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Skill Tracker, NPC Tagging, WOGW Changes & More!
Fri 05-Feb-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

It is time for a huge update! I hope you will enjoy this as a lot of effort has gone into it…

Home Update

The home has received an overhaul! I think the pictures are self-explanatory.

XP Globes & Skill Tracking

The long-awaited XP Globes/Skill tracking plugin has been added! I think this is self-explanatory; it has lots of nice features and I think it will make for a great QoL for all you skillers out there.

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NPC Highlighting & Respawn Timers

The NPC highlighting/Respawn timers plugin has been added. You can select between hull-highlighting and tile highlighting as seen below. You can also customize the color of the highlighting.

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Idle Notifier

Players can now choose to be notified with a desktop message when their screen has been off focus for longer than 10 seconds and their HP/Prayer level drops below a set threshhold.

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ToB overlay

The raiding overlay is now available for theatre of blood as well! It can be toggled on and off in your RuneLite settings.

Achievement diaries

The diaries have received an overhaul and now has an interface to display your progress, rewards and what the perks for completing the different diaries are as requested.

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WOGW interface

The well of goodwill interface has been updated and…Yeah, see below. I don’t think this requires further explanation.

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Ash Scatterer

Players may now unlock the ash scatterer perk from Slayer. It costs 250 points and will make you automatically scatter all ashes dropped by NPC’s for prayer xp if you have a bonecrusher in your inventory. The XP given is the same as for normal bones.

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Misc. Fixes & Changes

Fixed slayer ring/cape teleports for:

  1. Third age warriors
  2. Kalphites
  3. Banshees
  4. Black dragons
  5. Basilisks
  • Fixed regular lizardman not counting towards Konar lizardmen task.
  • Fixed fishing monkfish not giving an animation.
  • Fixed viewing combat achievement progress not working properly.
  • Interfaces are no longer closed when being attacked by NPC’s, allowing you to view things such as collection logs during combat.
  • Fixed the tournaments PJ timer only working one way.
  • Fixed some formatting on death messages for HCIM/Gilded ironman.
  • Tweaked line splitting by a few chars.
  • Fixed barrage XP dropping twice in multizones.
  • Added ::task command as a QoL to check slayer task.Fixed skill outfit XP calculations for mining, woodcutting and firemaking.
  • Fixed the wonky positioning of the minimap in resizable mode.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to teleport mid-looting bloody key.
  • Fixed the buggy agility courses where you’d no clip if spam clicking.
  • Fixed adamant ore in wilderness resource area.
  • The slayer task teleport on the Max cape now works as it should.
  • Increased many collection log rewards.
  • When a player claims a collection log reward, it is now announced globally.
  • Players who have completed all falador diaries may now access the upper level of Motherlode mine.
  • Fixed the favorites on minigames/pvp/cities teleports having the favorite icon moved down by one.

Best regards,


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