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New Home Area, QoL’s & Bug Fixes!
Sun 25-Apr-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while, and finally we’ve reached another exciting update. The patch notes follow below:

Home Area

The home area has received a full revamp! Whilst it may be confusing I think this home will be a bit easier to navigate and gives the server a stronger first impression.
With this change, the LMS area has been moved to the Ferox enclave. It may be accessed by using minigame teleports or simply typing ::lms. Skilling utilities now all come with a near-by bank as well. Lastly, the combat dummy is now available for anyone and can be found in the altar building at home.

Resizable Mode

Fixed the tab area in resizable mode being fully transparent.

Crystal Halberd

The crystal halberd & its special attack has been added to the game. It may be aquired from the superior crystal chest & at a rare chance when exchanging a crystal weapon seed with the Weird old man. This weapon also deals full damage vs. corporeal beast (any attack style).

For more information on the special attack:


  • Tournaments are now ran once per hour instead of once every two hours.
  • Tournament lobby timer is now two minutes instead of three minutes until starting.
  • Increased the chance of receiving a wildy crate for winning the tournament from 25% -> 33%.
  • Looked into an issue with inventories not restocking properly after a tournament round ends.
  • Fixed weapons stance animations being off when joining a tournament (e.g. staff of light).

NPC Combat

  • Looked into issues with ToB bosses & Zuk last-hitting players after their death, causing in no rewards.
  • Fixed an issue with NPC’s using melee hitting through thin walls/fences.

Looting Bag

Fixed an issue with dying with an open looting bag not dropping the items on ground, thus giving you safe items.

Combat Fixes

  • When attacking with a charged weapon (e.g. blowpipe), it will now properly stop attacking if it runs out of ammo during combat.
  • Fixed Verzik’s enchantment not boosting magic damage properly.


  • Fixed an issue with Vorkath instances having multiple people/Vorkath’s inside them.
  • Fixed an issue with other peoples NPC’s respawning in other peoples personal instances (instance tablets).

Ground Items

Fixed item prices not loading & displaying properly for ground items.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed extended/super antifire creation having their level requirements swapped around.
  • Duo ironman accounts may now invite and/or be invited to a group up until 1,500 total level instead of 1,000.
  • If a bloody key despawns before being looted, the information in quest tab is now properly updated.
  • Voting on all sites now gives 50 rigour points instead of 25.
  • Disabled usage of cannons at corp. beast again.
  • Reduced coloring of berserker ring (iw) as it was too bright.
  • Fixed the donator perk increasing cannon ball slots to 50 not working properly.
  • Players may no longer light fires at the home area.
  • Fixed weapons not poisoning the other player properly in PvP combat.
  • Fixed mutated barrows collection log having the amulet instead of enchantment in it.
  • Increased protection value for the pegasian boots.
  • Fixed defensive stats of the ancient wyvern shield.
  • Fixed the equipment model of the armadyl cloak.
  • A significant increase in experience for catching implings (~2.2x).
  • Two trading posts have been added to the donator’s zone.
  • Fixed item definitions of skotizo gemstone.

I hope you will enjoy!


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