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Instance Tablets, Item Changes, ToB Fixes & More!
Tue 23-Feb-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

Today I bring you another update and it’s a juicy one! We’ve got some much needed bug fixes in and some new exciting content as always! I am also pleased to inform you that we have made great progress on the loot tracker plugin and it should hopefully be released sometime during this week.

Todays updates are as follows:

Instance Creation

A new item has been added to the game; Instance tablets. These can be used to create a personal instance for various monsters. This is especially useful if you want to seamlessly kill, for example, certain slayer NPC’s or crowded bosses. It costs a small GP fee and one tablet per creation as displayed on the interface. The instance lasts until you either log out or leave the area. If you die in your own instance, the Weird old man at home can sell you your items back for 500,000 coins.

Instance tablets may be aquired in various ways:

  • Rigour boxes
  • Vote mystery boxes
  • Crystal chests
  • Superior crystal chests
  • Brimstone chests
  • Slayer point shop (100 pts)

Upgrade Interface

The item upgrade interface has received an overhaul and is now much clearer than before. Note that the safe items have now been removed with this change.

In addition to this, players may now create mole slippers by combining a mole claw with a mole skin. This is a cosmetic item only.

Bond Gifting

Players may now gift bonds to ironman accounts by simply using it on them.

Theatre of Blood

  • The chance of receiving a rare when completing theatre of blood is now displayed in the chat box at the end of the raid, much like in Chambers of Xeric.
  • Fixed issues with dying to Soeteseg after his death/dying in Xarpus room causing you to get stuck.
  • Fixed issues with getting stuck inside the barriers in Xarpus/Bloat room when clicking from certain angles.

Granite Maul

The granite maul now requires the ornate maul handle to be attached to it in order to create a granite maul that requires 50% special attack energy. The “regular” granite maul and its cosmetic counter part require 60% special attack now, just like on OSRS. You can obtain this ornate maul handle from:

  • Wilderness chests
  • PK Point shop
  • Bounty hunter shop

On death, the maul handle is lost and a granite maul is dropped.

Well of Goodwill

The well of goodwill has had a ton of donateable items added to it. It will now also donate to a random category when donating items instead of always donating towards experience.

Infinite Runes

Infinite runes will now light up in your spellbook for items such as Kodai wand and Tome of fire.

Platinum Tokens

Players may now exchange platinum tokens for coins and vice versa. 1 Platinum token = 1,000 coins.

Dwarf Cannons

Players may now use cannons in the donator slayer room and the smoke dungeon.

Scythe of Vitur

Since there is a few in-game now, the Scythe of Vitur formulas have been tweaked according to the OSRS formula:

  • It will now hit targets of the size 2 twice.
  • It will hit targets of the size 3 or higher three times.
  • The first hit will be a random roll of the max hit.
  • The second hit will be a random roll of 50% of the max hit.
  • The third hit will be a random roll of 25% of the max hit.
  • The Scythe of vitur can no longer deal damage to NPC’s such as demonic gorillas with protect from melee & vasilias in their range/mage form.

Diary Changes

  • Fixed the Karamja achievement ‘be assigned tasks by Duradel’.
  • Fixed the full void melee diary entry in the western diary.
  • The giant mole Falador achievement no longer requires you to be on task.
  • The smith steel knife diary now counts regardless of how many you smith at a time.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake on the diary interface.

Item Fixes & Changes

  • The Wyrm scimitar now increases damage and accuracy by a whopping 100% against the Blue wraith.
  • Dragon crossbow now has a special attack. It deals 20% additional damage at the cost of 50% of your special attack bar.
  • The Dawnbringer & Sang staff now has an attack speed of 4 instead of 5.
  • Fixed the effects of divine & elysian spririt shield.
  • Slightly buffed the divine spirit shields defensive stats.
  • Fixed an issue where auto retaliate wouldn’t pick up on you wearing trident/other autocasting staffs.
  • Fixed Sirenic mask being invisible on female models.
  • Changed Sirenic helm name to Sirenic mask.
  • Buffed Dawnbringer spec damage & nerfed the spec cost to 25% rather than 35%.
  • Fixed up Sirenic/Xeric armours stats. Sirenic now has more defence and Xeric has slightly less offensive bonuses.
  • Harmonised & volatile orbs may now be sold on the GE.
  • Fixed item definitions for pet & cosmetic mystery boxes.
  • Bonds now have correct item names and may be purchased from the GE.
  • Upgrade boosts are now searchable in your bank.
  • Fixed an issue with trading skilling task scrolls.

Skilling Fixes

  • The firemaking master skilling task is now ‘Burn redwood logs’ instead of ‘Burn magic logs’.
  • Creating a zenyte now requires a cut onyx instead of uncut.
  • Creating anti fire potions now require dragon scale dust instead of just blue dragon scale.
  • Thieving messages are now properly filtered by skill filter.
  • Fixed clicking offsets on certain yew trees.
  • Making adamant med helms now counts towards skilling task regardless of amount made.
  • Wearing a fishing skill cape now gives you a 25% chance of receiving double fish catches.


  • When a player wins a tournament, their total wins & current streak is now broadcasted.
  • Players can now only join the tournament on one account per connection.

PvP Combat

  • When attacking a player (or monster for that matter) and removing an item via the equipment interface, your attack will now be reset just like on OSRS.
  • Fixed the spammy “A magical force stops you from moving messages”. These will now only be sent when trying to melee someone from a distance whilst frozen or on the initial hit after being frozen.

Chambers of Xeric

  • Increased freeze time after finishing a CoX raid to ensure you stay at the chest.
  • Slightly increased the speed Olm attacks at (the head).
  • Players may no longer poison the great Olm or his hands. This should resolve the issue with Olm not being applied dead properly.
  • Fixed an issue with Olm sometimes facing in the direction of players in other instances.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Tweaked corporeal beasts drop table.
  • Fixed Scorpia healing.
  • Fixed Skotizo healing.
  • Fixed bloody key & wilderness chest hovers being swapped around.
  • Nerfed blue wraiths base attack speed by one.
  • Removed vial of blood from the ToB drop table.
  • Fixed a bug with being able to double spawn zulrah.
  • Fixed the killstreak title not working properly.
  • Updated collection log rewards for bloody chests & wildy crates.
  • Removed DHCB from CoX collection log as it’s not on the drop table.
  • Purple sweets no longer cause huge delays and now heal 1-3 as they should.
  • Party pete pickup is now the first option.
  • Fixed the point values of slayer helmet recolors.
  • Fixed a formatting issue on the trading post.
  • Fixed an issue with skilling chest rares sometimes not announcing.

I hope you will enjoy these updates, and look forward to more!


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