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Latest Update: Rigour Launch Information – 27th of August, 6PM GMT
Game download


Download the Rigour game launcher. This option automatically updates your game client when there is a new client update. We recommend using this client for any user.


Direct Client

Download the Rigour direct client. This is recommended for mac users or players who for some reason have issues with the launcher client or do not want to use it.


Client lag fix for 32-bit java users

If you’re running the client with a 32-bit java version, you may encounter some weird lags and fps drops. This is because the client currently isn’t
compatible with 32-bit java.

To fix this, all you have to do is follow the steps below.

1) Navigate to your C:\Program Files(x86)\Java folder.
2) Delete any contents in the folder.
3) Download 64-bit java from this link
4) Run the client again.
5) Enjoy a lag-free experience!