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Ground Item Customization & Game Fixes!
Tue 12-Jan-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

It is time for another batch of updates! They are as follows:

Ground Item Plugin

At last, full ground item customization via RuneLite is now added! You can access the plugin in your RuneLite settings and toggle just about anything – highlight specific items, ignore specific items, ignore items under certain value and toggle colors for certain values. All prices are fetched from the OSRS grand exchange API so they are not necessarily accurate reflections of our games prices, but it should be close enough.

Note: We’re aware of some minor discrepencies in item displays (names) right now; these will be resolved shortly but the plugin is now open for you to use and start setting up. One known bug is that bones tend to render as $10 bonds sometimes. A soft-fix will be pushed out as soon as possible.

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Resizable Mode

  • The HP & Prayer status bars now work in both fixed & resizable mode. You can toggle them on/off by going to RuneLite settings -> HP & Prayer Overlays.
  • The chat area is now transparent in resizable mode. This can be toggled on/off in your RuneLite settings.

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Slayer Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with slayer points being handed out unfairly. There’s now only one consecutive task multiplier for both wilderness slayer & regular slayer and it should now work properly.
  • Fixed an issue with certain extended tasks not being taken into account properly.
  • Fixed the toggled on/off configs displaying in the wrong slot on the slayer interfaces.
  • Tweaked the formulas for receiving brimstone keys.

NPC Fixes

  • More fixes applied to the NPC death tracker.
  • Vorkath now has two drop rolls rather that one on each kill.
  • Fixed Jad double attacking in the inferno.
  • NPC’s are now properly cleared when entering the Inferno.
  • The shield of undead effect has been fixed and will now negate 25% of damage from any undead NPC.

Misc. Fixes

  • Fixed a nullpointer causing the salve amulet to not take effect properly.
  • Fixed the :medal: announcements for level-ups in discord.
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes in the discord bot messages.
  • Removed donation messages from discord.
  • Put all level-up announcements in a separate channel.
  • Fixed level-up announcements for extreme saying hard.
  • Fixed fishing experience being set wrongly for many catches. It is now 1:1 with OSRS, apart from sea turtles & manta rays which have boosted XP rates based on their level.
  • Fixed dragon crossbow protection value.
  • Changed LMS required players; it now requires 5 players to start.
  • Fixed NPC’s hitting players through teleports.
  • Added a warning to claiming arcane/dexterous prayer scrolls.
  • Creating super combat potions now requires a torstol potion (unf) rather than a clean torstol.

I hope you will enjoy todays updates!

Best regards,


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