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Blue Wraith, Skilling Tasks & More!
Tue 09-Feb-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

It is finally time for another update log! It’s a rather big one and I hope it will be satisfactory. I appreciate each and every one of you reporting bugs and submitting game suggestions – it is what brings the game forward! Anyway, the updates are as follows:

Blue Wraith

A new boss has landed at Rigour. His name is Blue Wraith & he is a demonic version of the Wyrm’s found in the Karuulm slayer dungeon. He is a strong, multi-combat boss who uses four different attacks. Here’s some quick-info on the boss:

The Wyrm scimitar deals 25% extra damage & has 25% added accuracy against Blue Wraith.
He is considered a demonic NPC, so items such as the Demonic trident and Arclight works here.
His base attack is magic based, however if you are within two tiles of him, he has a 50% chance of using a melee based hit, hitting very hard.
He has a 20% chance to hit everyone in the room with a lightning attack. This attack can not be prayed against and will hit between 20-30 damage.
He has a 10% chance to send a bomb to a random players location. When the bomb is sent, everyone in the room will be notified that it’s time to run. The bomb will explode within five game ticks (3 seconds). If a player is standing on the tile where the bomb was sent, it will deal 80 damage. For every tile a player moves away from the tile, the damage is reduced by 5. Everyone in the room is damaged based on their distance to the bomb when it goes off.

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When killing Wraith, everyone who dealt atleast 100 damage and remain within the room will receive a drop. The top damage dealer will receive two drops and be announced in the chat.

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His rarest drop is a Wraith key, unlocking the Wraith chest which can be found at the start of the room.
The chest contains the brand new Wraith armour set which is magic based, sharing the stats of Ancestral robes, however it is plated and has a much higher ranged & melee defence bonus. It also only gives its damage boosting effect when the full set is worn. The damage boost of the full Wyrm set (four pieces) is the same as that of Ancestral (three pieces), meaning you need to sacrifice one more equipment slot for the effect.

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Skilling Tasks

Skilling tasks have arrived at Rigour! You may receive them by reading skilling task scrolls. These are obtained in various ways:

  1. Achievement store
  2. Donator store
  3. Rigour box
  4. Boss drops from:
    – KBD
    – Chaos elemental
    – Abyssal sire
    – Demonic gorillas
    – Blue wraith
    – Kalphite queen
    – Barrelchest
    – Lizardman shaman
    – Corporeal beast

Once you read a scroll, you will be prompted with an information interface and the option to roll your task:

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Once rolling it, it becomes untradeable and gives you a skilling task. It selects a random non-combat skill first, then checks your level in that specific skill. The tier will be based on that level:

  • Easy: Below level 40 in that specific skill.
  • Medium: Level 40-69 in that specific skill.
  • Hard: Level 70-89 in that specific skill.
  • Master: Level 90+ in that specific skill.

The rewards are based on which tier of a skill you complete with an easy(regular)-master XP lamp depending on tier. 1-4 Supply crates are also given based on tier and 2.5M-10M coins. A skilling chest is given with every completed task, regardless of tier, and it has some really interesting rewards:

Ancient pickaxe, the fastest pickaxe in the game. Also has a 25% chance to mine noted ores.
Ancient axe, the fastest axe in the game. Also has a 25% chance to chop noted logs.
Ancient harpoon, has a 25% chance to fish noted fish.
Resource Pet, a tradeable pet that sends all your ores, logs and fish directly to your bank.

The chest also contains various skilling enhancing items, like those found in the vote shop.

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Seed Box

Seed box has been added to the game. It is obtainable by purchasing it for 350 points from the slayer shop. It can store any seed inside of it, with a maximum of 700.

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Collection Log updates

With a whooping $250 bond reward, the upgrade machine now has a collection log where you can see your total attempts on the machine and the rarest items from it are added to the collection log. This will be an enticing end-game goal to strive for and is mostly just an extra reward for those select few who actually manage to fill it.

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Other collection logs that have been added:

Blue wraith collection log.
Skilling chest collection log.
Event chest (Solak) collection log.
Third age crystal added to slayer collection log.

Great Olm

Some improvements to Olm have been applied. They are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue with the chest sometimes not being blocked off (but unlootable) at the start of a raid, causing players to, if they would walk in there, to run a chance of being trapped.
  • Looked into the melee hands hitboxes & size. It should be a lot better and smoother now to attack with melee.
  • Fixed Olm sometimes not disappearing visually on the west side between phases.


  • Made adjustments to PJ timers inside of tournaments. Every time you attack someone, or someone is attacked, a 20 second PJ timer is added. This repeats on every hit to ensure nobody can PJ your fights.
  • Enabled a restriction for one account/mac adress in tournaments only to ensure no multi logging happens.
  • Fixed item bonuses not writing on interface by the time the tournaments start (visual only).
  • Fixed issues with tournaments sometimes giving out wrong potions (e.g. ranging potion in dharoks tournament).

Zulrah Tweaks

Zulrah’s defensive formulas have been tweaked to more accurately mimic those on OSRS. It is now weaker to range in its blue form and weaker to mage in its green form. With this change, the current records have been reset.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed Vorkath daily task not counting properly.
  • Fixed Karamja diary rewards displaying wrongly on interface.
  • Increased drop chances from global boss.
  • Fixed certain barrows pets not yelling upon being dropped.
  • The mystery boxes have been changed into Rigour boxes with a more fitting color for our server.
  • Fixed the morytania diary for completing ten slayer tasks.
  • Fixed the new bank coordinates to use looting bag for UIM/EIM.
  • The attack cape perk now lets you enter warriors guild for free.
  • The platinum donator rank is now gold and has an animated/flashing icon.
  • Buffed Demonic gorillas drop tables.
  • Fixed demonic ruins wilderness achievement not being counted unless drinking a prayer potion.
  • Fixed motherlode mine ladder (again).
  • Fixed not being able to use items on WOGW.
  • Fixed konar pet not auto picking up brimstone keys.
  • Resolved an issue with superior slayer monsters sometimes not counting properly.
  • Fixed adamant claws & limbs smithing making adamant warhammers.
  • Roofs are now hidden by default in runelite settings.
  • Increased mark of grace spawn rate at Relleka course.
  • The Shayzien armour now has a 25% accuracy boost vs Lizardmen.
  • Tweaked line splitting slightly (again).
  • Added magic potions & sharks to the supply shop.
  • Added bandos pieces to the mystery boxes rare drop table as there are more powerful armours in-game (e.g. vesta, statius).

I hope you will enjoy,


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