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Starter Tips and Tricks for Duo Iron Man

Duo Iron man is upon us and with it having incredible rewards I thought I'd share some of my tips and tricks to really help progress your account as quickly as possible.

Kourend task icon.png Daily tasks , Achievements and Weekly Tasks.

Now these will be key in maintaining an advantage on your competition. Each day you can earn 9 points with a additional 5 weekly tasks worth 30 points.

These can be found under the Green star on the quest tab.

Within the Achievement Store you can purchase 3 extremely beneficial items being.

Master scroll book (empty).png Bonus xp Scroll - 10 points - Boosting your experience by 50% for 1 hour. Great for when you have saved supplies and have 1 hour of grinding to do.

Lamp.png XP Lamp - 10 points - An lamp giving you base experience of 500,000 xp regardless of your level in said skill. These can be used on all skills besides Hunter. These also can be used to stack with xp multipliers such as the Well of Good Will.

Charge dragonstone jewellery scroll.png Skilling Scroll Task -  20 points - Skilling tasks are a great early way to progress your account . Each task will reward you with 2.5m to 10m GP , 2 to 4 supply crates, a skilling chest and a Normal to Master Xp Lamp depending on the hardness of the task. The tasks rolled for your self will be a doable task for your levels with a maximum of 5 levels to gain before completing said task. These tasks can range from cleaning Guams to Smithing Runite bars. The chests can reward you with amazing rewards to speed up grinds for skills from the Ancient Skilling equipment to items that help boost your experience. The crates will reward you with skilling supplies with a rare chance as a skilling outfit piece.



Archery ticket.png Remember to vote - It doesn't just benefit us, it also benefits you !

Now, where there is voting, there is rewards and these can be the different between hours of grinding !

Within the vote store there are multiple items that will help you on your grind from Bonus xp scrolls , to Skilling Tasks to Skilling items providing Bonus experience in certain skills.

Scroll (Elemental Workshop II).png There's also slayer skip scrolls for if you get a Steel Dragon Task , because lets be honest, no one likes them and you don't want to loose your streak !



Keep an eye out for the Bonus skill ! 

Now you may want to rush 99 Runecrafting and just get it out the way, but that is the wrong thing to do. You need to keep an eye out and manage your time efficiently. The bonus skill is chosen once every hour and lasts for 30 minutes. Its wise to keep supplies in the bank such as Bars, Ore , Logs, Herbs etc to be prepaired for when the bonus skill changes.


Super combat potion(4).png Making Potions 

Within Falador Park you will find a npc called Zahur. When using a cleaned herb on her with vial of waters in your inventory she will make them into UNF potions for a small fee. This is extreamly worth doing. Don't waste time making UNF potions. The farmer within the park as well will note your clean herbs for you whilst you are farming too.


Skull.png Don't be scared ! 

The Wilderness is a great place for early game and late game. You can start off by camping Revenents to get a early dragon weapon , Bloody keys , Pvp armour from wilderness crates and more !

You will also notice every few hours a bloody key will spawn, rewarding high level pvm gear as well as High level skilling items on the common table including 100 Runite bars, 200 Torstol's , 7m cash , Coal and more.

The Global Boss is another great thing to get involved in, with it reward BIS range armour it also includes common items such as barrows and some perk points.


Clan Chat.png Ask the Clan chat

If your new to the game and need the best xp per hour methods for certain skills just ask the CC. There is plenty of people ready to respond or send me a message on discord Cursed#0606


Crystal key.png Don't Fusion your keys ! 

Now you may wonder why not ? It's very simple. The rewards from the Superior crystal keys such as the crystal armour need to be in a set to have the bonus effect. The dragonstone armour would be the best items from the superior keys along side the Blade of Sealdor, what are not super helpful along the long grind.

The normal keys however will constantly reward you with supplies from Herbs , Bars , Ore , Blood Money and more to progress your account in the long run. They also have a chance at rewarding you a Superior key at around a 1 in 50 rate.


Varrock armour 1.png The Varrock Diary's 

The Varrock Diary is almost essential for a Iron man. Completing the Diary easy and medium will give you full access to the Rune store's Runes.


Defence icon.png Don't Melee Defence late game ! 

By putting your chins on long-range, or your spell casting into Deflect ( then select spell ) you will gain experience extremely fast in defence what can save you a few hours of slowly training it with Melee. You will find throughout slayer you will be barraging a lot of tasks.


Slayer icon.png Do Slayer the easy way  

Slayer is normally the first place any account goes to grind combat and rightly so. On Rigour you will not gain slayer points for the first 2 tasks. It is recommend to do at least 2 Tureal tasks before going to a higher slayer master. I would personally advise in doing 4 Tureal tasks and then going to a slayer master such as Konar , as you get boosted points every 5 tasks.

Keep an eye out for barragable tasks. If you have access to the rune store don't waste time meleeing when you can burst. The catacombs is a great place to find tasks in multi-zones to boost your xp per hour.

Unlock Superiors , the hearts themself are a great saviour for Ironman, but the main reason to unlock is the xp boost for killing them. For just 150 points you will notice the experience jump.

Get a auto casting weapon - focus if you can on obtaining a Master wand, Ancient staff. These can be obtained throughout the game and are one of the most hated grinds. They can be obtained in the PKP store, Wilderness chest , Vote boxes , Solak chest , Infernal Mages and many more.

If you have spare points when your finished with slayer don't save them as well, within the slayer reward store you will find an XP Lamp for 500 Slayer Points.


Deadman Mode Participate in the Tournament 

What if you cant pk , is it still worth doing ? YES !  Even participating in the Tournament will reward you with 50 rigour points. If you manage to survive to the top 3 you will be rewarded with PKP points ( what are super helpful to buy the Master Wand to auto-cast ).


Adventure Paths.png Rigour points

Found in the top right hand corner is a very recent update known as Rigour points. I have mentioned them a few times within this guide. There are great unlocks to help make skills easier such as extra chances at double resources and my personal favourite, say no to weed. These are a great extra bonus to your account but spend your points wisely.


Lumberjack top.png Bob , everyone knows Bob.

Bob is located just south of the bank at home. Whilst your skilling you may find you come across duplicate outfit pieces what can be very annoying. But with our friend Bob here, he will take all the skilling outfit pieces and trade them for skilling tokens to be used in his store for XP lamps , Supplies , Skilling scrolls and more. Its recommend if you are done with a skill and have obtained any of these pieces don't hold on to them, trade them into Bob. As for Marks of Grace, take them to Grace in the Gnome Agility Course to trade for experience. As for the moment Graceful has little effect on Rigour.


Keep an eye on the Well 

The well of goodwill can be filled with either GP to a selected well of your choice, or certain items can be used on it to go into a random well. When activated these can be great to save grinds such as pest control as each game with the Pest Control well will reward 5 extra points.

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