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Item Lookup, Zahur & Game Fixes!
Sun 24-Jan-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

Finally, it’s update time! Today, I bring you some juicy fixes as well as some new additions that have been frequently requested. They are as follows:

Item Lookup

Players may now look up items to compare using the item lookup link in the quest tab. Make sure the name you enter is an exact match. This is useful for comparing different items and viewing effects and stats of our custom items. Please suggest an item effect to be added to the list if it is not added already. The stats & requirements to wield any item can be viewed.

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Tournament Fixes

  • Made changes to what items are given back to you after a kill and what are deleted.
  • Fixed players having 2h/staff animations after tournament ended.
  • Everyone may now use rigour & augury inside of PvP tournaments regardless of unlock.
  • Fixed the tournament system not sending messages in discord #events channel.
  • Players may no longer use protect range in Inquisitor tournaments.
  • Players overheads are now reset when joining a tournament lobby.
  • The type of tournament will now display correctly when force started.
  • The Pure NH tournament will now give you 1 defence and 52 prayer.
  • Fixed Pure NH tournament upgrade items being main items (e.g. avernic defender, primordial boots).
  • Vengeance timer is now reset between kills in tournaments.
  • Increased spawn distance between players in the arena.
  • Reduced size of the tournament interface whilst in the arena.
  • Rewards of placing 1st-3rd place in the tournament has been significantly increased.
  • The winner now has a chance at receiving a Wildy crate (25%).

Slayer Task Teleport

Players may now teleport directly to their slayer task with a slayer cape.

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Opal dragon bolts

Players may now create opal dragon bolts (e). You can do this by chiseling an opal, then attaching the bolt tips to dragon bolts. They may be enchanted using the Lvl-1 enchantment spell.

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These bolts have the same effect as on OSRS;

Death Bug

Fixed a bug where sometimes, in PvM combat, your items wouldn’t show up on the ground instantly. This has been resolved and will no longer happen.

Zahur (Unf creator):

Players may now create unfinished potions with ease. Simply use your noted herbs on Zahur, found at Falador Farm. The prices are reduced based on donator ranks.

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Players may now thieve Elves. You can get there by going to To ‘Teleports -> Slayer -> Lletya’. These require level 85 thieving to thieve and have a slightly higher XP yield than heroes.

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Runecrafting Pouches

Once players have claimed a small runecrafting pouch, NPC’s between 70 and 100 combat will now drop medium runecrafting pouches. Once a medium runecrafting pouch has been aquired, NPC’s above 100 combat will drop large runecrafting pouches. Players may, of course, only have one pouch at any given time. To receive the small pouch, speak to the mage of zamorak.

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Mystery Box Items

  • The staff of light is now a possible reward from the regular mystery box in order to increase supply for the Drake’s scythe to be created.
  • The armadyl crossbow is now a possible reward from the regular mystery box in order to increase supply (1 ingame after 2 weeks).
  • The ring of wealth is now a possible reward from vote & regular mystery boxes.

NPC Fixes

  • Superiors now spawn under you instead of under the NPC you’re fighting to avoid wall-collisions due to differing NPC sizes.
  • Fixed Cerberus not being attackable (you still need to be on a hellhound or Cerberus task, however).
  • Corporeal beast will no longer heal to full when players are left inside the cave.
  • Increased Revenants defence levels to make the salve amulet a more usable option.
  • Nerfed damage output of global boss due to the low amount of players doing it.
  • Players may no longer use the dwarf multi cannon at cave krakens.
  • Fixed being able to mage Xarpus in his first phase.
  • Tweaked the size (“hitbox”) of the Abyssal Sire.
  • Fixed Olm melee claw pathing (again, sorry).
  • Vorkath now properly rolls two drops.

Client Updates

  • Interfaces are now aligned properly in resizable mode, for example raids & pest control overlays will be aligned left and not go towards the centre of your screen.
  • Lines are now automatically split in chat/game messages to avoid them clipping out of bounds.
  • Darklights, wildy slayer keys, emblems & blood money are now listed in the ground item plugin.
  • Fixed a client performance issue causing FPS drops for certain users.
  • Fixed the ammo plugin sprite not showing up properly upon login.

Shop Changes

  • Players may now purchase Blood shards from the slayer shop for 1,500 points each.
  • Players may now buy 50x Dragon bolts (untipped) for 150 blood money in the blood money shop.
  • Players may now buy 50x Dragon knifes from the PK Point shop at the cost of 50 points.
  • Players may now buy granite maul from the PK Point shop at the cost 100 points.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed Volcanic & Frozen whip being able to be created by using them on each other at a 100% rate instead of the 50% chance at the upgrade table.
  • Players may now see which revenant a drop is received from in the announcement as lines are now split properly.
  • The ring of wealth (i) is now the safe item on all item upgrades rather than the respective powered rings.
  • Decreased the depletion probability of most ores to make mining a little more AFK-friendly.
  • Fixed invalid stars lighting up as favorites on the teleporter interface at times.
  • Fixed the stumps in donator’s zone being spawned in an off-location.
  • Fixed cerberus blowpipe not having strength calculated properly.
  • Fixed the wrong mud staff being in dagannoths collection log.
  • Increased chance of receiving prospector gear from mining.
  • Fixed the XP changers total level display being off.
  • Dicing is now done strictly at ::dice (grand exchange).
  • Fixed minimum coins from daily tasks being too low.
  • Players may now select Slayer on the antique lamps.
  • Fixed a KBD safe spot (Donator’s zone).
  • Fixed a Lizardman Shaman safe spot.
  • Fixed a Chaos elemental safe spot.
  • Fixed a Callisto safe spot.
  • Cerberus’s head is now untradeable.
  • Fixed a ToB pet dupe.

I hope you will enjoy these updates!

Best regards,


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