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New Teleporter, CoX Fixes & More!
Wed 17-Feb-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

Today brings another update for you all, including a brand new teleport system and some more goodies! Let’s get into it.

Teleport Interface

The teleport interface has received an overhaul! It now displays significant drops from bosses, slayer areas and minigames. It also allows up to five favorite slots to be saved and has a much sleeker look overall with the NPC’s displayed on the interface.

Chambers of Xeric

The drop rates for chambers of xeric have been slightly nerfed since yesterdays update. As we all may agree, they were a bit too powerful. Not to worry, hopefully it is more balanced now and will make for some exciting raids! Some other changes have also been applied:

  • Added a fail safe to completing CoX so you do not miss out on your chest by any chance.
  • Donator ranks now boost the final rare drop chance in CoX by 1/500 per rank as requested.
  • Fixed an issue with olm firing Spheres & Mage/Range attack at the same time, causing you to sometimes be stacked. This will no longer happy and his attacks can be properly prayed against in time.
  • Hopefully fixed the flickering with Olm’s head playing peek-a-boo mid-raid.


Shops will now display what currency they accept and how much you have of said currency. This applies to both point shops & currency shops.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed master tier achievements not counting properly.
  • Fixed magic dealing additional damage vs. specific barrows NPC’s.
  • Fixed the barrows boss scroll not consuming itself properly.
  • Dharok boss can no longer be frozen to avoid safe spotting.
  • Fixed a noclip issue with firemaking at woodcutting guild.
  • Fixed the broken bounty hunter shop.
  • Fixed the broken inventory models of KBD platebody.
  • Rune scimitars are no longer announced as a rare drop.
  • Moved Cerberus head drop to the rare table and removed the dragon sq left half from the drop table.
  • Added proper magic stats for the chaos elemental.
  • Fixed an issue with herblore mix potion events stacking.
  • Fixed a typo on the rigour spirit shield.
  • Fixed a typo on adamant kiteshields being called adam kiteshield.
  • Players are now properly set on the regular ironman game mode after dying as a hardcore ironman.

Best regards,


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