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LMS Fixes, Ground Items Fixed, Combat Fixes & More!
Wed 13-Jan-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

After some unfortunate down time, an update has been deployed. I hope this will satisfy most of your needs and keep you busy for a while to come. As compensation for the down time, Bonus XP has been enabled for 12 hours. Enjoy. The updates are as follows:

Ground Item Plugin

The ground item plugin is now fully fixed and will render all item names properly. Enjoy!

LMS Fixes

  • The fog has been fixed and will now approach as supposed to.
  • Increased the speed at which the fog approaches the safe zone now due to the low amount of players.
  • Fixed the issue with two games being started at once, causing timers on the two games to overlap.
  • Fixed the PJ timers.
  • Fixed hitpoints not being set properly on game start sometimes.
  • The ::leave command whilst in a LMS lobby now works properly.
  • Fixed an issue with looting chests in LMS games.
  • Fixed an issue with players dying to fog causing nullpointers.
  • Fixed an issue with clipping off the map in LMS.
  • Added LMS wins to live-feed in discord.

Flower Poker

  • Fixed locations where you plant the flowers being off.
  • The chance for drawing a white/black flower is now 1/70.
  • Removed the “Challenge” option being misplaced in the gambling area.

X Logging

Players x-logging and/or disconnecting in combat will now be automatically logged out after 60 seconds. This will fix accounts being stuck online at e.g. sand crabs.

Splashing XP

Players now receive splashing XP when maging NPC’s. Clip recorded on extreme XP mode, no multipliers.

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NPC Delays

Fixed the delay between killing a NPC and being able to kill the next without being rendered still in combat.

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Skilling Outfits

A random chance to receive skilling outfits whilst doing skills has been added:

  • Farming – Whilst picking herbs, you may receive farming outfit pieces.
  • Thieving – Whilst pickpocketing, you may receive rogues pieces.
  • Fishing – Whilst fishing, you may receive angler pieces.
  • Mining – Whilst withdrawing paydirt, you may receive prospector pieces.
  • Woodcutting – Whilst chopping trees, you may receive lumberjack pieces.
  • Firemaking – Whilst lighting fires, you may receive pyromancer clothing.

Other Fixes & Changes

  • The bloody key is now dropped upon death.
  • Fixed the safe spots inside of fight caves.
  • Removed dragon longswords from drop announcements.
  • Fixed some more discord messages formatting.
  • Fixed party pete jr’s item name being rendered as party hat set.
  • Fix to Manta ray/Sea turtle fishing spot not working.
  • Fixed expired achievements not clearing/resetting upon relogging.
  • Achievement points are now saved on your account properly.
  • Your slayer reward points are now updated when opening the slayer shop.
  • Fixed combat stats of zamorak boss & minions.
  • Fixed combat stats of Cerberus.
  • Fixed combat stats of Skotizo.
  • Touch-ups to the positioning of side icons on the old gameframe.
  • Fix to the first tab in the bank interface moving when clicked.
  • Lowered price of overloads in blood money shop from 100 -> 50.
  • Added the floating cape to the donator’s shop at 300 points for a way to aquire it.
  • If you’re on defensive mode, you will now get defence XP when casting spells.

  • The proper experience in your counter is now set & sent upon login.
  • Fixed a client crashing issue.
  • Added two shortcuts to catacombs; Nechs -> Jellies and Cyclops -> Ankous.
  • Third phase of Olm no longer shakes whilst crystals fall, only in between rounds.
  • Touch-ups to fishing delays causing you to stop fishing when spam clicking a fishing spot.

I hope you will enjoy, and again, sorry about the downtime.

Best regards,


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