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Group Ironman Storage, Game Fixes & QoL’s!
Mon 15-Mar-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

Today we are releasing yet another update. Most of our time has gone towards preparation for the Duo Ironman game mode and wrapping up group ironman storage, however we’ve
managed to fit in some other important fixes & additions as well!

In addition to todays updates, we have also enabled double voting rewards as well as a 15% discount on the store ALL WEEK as a thank you for all the support you continue to show!

Anyway, the updates are as follows:

Group Ironman Storage

In preparation for the upcoming duo ironman game mode (announcement coming soon), we have finally finished up the shared bank for ironman groups! The main tab holds 50 slots for any possible item and the other tabs are filled up with supplies (food, pots & skilling resources) to share efficiently with your group. This bank is pretty simple and you may not re-arrange items – it will primarily be for sharing items when other members in your group are offline and vice versa. You may access the bank by using the chest right outside the home bank.

Death Mechanics

  • Fixed an issue with death mechanics where players dying to a boss would be considered a PvP death if they previously fought someone. This will no longer happen outside of the wilderness. If you die inside wilderness, players who have done the most damage to you will receive the drop.
  • The blood shard and your charges are now only lost from the blood fury if the item is dropped, not if it’s kept.
  • The tentacle whip now dissolves into a kraken tentacle if dropped on death.
  • The issue with untradables disappearing/changing from weird old man has been resolved.

Last Man Standing

  • Fixed an issue causing lag spikes in last man standing.
  • Fixed an issue with looting chests in last man standing.

Scythe of Vitur

  • The scythe of vitur no longer does damage to Dagannoth Rex.
  • All scythe hits will now count towards damage dealt to Blue Wraith.

Skill Exchange

Players may now exchange duplicate skilling items by using the skilling exchange (bob) for skill tokens.

Duel Arena

The withdraw (remove) item from stake option now works incase a player accidentally puts up an item.


  • Zalcano is now multi-combat.
  • The golem will no longer aggro the players that attack it.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Filtered lots of NPC drops to not be globally announced.
  • Fixed ironman team interface crashing when clicking check team.
  • All lizardmen now count towards the lizardman collection log.
  • Cannon parts are now tradeable again, not only on trading post.
  • Fixed an issue with Vorkath instances starting on height zero.
  • Fixed chaos elemental pet not showing up on log.
  • Fixed skotizo sceptre not being able to autocast spells.
  • Increased the very rare loot chance in mystery boxes by 1% and the rare loot chance by 1% (applies to all boxes).
  • Doubled leather crafting XP to make crafting a bit more versatile and not just revolve around gem crafting.
  • Starter scrolls are now only given in starters if players have not previously received two starters.
  • Unsired exchange loots now announce properly in discord live feed.
  • Fixed an exploit with the price checker. Thanks to Ape for making us aware.
  • The cooking range in Catherby now works.
  • The broken bank booth in Catherby now works.
  • Players may now charge their toxic staff of the dead with any amount of scales.
  • Fixed rune pouch not working around duel arena.
  • Fixed the bug in clan chats where the same name would appear twice (or more).
  • More youtubers addeed to the referral list.
  • More NPC drops filtered from announcement.
  • Updated the donator benefits list to more easily view the different perks of ranks (thanks to Tom!).

We continue working on improvements & new content for you every day. Expect more soon!

Best regards,


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