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Latest Update: Summer Event, Theatre of Blood Expansion & Bug Fixes!
Summer Event, Theatre of Blood Expansion & Bug Fixes!
Tue 13-Jul-2021 | Uncategorized
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

I know it has been a long time but today we finally have another update for you. Let’s get into it!

Summer Event

Summer has arrived at Rigour (better late than never)! The summer event will last until the 15th of August. During this time, a summer sale will also be active giving a 25% discount in our store by using the code ‘SUMMER25‘.

The event consists of a very simple concept. Every 4 hours, a random NPC will be selected as a “Hot NPC”. Killing this NPC during that period will give you a 1/75 chance at receiving 5-25 summer tickets. You can find the information about which NPC is the hot NPC and when the next change will be in your Events tab.

With this event, some new items are being introduced into the game. They are as follows:

  • Elder Maul (hot), a stronger version of the elder maul.
  • Blade of Saeldor (hot), a stronger version of the blade of saeldor.
  • Magic shortbow (hot), a magic shortbow with slightly boosted accuracy & reduced attack speed by 1 tick. Can fire up to dragon arrows.
  • Master wand (hot), a master wand with slightly boosted stats & reduced attack speed by 1 tick.
  • Neitiznot faceguard (hot), a neitiznot faceguard with slightly boosted stats making it a BiS helmet.
  • Summer pet, a pet giving a 5% drop rate boost.

All these items can be upgraded using the new summer upgrade scroll, costing 1,500 summer tickets, in combination with the original item. You can find the summer shop by trading the summer elemental NPC at the home area.

Theatre of Blood Expansion

Two new ornament kits have been added to the rare drop table of theatre of blood. These may be used to upgrade the various weapons you may receive from theatre of blood. They all have corresponding effects and have slightly buffed stats from their original versions (unlike on OSRS where the kits are purely cosmetic).

  • Holy Scythe of Vitur, 10% chance to increase prayer points by 1-10 when dealing damage to opponents.
  • Holy Ghrazi Rapier & Holy Sanguinesti staff, 5% chance to increase prayer points by 1-10 when dealing damage to opponents.
  • Sanguine Scythe of Vitur, 10% chance to heal yourself for 5% of the damage you deal to your opponent.

The base upgrade chance for these items is at 50%, meaning it can be boosted to a whooping 80% with an upgrade boost token.

New Perks

Two new perks have been added:

  • Cannonball Maker, giving 25% more cannonballs when smithing them.
  • Rune Looter, automatically picking up all rune drops from NPC’s.

Misc. Fixes

  • Fixed being unable to fire regular bolts (unenchanted).
  • Fixed completionist cape not giving its proper boosts.
  • Increased protection value of Overloaded heart.
  • Fixed the item stats of Ghrazi Rapier, Scythe of Vitur & Sang staff according to OSRS wiki.
  • Fixed the attack speed of the sang staff from 5 -> 4 ticks.
  • Slightly increased drop rates from Cerberus, Corp. Beast & Zulrah.

I hope you will enjoy, and look forward to more!


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