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New upgradeables, Collection log revamp & Fixes!
Tue 19-Jan-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

It is a huge update we have upon us holding lots of interesting changes! We are also working on some new RuneLite plugins as we speak. These will be released sometime during the day tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. Anyway, tonights updates are as follows:

Upgrade Table

The upgrade table has received A LOT of changes and additions. Starting with the changes, they are as follows:

  • Ghostly dharok’s upgrade chance: 50% -> 33%
  • Ring (iw)’s upgrade chance: 33% -> 40%
  • Lucky saradomin godsword: Now only requires Saradomin godsword + Saradomin sword
  • Lucky zamorak godsword: Now only requires Zamorak godsword + Zamorakian spear

New additions:

Drake scythe: Drake’s heart + Staff of Light – 33% chance – No safe items.

The Drake scythe has the combined stats of a staff of light and a tentacle whip with 1 strength bonus less. It hits at the speed of whip when used in melee combat
and has the magic damage boost of the staff of light when used for casting magic spells. It also has a 5% magic accuracy boost. The heart can be received as a rare drop from Drakes.

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Xeric armour: Crystal armour piece, Olm crystal – 33% chance – No safe item.

The Xeric armour is a high-level hybrid armour. The crystal can be received as a drop from Chambers of Xeric.

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3rd age boots: Dragon boots, Infinity boots, 3rd age crystal – 33% chance – No safe item.

The 3rd age boots is a pair of hybrid boots, combining the stats of dragon boots & infinity boots. The 3rd age crystal can be received from killing Third age warriors.

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Infernal craw’s bow: Infernal cape, Craw’s bow, 10,000 revenant ether – 33% chance – No safe item.

The Infernal craw’s bow has the effect of the Craw’s bow but with unlimited charges. It also has an additional 10 ranged strength, making it a very strong weapon for PvMing in the wilderness.

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Avernic spirit shield: Spectral spirit shield, Arcane spirit shield – 50% chance – No safe item.

The Avernic spirit shield is a shield that pays tribute to our name and combines the powers of the Spectral & Arcane sigils.

Master clue scroll casket: 10x easy clue scrolls – 33% chance – No safe item.

A chance to save up easy clues to get a master casket for those going for collection log completion.

Collection Log Update

The collection log has received an overhaul and now has rewards for completing different logs. This brings in a bunch of new items related to the logs. You can also track how many logs you have completed & whether it’s been started, in progress or completed when clicking it. Most logs have standard rewards of mystery boxes, however some have more unique rewards. With this comes a whole new slayer collection log, combining a lot of the usable loot received from slayer monsters. Godwars minions now also count towards their bosses respective collection log & have had their drop rates tweaked. Below follows some examples.

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Drop Table Changes

Players may now toggle between searching for items/searching for NPC’s with the click of a button. This helps finding what specific items are dropped by which NPC’s.

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Donator Barrows

An area for doing barrows has been added for Onyx+ donators. This is just a QoL, not having to dig for each brother. The rest of it is the same. The teleport may be found at the bottom of minigame teleports.

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Chambers of Xeric

Chambers of Xeric has been fixed and the Olm melee hand is now attackable as per usual. The chest not being lootable has also been fixed.

Pathfinding Fixes

Pathfinding in Catacombs & Taverly dungeon is now corrected. NPC’s should no longer get stuck behind “invisible” walls.

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Donator Pets

Tweaked the prices of donator pets. Gave two of the pet effects; shadow critter and undead warrior.

  • The shadow critter gives a 10% damage boost when fighting corp. beast.
  • The undead warrior gives a 5% damage boost when fighting any undead npc.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • The dwarven rock cakes second option is now called ‘1 HP’ and will automatically set your HP to 1.
  • Players can no longer use the overloaded heart in the wilderness.
  • Fixed a possible dupe with pets inside of raids.
  • Your spellbook is now updated with the type of runes you have after leaving FFA.
  • Increased the amount of Tokkul received from completing the Inferno.
  • Players may no longer trade noted amulet of the damned.
  • Reduced prices of items in the LMS shop.
  • Added trading posts to the donator’s zone.
  • Fixed drake bones item name being null.
  • Decreased the amount of time Pestilient Bloat walks before stopping.
  • Fixed autocasting ancients with harmonised nightmare staff.
  • Autocast is now reset when loading a preset to avoid people using it to attack at 4-tick speed with the Harmonized nightmare staff on the ancient spellbook.
  • Nerfed the drop rate of dragon chainbodies and wiped them from the game.
  • When new daily/weekly tasks are available, you will now be notified with a message on login.
  • Dying in a Vorkath instance will no longer make you lose the runes in your rune pouch.
  • Lowered the drop rate of dragonic visage from skeletal wyverns as it was way higher than from other NPC’s.
  • Fixed the custom title scroll; it is now applied by activating a custom title scroll by simply clicking on it. Dragonstone donators or higher still set it via the interface.
  • The prayer restoring effect at demonic ruins has been added to the game. Player will now regain 1 prayer point every 3 seconds whilst at demonic ruins.
  • Diamond bolt special will now properly ignore the opponents defence level.
  • Fixed NPC’s PJing in PvP combat. They will no longer attack anyone who is attacking another player.
  • Fixed LMS being a multi combat zone. Players are no longer able to gang up on each other inside a LMS game.
  • Fixed a visual big with the slayer interface sometimes ticking off things that shouldn’t be.
  • Removed dragonic visage from Bronze Dragons drop table.
  • Increased chance of receiving clue scrolls from woodcutting/mining.
  • Fixed the issue with double donator symbols after reverting from an ironman account.
  • Appropriate magic levels added for the following NPC’s:
  1. — Demonic gorillas
  2. — Abyssal sire
  3. — Kalphite queen
  4. — Lizardman shaman
  5. — King black dragon

I hope you will enjoy these updates, and look forward to tomorrows client update with new runelite features!

Best regards,


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