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  1. Seen the work that's went into this server, best of luck. Look forward to seeing what happens in the future.
  2. Hello everyone, I go by Kharyrll. I've been searching around for a nice community to join with an active, growing group of people and I feel like this one is looking nice. I’ve spent quite some time browsing the web for decent communities with upstanding goals and a good team of people and I feel that’s something you really should take into consideration before deciding to join the group or not I recently resigned as a Community Manager on another server/site due to reason I won't go into, just because I don't like to "talk about people" behind their backs, that’s not how I was raised nor do I take part in that type of thing. I've taken part in a couple servers and groups in my time, and filled about every position there is to fill as far as being on the staff team. I also ran my own server for a few years, took care of all the development and advertising by myself as well, I've got about 4 years of development experience. But all of that aside, I look forward to sticking around to see Runelist grow, I have a good feeling this is a really good thing and will take off with a great outcome in the near future! Feel free to reach out to me for whatever reason even just to chat, I’m always around!
  3. Welcome @Pase, if I do recall I’ve seen your GFX work before. Glad to have you around!
  4. @MineScapeGold I see you haven’t been active since December, hope to see that change. Nonetheless welcome to Runelist, lots of big plans in the near future!
  5. Very nice video bud, as long as that 47-47 isn't on me I'll be glad to see it happen!
  6. So far this site is looking splendid. It's not every day you see review sites come along that have actual potential, I'm excited to see where Runelist goes. Like Nes said above, with the attitude of the team so far I see Runelist hitting the top charts in no time!
  7. Join us at Intensity-ps.com Welcome to the project thread of Intensity! We are an economy server with a lot of OSRS content added! Intensity is owned by myself and a close friend of mine, we've been working along side each other for quiet some time now. We're working very hard to make sure everything is up to par and going to be enjoyable for everyone! We're not releasing something that's half done, and unplayable. Lots of media to be added very soon! Some features of Intensity that are added or in the development stages to be added in the very near future are listed below ; ✔ Scam-proof flower poker & gambling! ✔ Fully working Nightmare boss! ✔ Full Inferno minigame! ✔ Revenant Caves! ✔ Karuulm slayer dungeon and the Alchemical Hydra! ✔ Raids I & II! ✔ A flawless Grand Exchange! ✔ Fully functioning Vorkath! ✔ OSRS Bosses with the corresponding pets! ✔ All skilling pets! ✔ All skills working properly flawless! ✔ All kinds of achievements! ✔ And lots more! Discord Website