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Official MEGA Skilling Guide (UNF)



Official Rigour MEGA Skilling Guide

Version: 1.0


Author: Homework

Contact: D0XN#2860

NOTE: I decided to make this guide from the kindness of my heart as I've felt like wanting to contribute to the community. Upon doing this guide you can expect changes to not only the guide, but the server as well. That being said, please have patience and understanding that I will try my best to keep this guide updated and efficient as possible. Please feel free to leave feedback in a positive and friendly way on how I can improve this guide or add etc. There is no "preferred method" of what skills to go for first. I myself, actually was all assorted. I went back and forth to skilling and combat. However... here are a few TIPS on some possible strategies before we get into the full guide.

  • When training combat stats (such as defense, attack and strength, etc) you may want to train them during training Slayer as it will both make you profit for starting out as well as level your Slayer at the same time.
  • If going with Iron Man Mode it is recommended to get important skills up that will assist you a lot easier for other skills first (ie: Mining before Smithing, Runecrafting before Magic).
  • When training a skill I personally recommend to NOT go for 99 right away unless you either want to or need to. In a majority of cases there is USUALLY nothing unlocked at 99. It is just a milestone. So with that being said, go your own pace and relax.
  • Last tip I have is to not over pressure yourself to master a skill. It gets you all tense and stressed and you just either become addicted like me and/or get no sleep and are up for 3 days straight. Remember; this is an RSPS, not actual RS.


Hitpoints (also considered HP or sometimes health points) is exactly as it sounds. This skill determines your maximum health level and is like every game, the most important aspect of everything pretty much... LIVING. Once your hit points reach 0, well, you're dead. There is a few important notable things about your hitpoints though. Hitpoints XP is actually shared through other combat performances. So in other words, it's gained along your combat skills which is great and makes it easy to achieve 99 quickly. However there are always tips and tricks with every skill even with your HP.

Hitpoints Cape Effect: Regenerate 2 HP instead of 1 at a time.

FASTEST methods:

1 - 99: Through Magic:

There is a few ways to train hitpoints fast, but Magic remains to be one of the fastest ways of training hitpoints due to bursting. That being said there is some cons of doing HP through Magic.

  1. You need quite a bit of runes to be able to keep up with spells (especially depending on the NPC's health).
  2. As mentioned before the most efficient method towards HP is bursting but isn't unlocked until 70 Magic. However you can still use basic spells to accumulate damage and still acquire quite a bit of XP.

Items needed (approx):

x13000 Blood Runes

x17500 Death Runes

x25000 Water Runes

x25000 Fire Runes

x25000 Earth Runes

x25000 Air Runes

x15000 Chaos Runes

x15000 Law Runes

x1 Ancient Staff (unless not autocasting)

Your best Magic gear



x50 Magic Potions

Decent prayer level for boosts


Recommended NPC's for combat:

  1. Bursting any type of Slayer monster in Catacombs.
  2. Rock Crabs are quite low level but have decent hitpoints for starters.
  3. Dragons are weak to Magic making them an easy target.

1 - 99: Through Ranged:

Ranged is also one of the fastest methods of training HP for a few reasons. A cannon remains the fastest way to train not only Ranged, but HP with it due to the amount of damage the cannon does regardless of level. Ranged is also fast as most NPC's may have a safespot where Ranged becomes an advantage. Therefore you will not take damage. Again, there are some cons with this method though. Darts can also be used and are pretty fast with attack speed.

  1. Cannons can be expensive for those starting off. Cannonballs are also quite costly to buy unless making them yourself.
  2. Bolts for crossbows/arrows for bows aren't always easy to come by either for 'good' bolts/arrows. Getting Hitpoints XP is much more faster when you hit harder. Therefore better arrows or bolts will do the job much better. You can buy rune arrows and runite bolts in the Ranged shop at home.

Items needed (approx):

x1000 Rune Arrows/Bolts

x1 of each Cannon piece (if not doing bolts/arrows) *

x750-1000 Cannonballs (if not doing bolts/arrows) *

x1 Magic Shortbow OR Rune Crossbow

x1 Ava Accumulator/Attractor/Assembler

Your best Ranged gear



x50 Ranged Potions

Decent Prayer for using boosts


Recommended NPC's for combat:

  1. Rock Crabs are really well for a Cannon. Simply place the cannon north of the island near the shoreline.
  2. Any Slayer task monster.

1 - 95/99: Through Atk/Str/Def:

Though it is fast and good to train Hitpoints through your combat as well, it may not be the fastest but still will get you to at least 95 (if not 99).


General tips for leveling Hitpoints:

  • Go your own pace. Hitpoints doesn't take a while to level up and it is shared between every combat skill other than Prayer. So it's better to just take your time and enjoy levelling.
  • Always remember to wear the best gear possible you have as it will increase your maximum damage output and allow you to gain more XP.
  • Like always, if possible, use as many XP boosts as you can to maximize XP gains.
  • Be sure to (if you can) activate the WOGW (Well of Goodwill) for extra XP bonuses.
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