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Latest Update: Summer Event, Theatre of Blood Expansion & Bug Fixes!
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Hello everyone, I know it has been a long time but today we finally have another update for you. Let’s get into it! Summer Event Summer has arrived at Rigour (better late than never)! The summer event will last until the 15th of August. During this time, a summer sale will also be active giving […]

Hello everyone, Due to my IRL situation with recent exams it has been a while since the last update. Luckily, I am back in full force again working on updates for you. Today I have a long list of fixes and additions that I hope you will enjoy: Loot Tracker At last, the loot tracker […]

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, and finally we’ve reached another exciting update. The patch notes follow below: Home Area The home area has received a full revamp! Whilst it may be confusing I think this home will be a bit easier to navigate and gives the server a stronger first impression. With this change, […]

Hello everyone, Easter has arrived at Rigour and we bring you some exciting new updates with it! I’m not gonna drag along too much but in light of all of this, we’re holding a 20% sale during the easter holidays. It will last for as long as the easter event – just like the new, […]

Hello everyone, It is time – the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Duo Ironman! In the update bringing this game mode alive, there are some other changes worth noting. The full list follows below: Duo Ironman The duo ironman mode has finally been released and the competition is live! Read all about it here […]

Hello everyone, After a rough weekend with both website & server host downtime, we’ve finally reached a turning point and with that a BIG update. I also urge each and everyone of you to read up and prepare for the Duo Ironman competition that is coming up on friday. You can read more about that […]

Hello everyone, Today, I have a for many long awaited announcement to make. It is in regards to the Duo Ironman game mode that I have previously mentioned. We have finally set a release date for this mode – it will be released on friday the 26th of March, 6PM GMT. With the release of […]

Hello everyone, Today we are releasing yet another update. Most of our time has gone towards preparation for the Duo Ironman game mode and wrapping up group ironman storage, however we’ve managed to fit in some other important fixes & additions as well! In addition to todays updates, we have also enabled double voting rewards […]

Fri 12-Mar-2021

Hello everyone, There wasn’t actually supposed to be an update until this saturday with some things like Group ironman bank & a system to upgrade pets but because of an item duplication glitch we found, we have been forced to perform the update earlier. It is therefore a bit less sizy than usual and I […]

Hello everyone, It is a long overdue update we’re pushing live today which contains a ton of exciting new additions & fixes. Take a moment to read through the full list below & I hope you will enjoy! Frosted Robes & Blue Wraith A new armour set has been added to the game; the Frosted […]

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