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Frosted Robes, Hydra Armour, Tons of Fixes & QoL’s!
Sun 07-Mar-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

It is a long overdue update we’re pushing live today which contains a ton of exciting new additions & fixes. Take a moment to read through the full list below & I hope you will enjoy!

Frosted Robes & Blue Wraith

A new armour set has been added to the game; the Frosted robes! These robes share the stats of ancestrals, however when the full set is worn they deal an additional 5% damage to ice spells. This armour is now a part of the Blue wraith’s drop table and replaces the Wraith armour as a BiS magic armour. The Wraith armour is still available from the Wraith key and is now a melee armour, which makes a lot more sense to its appearance, and has a new effect:

– Shares the stats of Statius armour but with +0 base strength bonus.
– Has a 3% melee damage boost per piece worn in PvM situation (4 pieces total).
– Has a 15% melee damage boost (3% extra) when the full set is worn in PvM situations.

  • Wraith now counts for a Wyrm slayer task.
  • The Blue wraith now drops items underneath you instead of in the same spot for everyone.

Price Checker

Players may now price check items in-game. These prices are based off of items protection value and are subject to change over time.

Starter Tasks

Every new player will now receive a starter task scroll in their starter package. This will give them a random starter task that will grant them the following rewards upon completion:

  • 10M Coins
  • A rigour box
  • A mid-tier XP lamp
  • 3x Supply crates

This will be a way to, hopefully, keep new players and get them hooked on the game faster by giving them a direction to go from the start.

Hydra Leather Armour

A new armour set has been added to the game; Hydra leather armour. The armour can be created by receiving a ‘Hydra dragonhide’ from either the regular Hydra or the Alchemical hydra. Obviously the drop rates for it are much better on the Alchemical hydra. You also need 100 dragonic scales per piece you wish to create. These are dropped randomly by various dragons, amount ranging based on the dragons level. They are not dropped by regular green, blue, red & black dragons.

The Hydra leather armour is not only a strong ranged armour, surpassing Morrigan’s in terms of raw stats, but it also has an effect when the full set is worn – 5% additional damage vs dragonic NPC’s.

Lost Untradeables

Players may now collect their untradeables for a fee (some, such as pets, for free) upon death instead of having them automatically sent to bank. They may be collected by trading the Weird Old Man at home bank.


All versions of the trident now has their proper combat interface.

Mutated Barrows

  • Nerfed the damage output from the boss slightly.
  • A significant buff to the mutated barrows drop table has been applied due to the rarity of the scroll. The base rate is now 1/28 for the rare table and 1/18 for the table with barrows items.

Amulet of the Damned (e)

Instead of dropping this amulet, Mutated barrows now drops a barrows enchantment which can be upgraded with 5x amulet of the damned at the upgrade table. This creates the amulet of the damned (e) which now, on top of its previous effect of giving a 2x as high chance of activating the sets effects, gives a 5% damage boost when worn with a full barrows set, much like the barrows ring. These bonuses do stack.


Another tournament style has been added; Pure. The setup can be seen below.

Collection Logs

  • Completed collection logs now show up as green in the list.
  • The skilling chest collection log now has a whooping $100 bond reward.
  • The blue wraith collection log reward has been buffed up to a $100 bond.
  • When doing ::lookup, you can now see how many collection logs a player has completed.

Coal Bag

The coal bag has been added to the game. It has 27 slots, or 36 if wearing a max cape/smithing cape. It can be purchased from the skilling token shop (Bob) for 1,000 tokens.

Bottomless Bucket

The bottomless compost bucket can now be purchased from the skilling token shop. It does not need to be refilled – it provides unlimited compost!

Combat Fixes

  • Fixed Justiciar armour, divine and elysian spirit shield not proccing vs Blue Wraith & ToB Bosses.
  • The Scythe of Vitur no longer does full damage against corporeal beast.
  • Fixed the issue with the NPC kill tracker sometimes skipping kills.

Ring of Recoil

  • Operating a ring of recoil will now tell you how many charges it has left.
  • Fixed the ring of recoil hitting 1 less than supposed on hits above 10.
  • Players may now use the break option to delete their recoil and reset the charges.

Pathfinding Fixes

  • Improvements to pathfinding have been made. Rubberbanding should now be less likely to occur.
  • Fixed an issue with delays and clipping at revenants entrance.

Bank Fixes

  • Fixed bank searching after the new banking update.
  • Fixed the insert option not working properly.

NPC Fixes

  • Added back the abyssal sire spawns.
  • Fixed Superiors respawning in personal instances.
  • Completing a jad slayer task now gives bonus XP.
  • Corporeal beast now has a constant ashes drop again to avoid confusion.
  • Fixed dying in Karuulm dungeon making you not lose any items. This only happens in Alchemical hydra instances now.

Item Switching

Item switches are now queued per default (OSRS-style). You can toggle this on/off in the advanced options.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Removed the leaderboard from duel arena.
  • Fixed offsets in the preset interface equipment.
  • Fixed the Justiciar faceguard having beard and hair showing.
  • Fixed AFK fishing with resource pet never stopping.
  • Players may now buy skilling task scrolls from the vote shop.
  • Fixed the “Chop logs” skilling task not progressing properly.
  • Fixed Heron pet not announcing when received.
  • Players will no longer receive golden nuggets when using ancient pickaxe in MLM.
  • Fixed the broken armadyl stole model.
  • Fixed overload potions (again, update got reverted somehow) and their events overlapping.
  • Void tokens are now given at a x2 rate when either bonus play is on or well of goodwill is filled.
  • Players may now shout their current killstreak by clicking it in their info tab.
  • Mass ToB event has been fixed and is now working again for up to 25 players.
  • Pet Postie is now a tradeable item.
  • Rings (iw) and brimstone ring (i) now auto-pickup marks of grace.
  • Adressed an issue with the F-Key interface closing down automatically in tournament lobby & wilderness.
  • Fixed an issue with using the dialogues inside of FFA arena.
  • Added tournament & LMS wins to ::lookup interface.

Best regards,


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