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Update Log #3 – Theatre of Blood!
Fri 30-Sep-2022 | News PostsUpdates
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone!

Finally, a long awaited update – Theatre of Blood is here! Fight six different bosses for a chance at looting some of the best items in the game! In addition to regular OSRS rewards, two custom rewards are available – Verzik’s Enchantment & Justiciar kiteshield. You can see the rewards in your collection log. Below follows some useful information regarding the raid:

  • To enter, you just need to enter the door and wait for the raid to start. A maximum amount of five people can join at once, or 20 if a ToB event is active. You don’t need to be in a specific clan chat; just join and wait for others to join up.
  • The raid consists of six bosses: Maiden of Sugadinti, Pestilent Bloat, Vasilias Nylocas, Sotetseg, Xarpus & Verzik Vitur. They all have similar combat strategies to OSRS, but most of them are dumbed down to make it a bit easier.
  • The scaling of the raid is hard in terms of HP levels at the beginning; I encourage you to go with a group to begin with. In the future we will be adjusting the scaling. We have done this to ensure we don’t make the raids too easy to begin with since the rewards are very powerful!
  • Points are given based on the damage you deal. Every 10 damage (5 damage if using bonus raid scroll) you deal, you receive one point. These points are used to calculate your drop chance at the end of the raid. Note that the points in the picture below is from test mode with lowered NPC HP.
  • After the Pestilent Bloat room & Xarpus room, you may purchase supplies at the expense of points. Note that doing so will result in lesser drop chance.
  • Theatre of Blood is NOT a safe death for hardcore ironman, unlike Chambers of Xeric.
  • If everyone in the team dies, the raid is ended. If you die, however, you will be put outside the room of the boss you died at and have to depends on your team to finish that boss.

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed issues with auto retalite not switching on properly (only visually) with warhammers.
  • Fixed CoX not giving 15 perk points per run as it’s supposed to.
  • Fixed delays when attacking a NPC with too little special attack.
  • Tweaked delays when performing initial hit on NPC’s sometimes being 1 tick too fast between first and second hit.
  • Pet K’klik is now no longer noteable.
  • Pet K’klik should now pick up stackable items that you already have in your inventory even if your inventory is full.
  • The pricechecker will now properly reset when being in combat.
  • Creating anti-venoms now require Anti-dote++(4) instead of Anti-dote++(3).
  • Fixed item definitions of pet derwen.
  • Lowered holy elixirs shop/protection value.
  • Doing superior key upgrades no longer require noted crystal keys, as they are stackable.
  • Hard clues in PvM caskets no longer called (lvl 4), but instead (hard).
  • All of the ring upgrades now announce when failed.
  • Players can now unnote Wyrm bones at the chaos altar NPC.
  • Tweaked Olm’s centre radius for head running in larger groups.
  • Players can now operate & check expeditious/slaughter bracelets to see their charges.
  • Players should now properly stop woodcutting when a stump spawns by another player.
  • Increased protection value of trident of the swamp.
  • Stringing bows is now 2 ticks rather than 3.
  • Removed duplicate banking messages for auto pickups.
  • Added the damage % boost to demonic tridents hover.
  • Killing blue wraith now counts towards the Wyrm killer achievement.
  • Looked into missing NPC’s (red chins, kourend diary npc).
  • Fixed npc aggression cancelling entering bank pin upon login.
  • Fixed hydra poison projectiles sometimes being off.
  • Cerberus’s ground attack (lava pools) now deals 10 damage if you stand on it as it spawns.
  • Extended death timer for item despawns in Catacombs.
  • Updated Nechryael to Greater Nechryael in the instance spawner.
  • Players may now buy back free items from the weird old man without having coins in inventory.
  • Superior slayer NPC’s now receive damage boost benefits from slayer helmets.

I hope you will enjoy,


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