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Mon 01-Feb-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

Today, I don’t only have some exciting updates but also some important news. Below follows the news announcement.

Avernic -> Rigour

You may ask yourself, why? Well, part of why marketting in the initial stages of Avernic has been failing is because of YouTubers being very pre-occupied at the moment. I am trying my best but it’s very hard to reach out. I have also noticed a very negative tone regarding the Avernic brand because of how scuffed the game was before back on Season 1. A lot of confusing regarding the game being seasonal has also been brought up. I don’t think the Avernic name, unfortunately, will receive the attention it deserves in its current state. Therefore, we have gone ahead and simply re-branded ourselves with a whole new design. The game is the same and, of course, your accounts are untouched. This will only impact the marketting aspect and, hopefully, allow us to reach a wider audience.

I thank each and every one of you for showing us support and sticking with us – let’s hope the tides will turn and the player count shoots in the sky with this change!

Note: If the website isn’t updating for you, press CTRL + F5.

With that cleared up, here are the updates…

Barrows RuneLite Plugin

The barrows runelite plugin has been added, displaying your kills & loot potential;

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Raids Overlay

RuneLite CoX overlay has been added, supporting displaying personal points, total points for party & time elapsed in a raid.

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Quest Tab Re-work

The quest tab has received some love and is now much easier on the eye and organized. The achievemnt diaries now has a similair progress overlay as OSRS where you can view the progress of each difficulty on each diary directly on the interface. With this change, some actions have been moved to the account management tab on the bottom.

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Skotizo Sceptre

A new item has been added to the game; the Skotzio sceptre. It can be created by adding a Skotizo gemstone to a Thammaron’s sceptre (u). The gemstone is obtained as a semi-rare from killing Skotizo. The chance to upgrade it is as high as 50%. The sceptre has the same stats as the Thammaron’s sceptre, however it has a 50% damage boost instead of the Thammaron sceptre’s 25% in the wilderness, making it a very strong mage weapon for wilderness PvM. The accuracy boost is the same as Thammaron’s sceptre; 100%. It also, like the other upgradeable wilderness weapons, has unlimited charges.

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Ctrl + T Command

Emerald donators may now use the Ctrl + T shortcut command to bring up the teleportation interface when they’re in Edgeville. Diamond donators or higher may use it anywhere but in the wilderness.

Shop Changes

  • Selling items to PKP shop fixed. You will now get PKP based on the amount of items you sell, not just for one.
  • Fixed an exploit with selling items to the blood money & PKP shop. Players who took advantage of this without reporting it have had their banks wiped.
  • Added supply crates to the achievement shop for 5 points each.
  • Added ring of wealth imbuing scrolls to the achievement shop for 50 points.
  • Players now require completion of the medium wilderness diaries to sell items to the blood money shop. Players require the completion of hard wilderness diaries to sell items to the pkp shop.
  • All ironman types may now sell items to the PKP & blood money shop (presuming they fulfill the requirements).

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed Scythe cleave effect and fixed it taking place with all weapons.
  • Added rewards display to the dailies interface. Removed random loot rolls and made it constant.
  • Added hover information to the Expeditious/Slaughter bracelet about them having 50 charges.
  • Revised the accuracy formula of the twisted bow; it should now be exactly like the OSRS formula.
  • Added magic stats for Kree’Arra.
  • Fixed donator’s zone magic trees clicking.
  • Fixed dragon battleaxe formulas being off.
  • Simplified dailies interface text.
  • Fixed pyromancer hood not giving bonus firemaking XP.
  • Fixed the firemaking XP multipliers not working properly.
  • Fixed the purple tree tops.
  • Lowered task amounts from third age warriors.
  • Entering a raid (CoX) in the public CC will now enter you solo, not forcing you to leave the CC.
  • Fixed being able to fish and auto-type ::empty.
  • Made improvements to olm pathing.
  • Buffed serpentine helm protection value.
  • Buffed Arclight’s accuracy boost to 100% rather than 80% vs demonic NPC’s.
  • Added hover information to Darklight & Arclight.
  • Slight buff to clue scroll collection log rewards.
  • Players can now see their arena points when opening mage arena shop/killing mage arena NPC’s.
  • Fixed looting bag boundary for ultimate/elite ironman accounts. They may now withdraw items anyway inside home bank.
  • When a gilded or HCIM dies, their total level is now included in the death message.
  • Decreased line splitting size slightly to make sure yell messages don’t get cut off.
  • Hovers now work properly in the collection log.
  • Added 5 new possible daily tasks and two new possible weekly tasks.
  • Added a PJ timer much like that in LMS to tournaments.
  • Monkfish is now caught with small fishing net as it’s supposed to.
  • Decreased agility fail chance.

I hope you will enjoy!

Best regards,


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