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Easter Event, Pet Shredder & MUCH more!
Tue 30-Mar-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

Easter has arrived at Rigour and we bring you some exciting new updates with it! I’m not gonna drag along too much but in light of all of this, we’re holding a 20% sale during the easter holidays. It will last for as long as the easter event – just like the new, limited edition easter mystery box. More on that below.

Below follows a full list of updates:

Easter Event

Easter has arrived at Rigour with a limited-time event (which is the main focus in todays updates). You may find the easter fairy just south-west of home as seen below.

Speak to her and you will find that the easter bunnys eggs have been stolen! In return for helping her retrieve the eggs, you will receive a bunny outfit. Players who complete the event will also have a 1/10 chance at receiving an easter mystery box, which is also available in the store for a limited time only.

The Event

The objective of the event is rather simple. Every 15 minutes, a group of evil bunnies will spawn somewhere around the world, guarding a chest containing the eggs they stole from the easter bunny. You may find the location of them by using the crystal given to you by the fairy. The locations may or may not be inside the wilderness. If you do not feel like venturing into the wilderness, simply wait 15 minutes for the next spawn! Do note, however, that only 100 eggs are up for grabs on each spawn and each player may only claim 10 eggs per spawn – so you must be quick! These bunnies are agressive, however, they do not hit very high. In addition to this, occasionally, bunnies will invade the edgeville dungeon or the wilderness ditch. During this time, players may kill the bunnies for a chance at an easter mystery box drop.

The event & box will be discontinued on the 10th of April.

Easter Mystery Box

The easter mystery box contains various cosmetic items in relation to the easter. Below you may see a full list of items available:

The box itself:

The rares:

Gilded bunny pet – Gives a 5% drop rate bonus

Gilded bunny ears

Easter Ring – Allows you to transform into an egg

The easter ring, gilded bunny pet & gilded bunny ears will all be discontinued after the event (10th of April).

Pet Shredding

The second big change in this update is a new system: Pet shredding. Players are now able to recycle and shred their pets in exchange for pet shards. These may be used to purchase pet mystery boxes or upgraded pets. Purchasing an upgraded pet requires you to have the original version of it as well, which is lost upon purchasing the upgraded pet. The rewards for shredding pets range from 25-1,000 shards per depending on rarity and difficulty to aquire. For example, slayer pets get you only 25-75 points whilst a boss pet gets you a minimum of 150 shards. Certain pets, like raid pets & effect pets give upwards of 1,000 points for shredding them.

The new, upgraded pets added are as follows:

Burning Hydra – 7,500 shards + Hydra pet – Has a 5% chance to deal 3-6 burn damage. Works only in PvM.

Dark Mole – 5,000 shards + Mole pet – Deals 10% additional damage against NPC’s in the wilderness.

Berserk Graardor – 5,000 shards + Graardor pet – Deals 10% additional damage in the godwars dungeon.

Magical Skotos – 3,5000 shards + Skotizo pet – Deals 10% additional damage when wearing a Kodai wand.

Venomous snakeling – 10,000 shards + Snakeling pet – Has the same venom effect as other toxic items. Works in both PvM & PvP.

Teleport Changes

Players may now quickly access the teleportation device by using the lit up spell icons in their spellbooks, representing the different teleport categories.

Event Portal

To make it easier for newer players to find, a portal has been added outside the home bank where you can quickly access the different events.

NPC Fixes

  • Using one piece of anti-dragon protection will now negate all damage from dragons below a combat level of 300.
  • Tweaked walking radius of Sigmund the merchant at home to avoid him clipping into other npcs.
  • When clicking a moving NPC, it will no longer stop the following event until you’ve finished your action (e.g. talking).
  • Moved chaos elemental to avoid him getting stuck on spawn.
  • Fixed an issue with cannons operating on non-combat NPC’s.
  • Added magic combat stats for Vorkath.
  • Added magic combat stats for Rune & Adamant dragons.
  • Increased amount of sand crab spawns.

Skilling Fixes

  • Fixed broken objects (furnaces, cooking ranges & spinning wheel).
  • Using the make-all option when doing bones on altar (at chaos altar) will now keep going until you’re out of bones.
  • Fixed ladder at motherlode mine moving you into the wrong position when climbing down.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes doesnt register clicks when crafting leathers.
  • The antidote+ now lasts for 9 minutes as it’s supposed to.
  • Antidote+ potions no longer clear venom, only poison.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed black dragon extension not saving for slayer rewards.
  • Players may now buy more than one item at a time from vote & blood money shops.
  • Fixed bonecrusher perk being auto-unlocked.
  • Added Kwuarm seeds to brimstone & crystal chests.
  • Fixed item bonuses not writing to equipment interface at start of tournaments.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to equip a fast weapon (e.g. darts or knifes) and throw spells at a faster rate than supposed to.
  • Added some more misc. food items that are dropped by npcs as edibles in the game.
  • Autocast only resets when removing a weapon now. Removing gear will not impact it.
  • Fixed twisted crossbow requiring 60 defence to wear.
  • Fixed an issue with sometimes getting stuck in duel arena when trying to attack players next to you with no movement option on.
  • Players will now be prompted with a message about which key they need and how to obtain it when trying to unlock chests they don’t have the key for.
  • Bank search will now trigger with only 2 characters if it contains a ( to easily search for potions.
  • The lookup & XP Changer have had the transparent slayer icon fixed.
  • Fixed prayer interface off-centre formatting.
  • Reduced lightning on the custom (iw) rings.
  • Tweaked the inventory model rotations of the Wyrm scimitar.
  • Tweaked rank icon offsets to be less cramped together when multiple icons are rendered (e.g. staff icon + donator icon).
  • Fixed item definitions for rangers’ tights.
  • Fixed the redemption prayer draining prayer before healing, thus leaving you with no prayer to use for the heal.
  • Fixed magic not working with rune pouch after using a preset unless opening it first.
  • Removed unholy book from pure setup (again, stupid server).
  • Slightly buffed the accuracy formula of the twisted bow.
  • Applied potential fix to issues with storage chest eating up certain items.
  • Fixed an issue with calculating the value of repairing items. This only affected items that were slightly degraded.

I hope you will enjoy these updates, and happy easter holidays!!

Best regards,


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