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Barrows Expansion, CoX Re-work, FPS Fixes & More!
Tue 16-Feb-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

Today I bring you yet another whooping update. I hope it will be to your taste – it contains some delicious new content & much awaited fixes. Below follows the full list!

Barrows Expansion

Some new features has been added to the barrows, including a boss scroll that can be aquired as a rare drop. The boss scroll will spawn a Mutated Barrows boss on top of the barrows hill. The barrows boss scroll has been added as a random drop to the barrows drop table. The skilling task scroll has also been added as a barrows drop. The amulet of the damned has been made more common, as it now has a stronger counterpart aquired from killing the new boss. With this update, we have also fixed up the amulet of damned effects:

  • Guthans – Amulet of the damned (regular): +10 maximum hitpoints, Amulet of the damned (e): +20 maximum hitpoints.
  • Torag – Amulet of the damned (regular): +1 defence bonus per hitpoint lost, Amulet of the damned (e): +2 defence bonus per hitpoints lost.
  • Karil – Amulet of the damned (regular): 25% chance to hit twice, second hit being 50% of the first. Amulet of damned (e): Same but with a 35% chance.
  • Dharok – Amulet of the damned (regular): 25% chance to deal recoil damage to yourself for 15% of your hit. Amulet of damned (e): Same but with a 35% chance.
  • Ahrim – Amulet of the damned (regular): 25% chance to deal 30% extra damage when using combat spells. Able to autocast ancients. Amulet of damned (e): Same but with a 35% chance.
  • Verac: Amulet of the damned (regular): +7 Prayer bonus. Amulet of the damned (e): +10 Prayer bonus.

The Boss

The boss itself is an enlargened version of Dharok, Ahrim & Karil. It will randomly switch between the three styles. It is fairly easy to kill, however it is important to keep your guard up and prayer switch on time. They all have a special attack:

  • Karil has a 25% chance to hit twice. Protect from missiles always negotiates 50% of all damage from Karil.
  • Ahrim has a 25% chance to drain your range & melee stats by 5. Protect from magic always negotiates 50% of all damage from Ahrim.
  • Dharok has a 25% chance to ignore your prayers. This attack hits up to 80 damage. It is therefore recommended to keep at a safe distance.


Three new items are introduced into the game with this change.

  • The amulet of the damned (e) has been explained above. Apart from the effects, it has the stats of an amulet of fury instead of an amulet of glory.
  • The Barrows ring has the stats of a Crystal ring (balanced stats) and deals 5% extra damage when worn with any full barrows set.
  • The Enchanted Xbow is a stronger variant of the Karil’s crossbow. It does not degrade and has +30 ranged strength ontop of the Karil’s crossbow, increasing its max hit by roughly 5. It can only be used with bolt racks, however with the new Amulet of the damned (e), it still deals great DPS.

The drops can be seen along with the collection log reward below:

Chambers of Xeric Re-work

We have reworked the drop rate formulas for chambers of xeric as it has been very unclear as to how the formula worked before. The formula is now very easy to understand and will give a more fair chance. Points will be taken into consideration a lot more as opposed to before so the raid boost scrolls & solo raids will be much more worth doing. Here’s the new formula:

The base rate of receiving a VERY RARE drop starts at 2/500. For every 250 points you receive, this chance goes up by 1/500.
The base rate of receiving a RARE drop starts at 10/500. For every 250 points you receive, this chance goes up by 1,5/500.


4,000 Points will give you a 34/500 (6,8%) chance of receiving a RARE drop and a 18/500 (3,6%) chance of receiving a VERY RARE drop.

To calculate this, simply type this formula into a calculator:

VERY RARE: 2 + (points / 250) / 500
RARE: 10 + (points / 250 * 1.5) / 500

Let me know if you have any questions, and good luck on your Chambers of Xeric grind!

Note: You will receive a message with your % chance after each raid (to hit the rare/very rare table):

Ancient Dragon Shield

A new upgradable has been added to the game; the Ancient dragon shield. It can be upgraded with a dragonfire shield and dragonfire ward and it shares the stats of them both, making it a strong hybrid shield.

FPS Issues

We have debugged and found an issue with FPS drops being caused by hovering things in the tab area, moving items in your inventory and switching items. This has been mostly noticeable in combat situations where you click/drag a lot. This has now been fixed and you should see less stutter lag in click-intensive situations.



Collection Logs

Significantly increased the rewards for collection logs:

  • Barrows
  • The Inferno
  • Chambers of Xeric
  • Theatre of Blood

These rewards are juicy and should definately be worth your time.

All mystery boxes now have a separate collection log with a separate reward.

PK Points

  • Increased amount of PKP received from doing tournaments.
  • Increased amount of PKP received when killing a player in PvP.

Slayer Changes

  • Players may now unlock kraken slayer tasks for 500 points to be able to kill them off task.
  • A slight buff to superior spawns has been added.
  • Increased coin amounts from slayer caskets.

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NPC Combat

  • The inferno, CoX, Skotizo and ToB are now all exceptions for the NPC healing mechanics.
  • Dagannoth Rex’s mage defence has been significantly nerfed.
  • Zulrah’s snakeling are now insta-killed when attacking you if you have a ring of recoil on.
  • Cerberus’s range defence has been slightly nerfed.
  • Fixed elysian spirit shield & divine effects not proccing properly vs NPC’s.
  • Added a chat message when ely/divine effect activates.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed lobster & dark crabs cooking skilling tasks.
  • Fixed the donator shop sending wrong prices.
  • Implemented a proper login queue to avoid issues or lag upon logging in/out.
  • Removed staff of the dead from the Rigour box drop table as it contains the staff of light & staff of the dead is available from wilderness chests.
  • Fixed trident of the swamp attack interface.
  • Tidied up the colors and looks of some progress bars on interfaces.
  • Fixed certain tradeable items not being able to be listed on the trading post.
  • Fixed an issue with pet boxes deleting themselves.
  • Changed Ghrazi rapier for dragon scimitar in dharoks tournaments.
  • Fixed the reward from completing revenant achievement given charged instead of unchargaged ether bracelet.
  • Removed webs outside mage bank to allow for picking up the bloody key.
  • Fixed the issue with scrolls & supplies tab being swapped around in donator shop.
  • Fixed mage’s book range & mage bonus being swapped.
  • Fixed a typo calling Torstols “Torst”.
  • Fixed a typo calling trimmed adamant items “Adam” instead of “Adamant”.
  • Players can now see time left on the active bonus skill.
  • All new pets are now properly recognised as pets and will be hidden from right-click menus.
  • Fixed a nullpointer with dwarf cannon being used in multi-combat zones.
  • Added more lightning to upgrade-rings to distinguish them from their counter parts.
  • Fixed the crystal rings inventory positioning being off by a few pixels.
  • Lava and frozen whips are now tradeable.
  • Decreased the tick delay when eating purple sweets.
  • Fixed thammaron sceptre not being able to autocast spells.
  • Fixed certain rare drops not announcing if the drop chance was too low.
  • Moved objects around at falador park to resolve the weird clipping issues.
  • Fixed an issue with shortcuts in karuulm dungeon putting you inside the wall.
  • Fixed kraken tentacle being called ‘Oxidised two-handed sword’ in item definitions.

I hope you will enjoy!

Best regards,


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