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Duo Ironman Game Mode Competition – Win 1B+ OSRS GP/$1K+!
Wed 17-Mar-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

Today, I have a for many long awaited announcement to make. It is in regards to the Duo Ironman game mode that I have previously mentioned. We have finally set a release date for this mode – it will be released on friday the 26th of March, 6PM GMT. With the release of this mode, a huge competition will be held but before I dive into that, let me explain the basics of the mode:

  1. The mode is a carbon copy of the group ironman mode with the only exception that you may only form groups of two, hence the name.
  2. Duo ironman accounts will have access to the storage chest to share items whilst they’re offline, just like group ironman accounts.
  3. Duo ironman will have a separate in-game leaderboard to view the standings, just like the one group ironman accounts have.
  4. Players may under no circumstances log in to the other persons accounts. This will disqualify you from the competition.
  5. The duo ironman mode will, upon release and during the competition, only be playable on the hard xp mode.
  6. Donating is not allowed on any duo ironman account wishing to participate in the competition.
  7. Regular ironman restrictions apply with the exception that you can share items with your partner.

Now, lets dive into what you’re all excited for…the competition. The competition starts the same moment that the update with the release of the game mode goes live. It is very simple.

NOTE: If a duo is first to reach, for example, the threshhold for the first prize (1,750 total level on average) and choose to claim it, they may not claim any other prizes after that. They may, however, choose to not claim the prize and try to be the first to reach the threshhold for another, higher rewarding prize.

  1. The first duo to reach an average of 1,750 total level will receive a reward of 150M OSRS GP each or $50 PayPal each or $150 worth of in-game bonds each on an account of their choice.
  2. The first duo to reach an average of 2,000 total level will receive a reward of 250M OSRS GP each or $100 PayPal each or $250 worth of in-game bonds each on an account of their choice.
  3. The first duo to MAX OUT on both accounts will receive a reward of 500M OSRS GP each or $200 PayPal each or $500 worth of in-game bonds each on an account of their choice.

For the sake of preparation, we have opened up a channel in discord called #find-a-group. You may use this to find a group for a regular ironman group, but also to request a partner for this upcoming competition.

I wish you all the best of luck and hope you may find a suitable partner to team up with!

Best regards,


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