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Dailies Overhaul, New Items & Game Fixes!
Fri 29-Jan-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

It’s time again for one of those exciting update logs. Here goes…

Daily Task Interface

I figured it was about time our daily tasks got an interface of their own and were seperated into task type more properly. You may access this new interface by going to quest tab -> achievements tab -> view tasks. This is also the new way to access the combat achievements.

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Note: With this change, all your current tasks will be reset upon next login to fit the new system.

New Items

A few new items have been added to the game, most of them to make some otherwise rather dead content more interesting. The items are as follows:

Occult ringA ring sharing the stats of a Seers’ Ring (i) with a +2% damage boost – Dropped by the Thermonuclear smoke devil.
Verzik’s enchantmentShares the stats of a Mage’s book with a +3% damage boost – Aquired as a drop from theatre of blood.
Chaos blessingProvides +2% magic damage and +4 prayer – Dropped by Chaos fanatic, Crazy archaeologist and Chaos elemental.
Crystal ring (i) – Automatically picks up coins and crystal rings. Has the drop rate boost of a ring of wealth and stats of a crystal ring – Created by fusing a ring of wealth (i) and a crystal ring. This upgrade has no safe item.

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Abyssal Crossbow

A crossbow forged with an abyssal head, an abyssal shard and an armadyl crossbow. Has a 20% chance to deal 25% bonus damage. The crossbow has a special GFX when it activates. The abyssal shard is a drop from any abyssal NPC (abyssal demon, greater abyssal demon & abyssal sire). It is also a possible loot from mystery boxes.

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Corporeal Spear

The corporeal spear is a BiS spear vs. corporeal beast, dealing bonus damage and almost sharing the stats of a Vesta’s spear. It is created by forging a corporeal sigil with a zamorakian spear. The corporeal sigil is dropped by corporeal beast and a possible loot in mystery boxes.

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Hover Menus

All items and their respective stats are now supported in the hover menus. You can also hover on interfaces now, for example on the collection logs, drop tables and upgrade table to see the stats of an item. Simply hold CTRL at any time!

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Scythe of Vitur

The following changes have been applied to the Scythe of Vitur:

  • The scythe of vitur now has its multi attack and will attack NPC’s in an arc.
  • The scythe of viturs damage will now count properly towards NPC kills for all hits, not just the first.

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Slayer Shop

Three new purchases are now available in the slayer shop. They are as follows:

Slaughter bracelet – 100 points – Gives you a 25% chance of receiving XP but not deducting a kill from your task. Has 50 charges per purchase.
Expeditious bracelet – 100 points – Gives you a 25% chance of counting a kill twice towards your task.
Slayer ring – 500 points – Allows you unlimited teleports directly to your task.

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Donator benefits

Platinum rank benefits have slowly began being implemented. Two new benefits are added:

  • ::sit to sit on a demonic throne.
  • 10% constant boost on the upgrade altar for Platinum members.
  • 5% constant boost on the upgrade altar for Zenyte donators.

These will be expanded on over time.

Game Fixes

  • Fixed some formatting mistakes on the trading post.
  • All OSRS item bonuses are now loaded in the stat menus and most custom items.
  • Added effect hovers to more items in the hover menus.
  • More fixes to interface positioning.
  • Fixed right-click player menus clipping out of bounds at times.
  • Fixed KBD achievement not being counted towards properly.
  • Fixed Cerberus achievement not being counted towards properly.
  • Fixed Cerberus blowpipe burn damage not counting towards damage dealt/raid points etc.
  • Fixed dragonstone opal bolt special attack not activating.
  • Corrected some drop table mistakes, for example Kodai wand on CoX drop table instead of insignia.
  • Fixed equipment bonuses of Xeric armour & Avernic spirit shield.
  • Players may now sell certain items such as dragon spear, staff of light, granite maul, infinity pieces and occult necklace to the PK Point shop.

I hope you will enjoy, and look forward to more!

Best regards,


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