death, half of the recoils left will disappear and the other half will be dropped on the ground.
  • Players may now imbue the ring of suffering to create the ring of suffering (i). This ring may also be charged with recoils, just like the regular version.
  • Added a ‘Check’ option to rings of suffering to see current charges.

Tormented Bracelet

Players may now attach an ornament kit to the tormented bracelet. This kit may be purchased from the vote shop.

Blowpipe Nerf

In order to maintain the importance of high-end gear, the blowpipe has received a slight nerf. This nerf also impacts the Cerberus blowpipe.

  • Toxic blowpipe new strength: 45 -> 35
  • Toxic blowpipe new accuracy: 60 -> 40
  • Cerberus blowpipe new strength: 50 -> 40
  • Cerberus blowpipe new accuracy: 60 -> 50

I hope you understand that this balancing change is for the greater good of this server and not to mess with you all!

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Increased the HP of MA II bosses to 2,500 from 1,500 to allow more players receiving loot.
  • Increased the tournament PJ timer from 20 seconds to 60 seconds to avoid people taking advantage of the area to create PJ-friendly scenarios.
  • Donators who can only use the the CTRL + T teleport shortcut in Edgeville may now use it inside the donator’s zone as well.
  • Players may now use the regular furnaces for crafting by simply clicking on them with a mould in their inventory.
  • Removed the unholy book from pure tournaments.
  • Applied more filters to rare NPC drops.
  • Fixed ancient harpoon only giving noted resources when in inventory.
  • Fixed an issue with a degrade message sending in certain situations.
  • Fixed the recoil effect in PvP taking too many charges.
  • Fixed the overlays from runelite plugins (npc highlighting & agility plugin) being rendered offsetted in fixed mode.
  • All types of Wyverns are now considered dragonic NPC’s.
  • Fixed players receiving empty buckets regardless of using bottomless bucket when farming.
  • Fixed essence mining not working in certain spots.
  • Fixed the rusted anvil at lumbridge not working.
  • Fixed varrock armour effect working outside of varrock boundary.
  • Nerfed the HP of mutated barrows from 1K -> 750.
  • Fixed players being able to autocast without staff after dying with a staff.
  • Fixed invalid entry in wildy crate collection log (harmonised staff).
  • Fixed players with onyx donator rank as their secondary rank (staff and ironman accounts) having the zenyte drop rate boost.

Most of the effort has gone towards finalizing the duo ironman game mode for this update – expect more content updates in the next one!

Many thanks, and good luck,


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