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Duo Ironman Competition, Perk Updates & More!
Fri 26-Mar-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

It is time – the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Duo Ironman! In the update bringing this game mode alive, there are some other changes worth noting. The full list follows below:

Duo Ironman

The duo ironman mode has finally been released and the competition is live! Read all about it here if you’re interested:

Storage Chest

The group (and now duo) storage chest has had two bugs fixed.

  • Items will no longer overlap with those of regular banks.
  • Players will no longer be locked out of the chest if another player logs out with chest open.

Perk Changes

  • Fixed an issue with the superior perk text clipping out of the interface.
  • Fixed certain perks not saving properly on logout.
  • Killing bosses now gives 2 rigour points per kill.
  • Barrows chests now give 2 rigour points per round.
  • Fixed Wraith giving 2 + 5 points when it was only supposed to give 5.
  • Fixed certain herbs not being sent to bank with the herb looter perk.
  • Fixed the description on upgrading perks.

Bonecrusher Perk

A new perk has been added called ‘Crushing Expert’. This perk can be found under combat perks & increases the XP received from using a bonecrusher by 25%.

Overloaded Heart

The overloaded heart has, after some discussion, had some changes to it.

  • The overloaded heart now needs to be charged with Overload (4)’s. 1x Overload (4) adds 10 charges. The maximum charges it can hold is 500.
  • The overloaded heart now lasts 6 minutes instead of 5 to give it an extra benefit above the regular overload potion.
  • To avoid overriding effects, the overload heart or potion may no longer be drunk until the previous effect has passed.
  • The overloaded heart now has a ‘Check’ option to see how many charges it has left.
  • Updated hover info for overloaded heart.

Prayer Fixes

  • Fixes to the preserve prayer applied. It will now make boosted stats last longer as intended.
  • Fixed redemption prayer effect going off without prayer activated.

PvP Armours

  • Fixed a bug with morrigans coif degrading too fast.
  • Increased all PvP armours degrade time from 1K -> 2K hits.

Item Fixes

  • Fixed the lightning bow being one-handed.
  • Fixed Lightning bow effect not going off properly. Its max hit is now higher than that of crystal bow.
  • Fixed max cape requirements when loading presets without max stats after switching XP mode.
  • PvP Box is now 1K instead of 1.5K points in pkp shop.
  • Noted amethyst ore is now stackable.
  • Fixed an issue with degradable reclaiming.
  • Fixed item definitions for ornate maul handle.
  • Fixed granite boots item definitions.
  • Fixed duplicate nightmare staffs in bloody key hover menu.
  • Fixed inquisitor hauberk clipping weirdly on the body.

Ring of Suffering

  • The ring of suffering may now be charged with recoils. Upon death, half of the recoils left will disappear and the other half will be dropped on the ground.
  • Players may now imbue the ring of suffering to create the ring of suffering (i). This ring may also be charged with recoils, just like the regular version.
  • Added a ‘Check’ option to rings of suffering to see current charges.

Tormented Bracelet

Players may now attach an ornament kit to the tormented bracelet. This kit may be purchased from the vote shop.

Blowpipe Nerf

In order to maintain the importance of high-end gear, the blowpipe has received a slight nerf. This nerf also impacts the Cerberus blowpipe.

  • Toxic blowpipe new strength: 45 -> 35
  • Toxic blowpipe new accuracy: 60 -> 40
  • Cerberus blowpipe new strength: 50 -> 40
  • Cerberus blowpipe new accuracy: 60 -> 50

I hope you understand that this balancing change is for the greater good of this server and not to mess with you all!

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Increased the HP of MA II bosses to 2,500 from 1,500 to allow more players receiving loot.
  • Increased the tournament PJ timer from 20 seconds to 60 seconds to avoid people taking advantage of the area to create PJ-friendly scenarios.
  • Donators who can only use the the CTRL + T teleport shortcut in Edgeville may now use it inside the donator’s zone as well.
  • Players may now use the regular furnaces for crafting by simply clicking on them with a mould in their inventory.
  • Removed the unholy book from pure tournaments.
  • Applied more filters to rare NPC drops.
  • Fixed ancient harpoon only giving noted resources when in inventory.
  • Fixed an issue with a degrade message sending in certain situations.
  • Fixed the recoil effect in PvP taking too many charges.
  • Fixed the overlays from runelite plugins (npc highlighting & agility plugin) being rendered offsetted in fixed mode.
  • All types of Wyverns are now considered dragonic NPC’s.
  • Fixed players receiving empty buckets regardless of using bottomless bucket when farming.
  • Fixed essence mining not working in certain spots.
  • Fixed the rusted anvil at lumbridge not working.
  • Fixed varrock armour effect working outside of varrock boundary.
  • Nerfed the HP of mutated barrows from 1K -> 750.
  • Fixed players being able to autocast without staff after dying with a staff.
  • Fixed invalid entry in wildy crate collection log (harmonised staff).
  • Fixed players with onyx donator rank as their secondary rank (staff and ironman accounts) having the zenyte drop rate boost.

Most of the effort has gone towards finalizing the duo ironman game mode for this update – expect more content updates in the next one!

Many thanks, and good luck,


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