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Perk System, GIM Fix, New Upgradables & More!
Sun 21-Mar-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

After a rough weekend with both website & server host downtime, we’ve finally reached a turning point and with that a BIG update. I also urge each and everyone of you to read up and prepare for the Duo Ironman competition that is coming up on friday. You can read more about that here:

Anyway, let’s jump into the updates!

Perk System

A whole new, custom perk system has been added to the game. You can access it at any time by using the orange icon in the top right corner of your game screen.

Perks that are unlocked will last forever. I’m not going to list them all here as you may view the description and requirements of each one on the interface. You may also view which in-game activities give points by clicking on ‘Points guide‘. All of these activities may be repeated as many times as one would like.

These perks add another dimension to the game and will prolong your grind & make it more enjoyable. You may view how many ‘Rigour points‘ (which is used to unlock perks) you have by viewing it in your personal (purple) tab in the quest tab.

Regeneration Timers

A new plugin has been added; regeneration timers. This will properly display the hp/special orb regain and the special orb now drains properly based on the amount of special attack you have.

Bank Tabs Fix

Your bank tabs will now work properly & allow you to create new tabs whilst in resizable/fullscreen mode.

Group Ironman Storage Fix

After a few bugs and hiccups with it, we have taken our time to rewrite it to (hopefully) ensure that the issues with it are fixed and that you can start using it seamlessly. Sorry about the issues & enjoy!

Dragon Thrownaxe

The appropriate dragon thrownaxe special attack has been added to the game. It is commonly used on OSRS to make nice combos and stacks as it has an instant special activation, just like the granite maul.

Combat Fixes

  • When removing your weapon, your autocast will now be cleared and will not allow you to autocast without a weapon equipped.
  • The heavy ballista can now be used at proper distance when frozen rather than only from 4 squares away.
  • Fixed void slayer helmet’s damage boost not activating when using magic.
  • Fixed an issue with morrigan javelins & throwing axe pulling you close to the player.
  • The staff of light now works to autocast ancient spells with.
  • Fixed autocast not saving properly between switching weapons (outside PvP areas).
  • Dinh’s bulwark no longer has +18 magic defence bonus. It now has 0.
  • Players may now use cannon at corporeal beast’s lair.

PvP Armours & PvP Box

  • The PvP armours have been removed from Wildy Crates, PKP Shop & LMS Shop. Instead, a new item called PvP box has been added to the game.
  • This item can be bought from the PKP/LMS Shop or be aquired as a rare loot from the wildy crates. They give a random, guaranteed PvP armour piece (morrigan, zuriel, vesta & statius). Players have a 25% chance of receiving a Vesta or Statius piece from this box and a 75% chance of receiving a morrigan’s or zuriel’s piece (at equal chance).
  • With this change, PVP armours now degrade. Each pvp armour piece has 1,000 hits before they fully degrade and may be repaired with coins at any time by using them on the weird old man. If you kill someone in PvP combat for a pvp armour piece, you will receive a fully degraded version (broken) of it. You will also not be able to trade pieces that are not either fully degraded (PKed) or fully repaired.

The repair costs (at 100% degradation) are as follows:

  • Morrigan’s & Zuriel’s pieces: 3 Million coins per piece.
  • Statius’s & Vesta’s pieces: 10 Million coins per piece.

The collection log for this box has a whopping $50 bond as a reward.

Redemption Prayer

The redemption prayer has been added and now functions the way it should.

Preserve Prayer

The preserve prayer now works and keeps your boosted stats boosted for a 20% longer period of time.

Untradeable Reclaim

Finally, we have confirmed the issue with items being duped/changed upon reclaiming them from the Weird Old Man fixed. Sorry for the long wait – this issue has been really nagging at us. Big thanks to Mertboy2 for figuring out how to consistently replicate it!

New Upgrades

Some new upgradable items have been added to the game. Below follows a description.

Wraith Boots

Instead of being on the Wraith key drop table, this item is now upgradeable. It requires Wyrm Shard x3 & Boots of Brimstone to upgrade.

Abyssal Pendant

This upgrade requires an Abyssal Shard an Abyssal Head & an Amulet of Fury. It shares the stats of a fury but has 1,000 direct teleports to the abyss. After the charges are used the shard is consumed. This item is untradeable.

Lightning Bow

This upgrade requires a Crystal Bow & a Zilyana Godbow. The bow shares the stats & effects of a Crystal bow but with +10 ranged strength and unlimited charges.

Other upgrade changes:

  • Wyrm Scimitar – Now requires 3 wyrm shards.
  • Abyssal Crossbow – Now requires 3 abyssal shards.

Abyssal Sire

While we wait for the Abyssal Sire re-write to be finished, we have added back the old combat strategy for it. This was a mistake to remove in the first place.

Blue Wraith

  • Fixed Wraith damage calculation being off, counting certain hits twice.
  • Nerfed the Wyrm Scimitar’s damage boost to 1.5x instead of 2x.
  • Blue Wraith’s hitpoints level is now 2000.
  • You now need to deal 150 damage to the blue wraith to receive a drop.
  • Made rare loots approximately 25% less rare from Wraith keys.
  • Removed Wraith boots from the Wraith key drop table as it has been added as an upgrade instead.

Mage Bank Pathfinding Fix

Fixed the issues with mage/range attacking outside of mage bank getting you stuck.

Item Looting

  • Players may no longer loot more than one piece of slayer keys/totem pieces at a time. This will avoid confsuion when a player has two and the next part doesn’t drop because of it.
  • Fixed an issue with granite mauls duplicating on death when having an ornate maul handle attached.
  • Fixed an issue with ironman being able to loot granite maul, ether & zulrah scales in PvP kills.
  • Fixed an issue with granite maul handle being lost on death even though the item was kept.
  • Fixed the kraken tentacle replacing amulets when dying.

Item Fixes

  • The brimstone ring (i) is now called brimstone ring (w) (since that is what it is).
  • Fixed Abyssal shard & Wyrm shard not being sellable on the trading post.
  • Made Crystal Ring (i) untradeable and auto-kept on death.
  • Fixed item definitions for 3rd age druidic clothing.
  • Amulet of the damned has now been made tradeable.
  • Fixed godsword shards item definitions.
  • Fixed the Afro being invisible on the male characters.
  • Fixed the re-sell value of Crystal helmets.
  • Fixed Crystal helmet being untradeable.
  • Added recovery values to all (iw) rings.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Removed the tournament starter task. You may open a ticket in discord to have this changed if you already have this as your starter task.
  • Receiving loot from offering Unsired now shows KC and proper format in the announcement.
  • Pure tournament setup now has magic shortbow & amethyst arrows instead of dragon knifes.
  • Mystic pieces from the event chest have been replaced with infinity pieces.
  • A chat message is now sent when a daily/weekly task has been completed & is claimable.
  • Bloody key locations now all have a 4×4 radius where they can spawn rather than in the same tile.
  • Fixed an issue with Vorkath’s zombified spawn getting stuck after hitting you.
  • Fixed certain bundle donations not giving enough boxes.
  • Slightly reduced amount of laps given on agility skilling tasks.
  • Players no longer receive empty buckets after using bottomless bucket when farming.
  • Fixed adamant dragons having better drop rates for dragonic scales than rune dragons.
  • Flower objects in flower poker are now visible for everyone in the gambling area.
  • Fixed all the item withdrawals from the duelling interface.
  • Fixed the mac adress checks for receiving starter scrolls.
  • Players may now fletch and use amethyst javelins.
  • Fixed a bug with the gate at chickens not letting you move out of it.
  • Level-up messages are now properly filtered by the Skill Filter option.
  • Fixed a bug with coal bag giving negative numbers of Coal when adding to a full bag.
  • Fixed looting bag dropping when you have an open looting bag in inventory.
  • Fixed the “Chop logs” skilling task not progressing.
  • Filtered more NPC drops from global announcements.

I hope you will enjoy!

Best regards,


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