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Latest Update: Rigour Launch Information – 27th of August, 6PM GMT

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Rigour Launch Information – 27th of August, 6PM GMT
Thu 04-Aug-2022
Posted by: Ab

Hello everyone!

It is with great pleasure I announce that we now have a launch date & time for Rigour – August 27th, 6PM GMT. For the launch there will, of course, be some exciting competitions with great prizes. I will make a separate post about those next week. We will also be hosting an invite competition leading up until the launch.

For the launch, all the information you need can be found in Discord. We will keep chatting, bringing good vibes and old friends back together there over the course of the next few weeks while we build hype for the launch. In terms of server development, a lot has been done. I have put most of mine and the developers focus on the core of the game and taken the time to completely revamp both pathfinding as a whole as well as Player versus Player combat. These two things have always been our biggest weaknesses and I hope that this will make the server feel more complete as a whole. Some other things that have been done are mentioned below, but not limited to:

  • Re-work of the item upgrade system which now requires Upgrade tokens that are aquired by shredding valuable items. This will act as an item sink but will also make receiving duplicate drops on Ironman (or regular) accounts more valuable.
  • Implemented slayer caskets with an advanced loot chance system to add an extra dimension to the skill.
  • The Nightmare boss has been implemented and will release approximately 3 weeks after launch. More on this below.
  • 117 HD Plugin – Be able to play Rigour in full HD.
  • An advanced target tracking system.
  • A roomy, new home area.
  • New unlockable perks.
  • New slayer bosses.
  • UI improvements.
  • Reworked farming skill.
  • General game improvements.

With this said, the main thing I have been focusing on getting done are core improvements to make the gameplay less disruptive and enjoyable, as according to many players Rigour has always been a well balanced, fun game. I hope to bring this experience back to you but better than ever before! By the way, for any returning players, all donation ranks that were gained by PayPal purchases or OSRS GP on a previous iteration of the game will be reimbursed upon launch. I will provide more information on how this will work as we approach the release.

After the launch, three different pieces of end-game content will be released with one week intervals. They are Chambers of Xeric, Theatre of Blood and The Nightmare boss. These different pieces of content will be released on the following dates:

  • Chambers of Xeric, 2nd of September 6PM GMT.
  • Theatre of Blood, 9th of September 6PM GMT.
  • The Nightmare boss, 16th of September 6PM GMT.

Another thing that will be locked on launch is the Duo Ironman gamemode. The Group Ironman gamemode, however, will be available for everyone. The reason for this being we plan to host a big competition for the Duo Ironman gamemode a few weeks post launch.

I hope that you look forward to the launch as much as I do! Stay tuned in Discord for more.

Best regards,


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