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Trading Post Overhaul, Item Hovers & More!
Wed 27-Jan-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

Today I bring you some much needed fixes as well as improved content additions. They are as follows:

Trading Post

The trading post has received an overhaul and does not only contain a new design but also some new features. It should be a lot easier to use than before and be more appealing to the eye. Two new features are:

  1. Players may now view the history of their last 15 sales/purchases. This can be viewed on the right hand-side of the main screen at any time.
  2. Players may now have a maximum of one listing of the same item at a time to avoid “flooding”/spamming on the trading post.

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Item Hovers

Item hovers have been tweaked and you may now hold down CTRL to view the stats of an item. Note that not all of our custom items are added yet but will be over time.


Note: If the item hovers are annoying to you, you may toggle them off at any time in RuneLite by going to ‘Settings -> Enable Item Tooltips’.

Game Fixes

  • Fixed the slayer helmet dealing additional damage to NPC’s that weren’t your task monster.
  • Fixed the wrong achievement point variable being used for the new combat achievements.
  • Fixed flower poker disconnections & walking locations.
  • Fixed attack interface for trident of the swamp.
  • Tweaked tooltip style overall.
  • Fixed interface positioning & clicking in resizable mode.
  • Scythe of vitur will no longer pentrate demonic gorillas protect from melee prayer.
  • Players are no longer frozen by Wyvern’s freeze attack if wearing an Ancient wyvern shield.
  • Swapped Vesta’s to PKP shop and Statius to LMS shop as opposed to before.
  • Gave the Cerberus blowpipe (uncharged) a lighter look to distinguish it.
  • Fixed level requirement to wear max capes after changin XP mode.
  • Fixed dragon platebodies stats being wrong.
  • Fixed game messages splitting too early.
  • Cyclops’s will no longer attack through the wall at warriors guild.
  • Improvements to switching between gmaul/AGS.
  • Fixed combat level not updating after leaving tournament.
  • Overload boosts are now reset when joining a tournament.
  • Fixed equipment bonuses not being written properly when joining a tournament. This was only visual and did not affect the items real stats.

I hope you will enjoy, and look forward to more!

Best regards,


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