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ToB re-enabled, XP Changer & Game Fixes!
Mon 18-Jan-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

It is finally time for another update! A lot of much needed and wanted fixes have been applied. The updates are as follows:

XP Changer

The time has come – you may now change your XP mode! Downgrading, as in going to an easier mode, when you are below 1000 total level is free of cost and your stats are kept the same.  There’s a small fee if downgrading when above 1000 total. If upgrading, as in changing to a harder XP mode, there’s a fee of 50M per “step” (e.g. regular -> hard 50M, hard -> extreme 50M). There’s also a loss of roughly 25% additional XP after rate conversions when changing to a harder mode to ensure it’s worth while to select a harder mode from the beginning. You may view your “new” stats after making the transition on the interface as well as the cost. Visit the Wizard of XP at home for more information!

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Last Man Standing

The last man standing minigame has now been fixed and is operational again! Some of the fixes include:

Fixed a death bug causing games to null and no longer be startable.
The PJ timer has been fully fixed.
Players may no longer attack each other before a game started.
Sanfew serums now work as intended.

Theatre of Blood

The theatre of blood has, at last, been fixed and is now operational again. Good luck grinding for the first Scythe of Vitur in-game!

Dragon Hunter Lance

The dragon hunter lace has been updated and now has:

  • Its proper animations.
  • Its proper attack style interface.
  • Its proper attack speed.
  • Its proper effect.

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Royal Seed Pod

The royal seed pod has been added to the game. It allows an unlimited one-click teleport below level 30 wilderness. It can be aquired from:

  • LMS Shop for 100 points.
  • PK Point shop for 200 points.

It’s untradeable and is automatically lost on death. Proceed with caution!

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Duel Arena

Fixed a glitch with the duel arena causing the game to instantly end upon accepting.

Preset Gear

Players who are of the Dragonstone donator rank or higher will now have any drained stats reset when loading a preset.

Slayer Fixes

  • Fixed melee damage being boosted by slayer helmet regardless of killing the NPC on task or not.
  • Fixed the overload heart purchase not using up your imbued, blood & twisted heart.
  • A slight nerf to slayer coin caskets has been applied.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed the Giant Mole achievement diary task.
  • Fixed the mage bank objects not working properly.
  • Fixed the Vesta’s spear not having proper animations.
  • Fixed certain areas being unclipped causing safe spots in some cases and NPC’s to hit through objects in others.
  • Fixed a safe spot at Solak.
  • XP Lamps are now untradeable.
  • Fixed 100% upgrade items had a 1% chance of failing.
  • Fixed purchasing stackables from the skilling token shop only giving you 1×50 instead of the amount bough x50 but still taking your tokens.
  • Nerfed the rare drop rates of clue scrolls.
  • Switching attack styles with a trident of the seas will no longer stop your autocasting and make you hit with melee.
  • Solak armour now has inferior offensive stats as opposed to Morrigan’s armour.
  • The ancient wyvern shield now counts as an anti-dragonfire shield.
  • Added hovers to the Vorkath’s armour to see its effect.
  • Fixed a glitch with the Craw’s bow (u) using the strength of the ammo slot, thus giving high strength bonuses.
  • Fixed the Craw’s bow (u)’s attack interface being off.
  • A wilderness crate may no longer be sold to shops.
  • Fixed a glitch with the amulet of blood fury being duplicated when running out of charges, equipping a fury amulet in the cape slot.
  • Corporeal Beast will now heal himself to full HP if nobody is attacking him, making players unable to venom him to come back later for an easy kill.

I hope you will enjoy these updates, and look forward to more! This update will bring some improvements to combat as well as some new RuneLite plugins – stay tuned for more!

Best regards,


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