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Banking Update, Completionist Interface & Tons of Fixes!
Fri 26-Feb-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

Firstly, I apologize for the downtime this morning. The host shat the bed and I figured before I re-open the server I’d finish off these updates.

They are as follows:

Banking Update

Players may now display their full bank on the main tab and drag items between them seamlessly.

Completionist Requirements

The completionist requirements have been tuned and can now be viewed on an interface by going to the completionst rack, just south of home.

The XP required differs based on XP mode:

  • 500M for Extreme
  • 1B for Hard
  • 2B for Regular

The completionist cape gives a 5% drop rate boost.

Teleport Damage Fix

Players will no longer take damage from NPC’s distance attacks whilst teleporting.

Theatre of Blood

  • Players are now moved to the proper location when dying inside of Xarpus room.
  • Fixed a null pointer issue with Soeteseg.

Personal Instances

Fixed an issue with NPC’s not clearing out of personal instances.

PvP Killstreaks

The killstreak system has been fixed and will now count properly. When a players killstreak of 3 or higher is ended, the player ending it will be rewarded with the corresponding amount of extra PKP tickets. An announcement message will also be sent.

Last Man Standing

  • All potions are now properly replaced when getting a kill in LMS.
  • Lowered the amount of players required to start a LMS game to 4.

Mutated Barrows

Reset the mutated barrows collection log due to an issue with the counter. Nobody should be impacted by this, only on kill count, since no drops have yet been aquired.

Trident Fix

The trident will now auto-retaliate properly without using melee but at the same time allow you to override it by throwing regular spells, e.g. blood barrage.


Saved autocast is now removed between casts if you’re in PvP combat zones (wilderness, tournaments, LMS).

Item Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Scythe of Vitur’s multi-hits sometimes not registering properly.
  • Fixed the elder maul wield requirements.
  • Fixed the item hovers on the wilderness chest key.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake on the whip burn damage message.
  • Fixed mole slippers being referred to as unarmed.
  • Fixed the herb sack being deleted upon dying.
  • Fixed item definitions for dragon metal slice/lump.
  • Fixed item definitions for skeletal visage.
  • Fixed item definitions for snakeskin shield.
  • Fixed wield requirements for d’hide shields.

Diary Fixes

  • Fixed the Kourend Kebos diary entries be assigned a task by Konar & complete a task assigned by Konar.
  • Fixed the Kourend Kebos diary entry “Catch Anglerfish”.

Blue Wraith

  • Incrased the drop chances from Blue Wraith. The rare tables are now less rare to hit.
  • Increased Wraiths HP to 1,600 instead of 1,200 to allow more players a chance at a drop in masses.
  • Increased the distance you can attack the Wraith from due to his abnormally large size.
  • Slightly increased his chance to use one of his special attacks.
  • Players can now see their personal damage after finishing a kill.

Superior Spawns

Superiors will now spawn with an over-head arrow and will only aggro the player who it was spawned for.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed an issue with one of the referral options not registering.
  • Players getting attacked by someone whilst carrying a bloody key may now attack back regardless of combat level.
  • Fixed angler waders & boots not being on the reward table for fishing.
  • Fixed the cannonball skilling task not progressing.
  • Applied a fix for multiple-entries of the same player in clan chat.
  • Fixed certain clipping issues in some areas.
  • Fixed an issue with the overload event.

I hope you will enjoy these updates!


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