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Skilling Exchange, New Emotes & Tons of Fixes!
Fri 15-Jan-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

Today I bring you some updates – yet again! I hope you will enjoy them. They are as follows:

Skilling Exchange

A skilling exchange has been added to the game! Exchange your duplicate skilling outfit pieces for potentially great rewards. With this change, three new pets have been added to the game:

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Herbi – Exchanged at a 50% success rate for a full farmers outfit.

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Red panda – Exchanged at a 50% success rate for a full rogues outfit.

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Red golem – Exchanged at a 50% success rate for a full prospectors outfit.

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Dwarven Rock Cake

The dwarven rock cake has been added to more shops, allowing you to effectively lower your HP. It can be purchased from:

  • The slayer shop for 50 points.
  • The blood money shop for 100 blood money.
  • It is also, since before, available in the PKP shop for 50 pk points.

New Emotes

The smooth dance & Hypermobile drinker emotes have been added to the game! The smooth dance requires an unlock to use. You may either purchase a scroll from the achievement shop for 50 points or from the donator’s shop for 10 points. The scroll is tradeable.

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Skilling Changes

  • Increased chance of receiving prospector pieces when withdrawing paydirt.
  • Nerfed the rate of receiving skilling pieces when doing skills (except for prospector as mentioned above).
  • Fixed the XP boosts of all skilling outfits to be 5% per piece worn.
  • The fancy tiara now gives 10% bonus experience when worn and doing runecrafting.
  • Fixed the magic trees in donator’s zone not being choppable.
  • Manta rays now require 81 fishing to catch.
  • Fixed the catch XP of monkfish being too low.

Slayer Changes

  • Zakl’n Gritch is now considered a lesser demon for slayer tasks.
  • Tstanon Karlak is now considered a greater demon for slayer tasks.
  • Turael no longer gives slayer caskets upon completing a task.
  • Fixed the XP Multiplier for slayer superiors; it was giving way too little XP.

Double raid point scroll

There’s now a double raid point scroll that gives you 2x points in CoX & ToB for 60 minutes. It can be purchased from the donator’s shop for 10 points, or the vote shop for 20 points. It is also a possible reward from the mystery box.

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NPC Changes

  • Hydra’s electrocution attack now only deals damage once then stops if you’re standing inside it.
  • Nerfed the mage defence of barrows NPC’s.
  • Nerfed the mage defence of Dagannoth Rex.
  • Fixed Olm’s shaking not wearing off on the third phase.
  • Fixed alchemical hydras combat stats.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed ground item amounts being duplicated when leaving/entering regions.
  • Fixed a few regions with broken map data/pathing.
  • Fixed the dexterous & arcane prayer scrolls automatically being used upon clicking them.
  • Fixed the scrolling on the donators’ panel interface.
  • Brimstone keys are now dropped underneath the player instead of the NPC.
  • Removed magic logs from rare drop announcements.
  • The imbued blessing now has a +4 prayer bonus, as opposed to its counter parts +1.
  • Fixed a logic issue with splash XP giving more XP than hitting, for example, 1.
  • Fixed HP experience calculations being off for magic spells.
  • Fixed a client crash related to climbing ladders/using shortcuts whilst in combat.
  • Disabled the black mini-map in barrows/puro puro (it’s a RSPS after all).
  • Fixed the HP XP being separated from the mage/defence XP on defensive casting.
  • Players may no longer swap to the harmonised staff to autocast ancients.

I hope you will enjoy these updates! I still need a little more time debugging the discrepencies with Agility. If you would be so kind, record some clips and put them in a ticket and I’ll try to have it resolved in the next update.

Best regards,


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