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PvP Tournaments, RuneLite Plugins, New Upgradeables & More!
Thu 21-Jan-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

Today, I bring you an enormous update. I hope you will enjoy this and see that it’s a step in the right direction for the server. There’s so much to go over so below follows the full list…

RuneLite Plugins

Two new RuneLite plugins have been introduced into the game – stat timers plugin & combat styles plugin! A sneak peek can be seen below.

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PvP Tournaments

Finally, PvP tournaments are here! These are a more casual variaton of the LMS minigame, offering five different styles currently. The game is simple; every 2 hours the tournament lobby opens up. A minimum of 4 players are required to start. The last player standing wins and players are awared with PK Point tickets according to their placement. Players start with decent gear, similairly to in last man standing. After each kill/round-progression, the player receives upgraded items and has a chance at receiving better weapons and gear. The initial rotated styles are as follows:

  1. Dharok Tournament
  2. Melee Tournament
  3. Inquisitor/Range Tournament
  4. Max NH Tournament
  5. Pure NH Tournament

You may view the status of the tournament & lobby by accessing your event information tab at any time.

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When the lobby opens up, players will receive a broadcast notifying them to join the lobby.

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Players must deposit all their items and go to the home area, then type the command ::tournament to be put into the lobby. Once the lobby has enough players (4+), the lobby timer will start ticking down from three minutes and the tournament will commence.

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New Upgradeables

In todays update, we present three brand new upgradeable items! These bring some new, interesting aspects into the game. They are as follows:

Wyrm scimitar: Blade of Saeldor + Wyrm shard + 100x Wyrm bones – 40% chance – No safe item.

The Wyrm scimitar is a cosmetic variaton of the Blade of Saeldor with a slight boost in stats. The Wyrm shard can be obtained by killing Wyrms in the Karuulm slayer dunegon. Below you can see a comparision.

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Cerberus blowpipe: Toxic blowpipe + Jar of Souls + Cerberus head – 40% chance – No safe item.

The Cerberus blowpipe shares the stats of a toxic blowpipe but it is charged with fire runes (50x per charge) & darts instead of scales & darts. Although having the same stats as a toxic blowpipe, it has an additional 10% chance to deal random burn damage between 5 and 15 damage to your opponents, making its DPS significantly higher due to its fast attack speed. The Cerberus head is a guaranteed drop every 50 kills, just like the Vorkath head.

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Both of these items are never-before seen models and customly made for us. More to come later on, of course, including two full armour sets!

Infernal Viggora’s chainmace: Infernal cape + Viggora’s chainmace + 10,000x Revenant ether – 33% chance – No safe item.

Similairly to the Infernal Craw’s bow, this is a mace infested with infernal powers holding unlimited charges. It has a +10 strength bonus on top of its regular version.

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Upgrade Boosts

Upgrade boosts have been added to the game. They come in three variatons; 15%, 25% and 35%. Players may purchase them (15, 25 or 35%) from the donator shop (yes, shoot me) or the achievement shop (15%). They are also possible rewards from the vote mystery box (15%) and regular mystery box (25%). Their purpose is simple – when activated, your next upgrade attempt will be boosted by the percentage of that boost. For example, activating a 35% upgrade boost will boost a 40% success rate upgrade to 75% success rate for one attempt. The boosts do not stack – only one may be activated at any given time.

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LMS Fixes

The LMS minigame has been fixed up. The following changes have been applied:

  • Fixed fog moving in way too fast.
  • Fixed lobby timer processing way too fast.
  • Fixed sanfew serums not being drinkable.

NPC Kill count shouter

Players may now shout their kill counts for various NPC’s. Simply type ::kc npcname (e.g. ::kc zulrah) and your KC will be publicly shouted!

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Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Random item drops (e.g. brimstone keys, crystal keys, clue scrolls) now show up with a base value of 100,000 coins in the ground item plugin.
  • Lowered the price of gambler scrolls to 50 points instead of 100.
  • Fixed the clicking slot for the infernal craws bow on the upgrade table.
  • Fixed claiming rewards from collection log not going to bank if inventory was full.
  • Fixed the demonic ruins prayer restore boundary.
  • Fixed donator barrows being accessible by lower ranks than Onyx.
  • There’s now an ironman title available for ironman accounts (any) with 1,500+ total.
  • Fixed vote XP bonus not displaying in quest tab.
  • Skotizo now has a collection log.
  • Barrows pet drops are now globally announced.
  • Dagannoth king rare drops are now globally announced.
  • XP mode titles are now reset when changing XP mode.
  • Fixed clicking offsets for the upgrade altar.
  • Fixed rolling wrath runes in vote mystery box freezing your spin.
  • Party pete jr can now be gambled and traded properly.
  • Fixed an issue with LMS fog being too fast and strong.
  • Moved monster hunt boss slightly at hill giants due to a safe spot.

I hope you will enjoy these updates, and keep playing Avernic!

Best regards,


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