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Bank Main Tab, Toxic Buckler, Void Slayer Helmet, Vorkath Re-work & More!
Mon 01-Mar-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

Today I bring you another batch of updates. It includes some new additions as well as lots of much needed fixes (as per usual). The list can be found below, but before we jump into it I’d like to take a moment and mention that since it’s a new month and toplists reset, we have enabled DOUBLE VOTING REWARDS for this entire week. Don’t miss out and claim your rewards every 12 hours!

The updates are as follows:

Banking Update

The banking update that was supposed to be pushed live in the last update has now gone live! Players are now able to display all their tabs in the main tab and more seamlessly move items between them.

Toxic Buckler

A new item has been added to the game; the Toxic Buckler. This item can be upgraded at a 33% chance with a Twisted buckler, tanzanite fang & a jar of swamp. The item has the same stats as the twisted buckler, but with two additions:

  1. A 25% chance to venom your opponent.
  2. A +4 ranged strength bonus, increasing your max hit by 1.

Void Slayer Helmet

A new slayer helmet has been added to the game; the void slayer helmet. It can be aquired by upgrading an imbued slayer helmet with 100 void tokens. The void tokens are aquired by playing pest control, one per game. These are tradeable.

  • The void slayer helmet acts as a tribrid helmet for all void helmets, however it only works on task.
  • Instead of the regular 15% damage boost that an imbued slayer helmet gives on task, this helmet gives 20% accuracy and damage boost. It does, however, not work as a void helmet when you’re off-task.
  • The helm only functions with the elite void set.


  • Fixed the issue with other peoples NPC’s spawning in personal instances.
  • Fixed dagannoth king instances for gilded ironman accounts.


  • Fixed Vorkath’s spawn getting stuck and hitting you twice.
  • Fixed Vorkath sometimes doing double animations.
  • Fixed the explosion GFX of his one hit attack sometimes being wrong.
  • Fixed Vorkath not resetting properly between kills, causing him to be able to start with a special attack.
  • Vorkath will now face the player properly.
  • Vorkath will now be less prone to drag the player towards him.
  • Fixed the zombie spawns coordinates.

Theatre of Blood

After taking some of your feedback, I have gone over the stats of bosses in Theatre of Blood and revised them. Many of them now have more clear weaknesses and strengths, for example:

  • Maiden of Sugadinti has the same defensive stats for all styles (as she should).
  • Bloat is very strong against ranged & magic attacks but weaker against melee attacks.
  • Xarpus & Sotetseg are now stronger against ranged attacks.
  • Phase 2 & 3 of Verzik are now stronger against magic & ranged attacks.
  • Maiden & Sotetseg now have their hitpoints level set according to the Wiki.
  • Maiden now has all three of her healing phases (70%, 50% and 30%).

These changes mean raids will take a little longer than previously but will, potentially, yield more points, higher loot chance and a bigger challenge. Points are slightly less significant for calculating drop chance but you should get a lot more per round.

Fishing Spots

All fishing spots have their proper options and are marked with the corresponding fish.

Collection Log

Fixed pets on collection logs not displaying properly.

Great Olm

Fixed the defensive stats of Olm’s two hands being swapped. Melee hand now has higher defence to make defence-draining weapons more useful against it.

Teleport Favorites

The fifth and final favorite slot has been fixed and will now save on logout. For this to change to work, current favorites have been reset.

Ether Bracelet

Player may now toggle absorption on with a charged ether bracelet to automatically add dropped ether to the charges. The bracelet can store a maximum of 1,000 charges at a time.

Tormented Bracelet

Players may now make Tormented bracelets by taking a Zenyte, Gold bar & Bracelet mould to a crafting furnace. This requires level 95 crafting. Simply click on it with these materials in your inventory. The Tormented bracelet has a 5% magic damage boost when equipped.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Increased allowed distance to attack cave krakens.
  • Fixed item definitions of Vorkath’s head.
  • Fixed item definitions of Cerberus’s head.
  • Fixed the cannon balls skilling task.
  • Fixed the price for XP lamp not showing up in the slyaer reward shop.
  • Fixed checking team on the ironman leaderboard freezing your client.
  • Fixed a typo on Vorkath platelegs.
  • Removed some unnecessary rare drop announcements.
  • Added killstreak to the quest tab.
  • Increased feather supply in the general store.
  • Removed excess chat message, e.g. when burning opponents with cerberus blowpipe.
  • Added more messages to the skill filters (fishing and thieving).
  • Fixed Guthan’s Warspear attack interface.
  • Fixed an issue with overload timers draining too fast.
  • Fixed an issue with NPC deaths throwing null pointers.
  • Fixed the Dagannoth kings combat achievement not counting.
  • Fixed invalid item definitions for neitiznot faceguard.
  • Fixed unclear messages for mining when having a pickaxe you don’t have the level to use.
  • Fixed completionist interface’s close button not functioning.
  • Fixed farming items going to bank with the resource pet. Only herbs are sent to bank now.
  • Improvements to rubberbanding in combat/walking.
  • Fixed the dragon battleaxe special attack.
  • Fixed Justiciar kiteshield & Dagon’hai hover stats.
  • Fixed an issue with morphing items.

I hope you will enjoy this update, and keep enjoying the game!


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