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Update Log #1 – Group Ironman Re-work, Great Olm Changes, Instance Fixes & More!
Wed 07-Sep-2022 | News PostsUpdates
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone,

We’re still a little bit out from releasing the updated RuneLite version of the client with HD, GPU Plugin, Stretched mode and more. It will be a huge lift for your experience and playing with GPU rendering will reduce your client lag significantly to make Rigour even more enjoyable. Below follows some sneak-peeks (full-screen, 150+ fps):


GPU Plugin

In the meantime, though, a few updates and fixes have been applied. The list of updates may be found below.

  • Group Ironman system has been re-made and groups will need to be formed again. There was just too many issues with it and too poorly written code that we had to re-do it. You can open a ticket to receive your storage items back into the new system.
  • The new system also supports logs to see which player has taken/moved which item.
  • The system also has a group messaging system. You can send messages to your group specifically by, rather than the clan chats “/”, typing “//”.
  • Maximum group size is, as requested, increased to five.
  • The leaderboards will be out when we release the Duo Ironman gamemode & the competition associated with it, which will be by the end of September.

The Great Olm

  • Improved Olm’s special attack timers (he will no longer be able to execute b2b specials).
  • Sphere’s now cut your prayer points in half when praying against them.
  • Fixed Olm’s Sphere attacks hitting you outside of CoX.
  • Improved the way Olm’s head turns to dodge attacks. It should now be a more accurate representation of the OSRS version of the boss.
  • Fixed the perk drop rate boost in CoX not showing up in the percentage chance message after a finished raid (the loot chance was indeed being applied).
  • Slightly increased chance of receiving rare loot.
  • Possible fix for elevated teleport portals in CoX instances.

Wilderness Updates

  • The wilderness has received some love with a new teleport added to the resource area but also, Bounty Hunter.
  • The bounty hunter system has been activated and players will now receive targets. Killing a target gives you an increased chance at emblem drops which may be exchanged at the emblem trader in Edgeville. You may also unlock the teleport to target spell to make hunting your targets even easier (and more fun).
  • Killing a target when already holding an emblem will automatically upgrade it to the next tier.
  • Going on hunter killstreaks (target kills) will reward you with extra pk points in addition to regular killstreaks. When going on a 10 hunter killstreak, you will also receive a tier 5 emblem.
  • You can toggle the bounty hunter interface off if you do not wish to see it when you’re in the wilderness by typing ::bh. Note that you will still be assigned targets, however.


  • Added unique hitmark identifier for max hits (like OSRS).
  • Added a unique hitmark for boosted max hits (e.g. hits that go above max hit, like dragon hunter lance and other special weapons).


  • Single player instances, such as the Inferno, Skotizo, Zulrah & Vorkath, have been re-worked and should now be a lot less laggy and no longer glitch out, not giving you proper rewards.
  • Improved the timers in inferno to more accurately match those on OSRS.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Implemented the Arclight special attack. Fixed the hover message saying 75% damage/100% accuracy boost (in reality it’s 70%/70% like OSRS).
  • Fixed the issue with switching from an autocast weapon, making you continue autocasting.
  • Graceful clothing now boosts agility XP by 2% XP per piece worn.
  • Pet K’klik will now skip bones if you have a bone crusher to ensure the bonecrusher gets used.
  • Removed random herb spawns from varrock.
  • The drop modifier in revenants cave while being skulled now shows up in the equipment interface.
  • Zulrah will now deal two melee attacks maximum per phase.
  • Fixed the allowed looting bag withdrawing area.
  • Fixed looting bag stackables not being recognised sometimes.
  • Revenant cave pillars should now be jumpable.
  • Improved on pets player following.
  • Removed the extra wine of zamorak from secondaries shop.
  • You can now make herblore potions by using secondaries/vials of water first instead of the other way around.
  • Killcount messages are now counted as skilling message and can be toggled off with skill filters (right click “Game” chat tab -> Toggle skill messages).
  • Added redwood trees to the skill interfaces.
  • When a tree despawns from one players chops, other players will no longer continue chopping it.
  • The void slayer helmet now counts as a slayer helmet (i) on its own (without void).
  • Solved collection log claiming stackable items.
  • Increased the speed for fishing slightly.
  • Updated a bunch of item shredding values.
  • Fixed auto retaliate interrupting pvm casket openings.
  • Improvements to NPC path checking.
  • Improvements to door handling.

If you feel like we’ve missed something; let us know in Discord by opening a ticket or making a suggestion!

Enjoy 🙂

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