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Latest Update: Update Log #4 – Halloween Event!
Update Log #4 – Halloween Event!
Fri 21-Oct-2022 | News PostsUpdates
Posted by Ab

Hello everyone!

Halloween has arrived! The home area has received an overhaul and has a more spooky, halloween-fitting look. In addition to this, a halloween event will be running for three weeks starting today.

To start the event, simply talk to the Grim Reaper who can be found just south of home (by the thieving area, see image below). The objective is to collect 50 pumpkins and bring them back to him. The pumpkins are found in chests which are moved around the world every 15 minutes. You can loot a maximum of 5 pumpkins per person & chest spawn, and a maximum of 20 people can loot the chest before it moves. To find the chest, you will be given a locator orb by the Grim Reaper. Use it to determine the current location of the chest before it moves (see image below). Note that some chest spawns can be in the wilderness. The chests are guarded by four ghosts. These are aggressive, however they’re quite weak and should be no problem fending off.

The reward for completing the minigame is a Ghost pet, which will be discontinued after the event concludes. Everyone who completes the event also have a 10% chance at receiving a free Halloween mystery box. The boxes also contain limited edition halloween items. These boxes may also be purchased from the store, starting tomorrow, for the duration of this event.They may also be received as a drop from invading zombies. Every 60 minutes, 10 zombies will invade the home area. These can be killed by players who have completed the halloween event for a chance at receiving a halloween mystery box. To see the rewards from the box, see the images below.

Lastly, also starting tomorrow, a discount code will be available in the store: ‘HALLOWEEN25‘. It will let you take 25% off on all your purchases!

Two new pets with effects are introduced to the game with this box; ‘Death jr‘ & ‘Vampyre jr‘. The Death jr has a 7,5% drop rate boost, just like Party pete jr, and changes the color of its mask on every spawn. The Vampyre jr has a 5% chance to heal you for 25% of the damage you deal in PvM combat (all styles).

Misc. Fixes & Changes

  • Sirenic armour now have ranged strength boosts (+4 for mask, +5 for body/chaps).
  • Overall fixes to ranged strength calculations in PvM applied.
  • The bar saving effect from the max skill cape will now work for smelting cannonballs.
  • Fixed trading honourable blessing crashing the trade.
  • Hunter objects should now properly clear out/reset when leaving/entering the area.
  • Morrigan’s armour now have a shredding value.
  • Messages from loading a dwarf multicannon are now filtered by the skill filter.
  • The konar pet now gives a slightly increased chance at receiving Brimstone keys (~20%).

I hope you will enjoy!

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