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LMS Changes, Discord Bot & Tons of fixes!
Tue 12-Jan-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

It’s been a rough couple days with host issues, unfortunately completely out of our hands. I’m glad to see so many of you still supporting us despite all of this and, hopefully, it is all resolved now.

Anyway, onto the good news – updates! They are as follows:

Discord Bot

A discord bot has been added! This bot will announce various things in discord, such as:

  • Events – The bot will alert a few minutes ahead of bloody key spawns, Mage Arena II & Global Boss spawns.
  • Bonuses – The bot will alert whenever a well of goodwill bonus is activated or a voting xp bonus is activated.
  • Drops – The bot will alert whenever a rare drop (one that normally announces in the in-game chat) is received by a player.
  • Pets – The bot will alert any pets players receive.
  • Achievements – The bot will alert whenever someone reaches a 99/200M XP/maxes out.
  • Inferno – The bot will alert whenever someone completes the inferno.

More features on this bot includes staff being able to kick players via discord commands. More to come…

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Inferno Fixes

  • Fixed the ranger & mager in Zuk wave hitting twice (lol, sorry, stupid mistake).
  • The timers on the two Jad’s should now be a little bit better than before.


Fishing has been re-worked and a lot of bugs with it have been resolved. XP gain should now be more accurate to how it was before.


  • You may now type ::leave to leave the LMS lobby.
  • Fixed the ‘game has not started yet’ being sent.
  • Made sure players can’t enter LMS with runes in their pouch while we investigate the issue causing them not to be added back after a game
    has ended.

Fixes & Changes

  • Prospetor gear is now properly added to bank when received from mlm & the chance has been fixed.
  • Added bear spawns to ardougne (north-east) & varrock (south-east mines).
  • Players may no longer attack players with a floating cape on.
  • Players may no longer run with the floating cape on.
  • Fixed wilderness slayer streaks & points not counting properly.
  • Broad bolts now have their proper ranged strength.
  • Fixed the equipment model of Varrock armours.
  • Slightly nerfed Skotizo’s attack & defence level.
  • Fixed Stamina potion creation being way too fast.
  • Fixed web slashing chance being way too low.
  • The 3rd age wand can now autocast ancient spells.
  • When holding a bloody key, the wildy level text now turns into ALL.
  • The prison doors and gates in Taverly dungeon now work.
  • Fixed the ardougne knight armour price in the achievement shop.
  • Buffed ardougne rooftop XP to 35k per lap (regular).
  • Fixed a typo on the herblore skill menu.
  • Fixed the woodcutting task only counting when cutting regular trees.
  • Fixed the nature runes task only counting once per inventory.
  • Fixed the Buy X option in the trading post.
  • Added a Zamorak Mage to the donator’s zone.
  • Graardor’s range attack now has a 1/3 chance of activating, just like on OSRS.

I hope you will enjoy these updates, and look forward to more!

Best regards,


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