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QoL’s & Bug Fixes Galore!
Fri 12-Mar-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

There wasn’t actually supposed to be an update until this saturday with some things like Group ironman bank & a system to upgrade pets but because of an item duplication glitch we found, we have been forced to perform the update earlier. It is therefore a bit less sizy than usual and I hope you will have oversight with that. There, however, some nice fixes included in this update that I hope you will enjoy. Here are the patch notes:

Keybinding Fixes

  • Players may now bind their ‘ESC’ button in the key binding interface.
  • Pressing ‘ESC’ with no interfaces open will no longer spam messages.

NPC Fixes

  • Fixed a KBD safe spot in donator’s zone.
  • Fixed certain NPC’s clipping into walls when walking around.
  • Improvements to bloat walking; he should now be less prone to getting stuck.
  • Fixed kill count messages displaying one KC too high.

Item Fixes

  • Entering wilderness now takes off your cosmetic overrides.
  • Fixed toxic buckler effect not activating properly with ranged.
  • Blood money is no longer sent to untradeable collect as it’s a tradeable item.
  • Fixed duplicate item entries in CoX loot table.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicating items at untradeable collect.
  • Fixed void tokens being wearable.
  • Fixed royal seed pod disappearing on death.
  • Fixed mining cape effect proccing at 100% whilst it was supposed to be 33%.
  • Fixed beard clipping through the frosted hood.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Players may now smith with a dragon warhammer equipped instead of a hammer in their inventory.
  • Increased amount of vote box in vote shop to 10 to allow buying multiples at once.
  • Fixed game timers positioning in resizable mode.
  • Cannon pieces are now sent to untradeable collect.
  • Fixed some rare drops not announcing.
  • Fixed the special bar having weird graphics in it.
  • Protection prayers are now blocked in pure tournaments.
  • Fixed the fletch longbows skilling task not progressing.
  • Fixed an issue with bank tabs.
  • The skilling token shop now has a proper icon in the top left corner.
  • Tidied up the hover menus to match the runelite tooltip boxes.
  • Fixed an issue with reclaiming certain pets (let me know if this issue persists for some pets yet to be discovered).

There will be another, more content filled update on saturday. Stay tuned for that and keep enjoying the game!


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