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Game Fixes & QoL Updates!
Wed 10-Feb-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

It is time for yet another update! Not as much focus on new content but on much-needed fixes today. I hope you will enjoy regardless!

Blue Wraith

  • Fixed Blue wraith safespots. He will now reach you regardless of where you’re standing.
  • Made Blue wraith’s bomb attack 1-tick longer and the projectile slower to make it easier to see.
  • Tweaked delay between lightning attack & mage attack to make sure you don’t get stacked.
  • Fixed Blue wraith counting two kills for the top-damager.
  • The bomb attack will now reduce 10 damage per tile instead of 8.

A new weapon has also been added to the Wraith chest; the Wraith longsword! It has slightly less strength bonus than the Vesta’s longsword, but a slightly higher slash bonus. In addition to this, the sword has a 10% chance to activate an electrocution effect, freezing your opponent in place for 5 game ticks and dealing between 5 and 10 additional damage.

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  • Buffed sirenic armour to have the same offensive stats as morrigan’s but keeping its defensive bonuses.
  • Fixed sirenic body being rendered as a stackable item.
  • Added sirenics stats to the hover menus.
  • Fixed sirenic body clipping.


  • Removed item upgrades from tournaments; everyone now has the same gear through-out to keep it fair. Buffed the starter gear for all styles.
  • Everyone has dark crabs as their food now, regardless of tournament progression.
  • Dropped items inside tournaments now disappear.

Item Switching

Made tweaks to item-switching; this change can be toggled on/off in your advanced options (settings tab).


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Note: You can also adjust your item drag-sensitivity in your runelite settings.


Made adjustments to the ghost spawns at Cerberus. I have also made Cerberus NOT require you to be on task in order to kill, however, you must unlock him by purchasing the Cerberus slayer perk in the slayer shop for 500 points in order to kill him off task.

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NPC Fixes

  • NPC’s HP is now reset after not being attacked for 90 seconds & their damage taken is reset.
  • Fixed great olm melee hands not being attackable.
  • Fixed an issue with certain Superiors not giving XP.
  • Removed the warped jelly spawn that was in the same location as dagannoths in catacombs of Kourend.
  • Fixed the slayer helmet effect activating itself even though not killing your task monster.

Donator Crowns

The onyx, zenyte & platinum donator ranks are now all animated. The platinum donator is now a cyan blue color. Thanks to Dark for help with creating the sprites!

Misc. Fixes

  • Slightly buffed Relleka course XP gain.
  • Fixed a bug with skilling tasks not counting properly.
  • Fixed superior crystal chest collection log not working anymore.
  • Made potion creation stack XP in one hit per tick like with cleaning herbs.
  • Fixed some item definitions and their names in-game.
  • Fixed discrepencies with mod crowns not showing up properly.
  • Buffed rate of receiving skilling pieces from all the different skills.
  • Zamorak brews now restore 10% prayer of your prayer points.
  • Fixed hover on blood fury saying 10K instead of 5K charges.
  • Fixed an issue with Zulrah getting stuck on the mage phase.
  • Players now receive a brimstone key for completing a Konar task instead of a coin casket.
  • Tweaked revenant’s drop tables; the rates now scale with the level of revenant. Credits to Cursed.

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I hope you will enjoy!

Best regards,


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