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Sat 13-Feb-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

It has been about a month since our initial release and a lot has changed and improved. I thank each and every one of you for the support you have shown. I will continue pushing updates at as high speed as I can. Today, I have another set of updates for you including both much-needed game mechanic changes, bug fixes and new content additions.

Before I hop into those, though, I want to take some time to state that, to celebrate one month of uptime, updates and fun, there’s now a 25% sale on the store. Simply use the code ’25MONTH’ to get 25% off any purchase.

Now, let’s get into the patch notes!

Mystery Box Overhaul

Mystery boxes have received an overhaul and are now split up in three different boxes. Below follows a description of each box.

Loot Viewing

Players can now right-click -> View loot on the boxes in the shop interface. This enables you to view the loot without having a box.

Rigour Box

The Rigour box now only contains gear & supplies. The drop tables has been slightly tweaked and items such as certain upgrade secondaries, zenyte (this might be removed in the near future but for now there is almost zero supply) and kraken tentacle has been added to it. Also a chance at the two new, more powerful boxes can be
has been added to its drop table. Armadyl armour has been moved from the vote mystery box to the Rigour box.

Pet Mystery Boxes

Pet mystery boxes have been added to the game, housing a ton of new pets! Some of them have effects whilst some of them are purely cosmetic. Any pet aquired from a pet mystery box is tradeable. With this change, the Party Pete pet has been moved out of the store and the mystery box and into the pet mystery box exclusively. Any pet previously found in the donator shop has also been put into this box.

You can get pet mystery boxes in various ways:

  1. Donator Store – Can be purchased from the donator store for 15 points (yes, shoot me).
  2. Skilling Chest – Possible reward from opening skilling chests which is received from completing skilling tasks.
  3. Collection Logs – Possible reward from certain collection log completions.

Below follows a list of newly added pets:

  • Pet postie – Has the ability to deposit your entire inventory to your bank.

  • Pet K’klik – Collects all NPC loots and puts it in your inventory.

  • Pet galvek – Deals 5% additional damage against dragonic NPC’s.

  • Pet mimic – Auto-picks up any clue scroll drop you receive.

  • Pet pyrelord – Deals 5% additional fire spell damage.

Nibbler pet – Gives a 30% increased chance at succesfully gambling a fire cape/infernal cape for a pet.

  • Pet porazdir, justiciar & drewen – Deals 25% additional damage against their respective Mage Arena II boss.
  • Pet undead warrior – Deals 5% additional damage vs undead NPC’s.
  • Pet shadow critter – Deals 10% additional damage vs Corporeal beast.

A “mount” pet has also been added. This item goes in the arrow slot and makes you mount a mining cart.

Cosmetic Mystery Boxes

The third box is a cosmetic mystery box. This is the box where you find all your rares (party hats, santa hat and so on). It also introduces some new cool items:

  • The joker outfit
  • Robes of darkness
  • Ale of the gods
  • Shoulder parrot
  • More misc. cosmetics

Agility Plugin

The RuneLite agility plugin now works as supposed to! It highlights shortcuts/agility objects and changes their color if there’s a mark of grace spawned nearby.

New Item – Konar Warhammer

A new item has been added; the Konar warhammer. It can be aquired as a rare drop from the Brimstone chest. It has the stats of an abyssal whip, however it has an additional 30% damage & accuracy when on a Konar task making it a very strong option. This effect stacks with that of a slayer helmet.

Raid Tweaks

Due to the low amount of items in circulation already, the drop rates for both CoX and ToB has been slightly buffed. Nothing extreme has been done but the rates have been adjusted fairly. The Scythe of Vitur’s multi-hit attacks will no longer cause the melee hand to glitch out and not render dead properly in CoX.

With this update, a new item has been added as a rare drop from CoX – the Twisted staff. It shares the stats of a staff of light, however it deals an additional 25% damage (on top of the staff of lights 15% boost) inside of CoX, making it very powerful.

Clue Scrolls

  • Added ranger gloves & tights to hard clue scrolls.
  • Added musketeer hat to medium clue scrolls.
  • Added holy wraps to master clue scrolls.

Ironman Leaderboards

Updated the ironman leaderboard in preparation for the coming Duo ironman gamemode!

Combat & Pathfinding Fixes

  • An issue with pathfinding, allowing players to sometimes get a gap where they shouldn’t in PvP combat, has been resolved. Thanks to 3than and Mastercard for making me aware.
  • Resolved the clipping issues with mage bank lever walls.
  • Removed the webs whilst we debug the problems with them to avoid further issues.
  • Fixed an issue where players attacks would not reset between weapon switches, causing people to be dragged when, for example, switching from range to mage.
  • Fixed magic attack distance in PvM combat (was too low).
  • Some big fixes to delays have been applied to; as seen below examples with switching to melee. Thanks to Nh for help with getting these right (I think):


  • Made sure players can not gain defence XP.
  • Replaced all food with anglerfish.
  • Buffed PKP rewards by roughly 25%.
  • Buffed the chance of receiving a wildy crate when winning to 33%.

Tweaked load-outs for Pure NH, Max NH and Inquisitor tournaments:

  • Inquisitor tournament – Defence level 99 -> 60.
  • Pure NH tournament – Changed whip to dragon scimitar.
  • Max NH tournament – Changed dfs & malediction ward for arcane spirit shield.
  • Max NH tournament – Changed tassets for verac skirt.
  • Max NH tournament – Changed black d’hide body to karils top.
  • Max NH tournament – Removed primordial boots.
  • Max NH tournament – Added dragon defender.

NPC Fixes & Changes

  • In addition to the previous updates where unharmed NPC’s would reset HP if unharmed for 90 seconds, they will now also check if anyone is in the area and reset their HP if its empty. This to avoid people teleporting home to restore special & health at the rejuvenation pool just to dump special attacks and teleport out, thus having to waste zero resources. Players may still lower the NPC’s stats and teleport out at, for example, Corporeal beast.
  • Barraging NPC’s has been fixed. NPC’s HP will no longer reset between hits.
  • Fixed the HP reset for NPC’s in, for example, the inferno or raids.
  • The Blue wraiths bomb attack no longer does damage if he has died before the bomb goes off.
  • Blue Wraith now counts towards Wyrm slayer tasks.
  • Fixed certain items not counting as godwars items, thus causing the NPC’s to aggro you.
  • Armadyl boss and minions magic stats has been added.

Zulrah Fixes

  • With this change, I have also fixed NPC’s such as Snakelings not dying to recoils (simply because they’ve never been attacked). This will work properly now.
  • Zulrah’s mage defence in his green phase has also been lowered.

Chinchompa Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with longrange (any range style) gave 2x as much defence XP as range XP. It is now the other way around as it should be.
  • Fixed chinchompas not registering NPC’s under attack, thus resetting their HP.

Game Timers

  • Game timers will now render one by one instead of “inside” each other.
  • Game timers plugin will now draw boxes above the combat styles box if you have that plugin enabled.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed an issue with flower poker where right-click gamble didn’t work to accept gamble requests.
  • Players can no longer do emotes during a flower poker game to stall animations.
  • Updated the collection log interfaces to give it a more appropriate look in accordance to our other interfaces.
  • Slayer coin caskets are now highlighted in the ground item plugin when dropped.
  • Trident attack speed has been fixed (5 -> 4 ticks).
  • Sanfew Serums are now fixed and restore 10% of your prayer points.
  • Black DHCB attack speed has been nerfed by 1 tick.
  • Fixed the ::shops command taking you to wrong location.
  • Occult ring is now on the thermonuclear smoke devils drop table.
  • Added the dark tunnel agility shortcut at motherlode mine.
  • Chaos blessing is now on chaos elemental’s drop table.
  • Fixed gnome agility skilling task not working properly.
  • Nerfed global bosses HP to 3,000 to spark some activity there.
  • Updated some collection log rewards with the new box rewards.
  • Fixed logging in/out in ToB causing you to stay inside.
  • Resolved a mistake in the guide book interface.
  • Fixed unnoting Wyvern bones at chaos altar.
  • Fixed a dead walking-tile in wilderness.

I hope you will enjoy these updates!

Best regards,


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