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Latest Update: Update Log #4 – Halloween Event!
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Hello everyone! Halloween has arrived! The home area has received an overhaul and has a more spooky, halloween-fitting look. In addition to this, a halloween event will be running for three weeks starting today. To start the event, simply talk to the Grim Reaper who can be found just south of home (by the thieving […]

Hello everyone! Finally, a long awaited update – Theatre of Blood is here! Fight six different bosses for a chance at looting some of the best items in the game! In addition to regular OSRS rewards, two custom rewards are available – Verzik’s Enchantment & Justiciar kiteshield. You can see the rewards in your collection […]

Hello everyone, Today I bring you another update log consisting of a lot of much needed fixes, improvements & requested additions. I wont take up too much of your time, just wanted to say we are still working diligently working on getting the updated RuneLite out – hopefully it should come this week. Shortly thereafter, […]

Hello everyone, We’re still a little bit out from releasing the updated RuneLite version of the client with HD, GPU Plugin, Stretched mode and more. It will be a huge lift for your experience and playing with GPU rendering will reduce your client lag significantly to make Rigour even more enjoyable. Below follows some sneak-peeks […]

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