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  4. Oldschool Near-Reality Review Near Reality (NR) is an OSRS RSPS with a focus on replicating content. Therefore, you can expect a lot of gameplay to be similar, but with a faster pace. One of the examples can be seen at the minigames and bosses that NR holds; Obor, Bryophyta, Zalcano, Tears of Guthix, Pyramid Plunder, etc. With an already high player count that is steadily growing, NR is home to all kinds of adventurers that enjoy OSRS but with a breath of fresh air. Interview RuneList: Please tell us something about the history of NR. Jacmob: Near-Reality has been around for well over a decade now, passing through the hands of Chachi, Jags, Myself and Drax, we have all had a different take on Near-Reality and what we believed to be the best path moving forward. I have made mistakes in the past and this rendition of 'Oldschool Near-Reality' is here to reconcile those issues. Near-Reality has always been known as NRPK, and we want to bring that notion of PvP back to the server, mainly through Deadman Mode in the future. Oldschool Near-Reality is a continuation of the idea of OSS (Old School Server) back in 2012 which is what ultimately closed the original NR v13 for good. We are taking from that idea and putting forward the best server we possibly could, we will not stop until we have taken over the RSPS scene for good. What I believe that made Near-Reality so popular was the willingness to implement unique customs and donator pins (which allow legal RWT through a staff middle-man), we have always been different to other servers, and we don’t plan to stop. RuneList: What makes NR special? Jacmob: Near-Reality has always been a top server for a variety of reasons; the community, legal RWT, pking scene, and the willingness to be different. Oldschool Near-Reality is a server that will push the boundaries of RSPS, bringing in authentic 1:1 OSRS content, and custom content that will be of highest quality. Our Development Team is probably one of the most solid teams in all of RSPS, and what we have in store for OSNR, is going to make us the top server very soon. RuneList: What updates are coming to NR in the near future? Jacmob: I will keep this short and concise, over the next month or so expect to see: Gauntlet Theatre of Blood & Hard Mode Nex Nightmare of Ashihama Wilderness Vaults And if able, we will attempt to be one of the first servers to implement the Tombs of Avarice. RuneList: What do you expect to see from NR in about one year? Jacmob: Oldschool Near-Reality was set up in a way that will provide longevity and stability within the RSPS scene, we took a lot of drop rates, mechanics from OSRS, and our economy is not far off from how OSRS works, this provides a custom experience with faster XP rates, while keeping our economy stable for the long run. With the addition of Donator Pins, we expect to be around a long time, providing lasting and fun times for all. RuneList: How did you personally get into development/ownership? Jacmob: I began making websites for local companies in my hometown, eventually I found Rune-Server, and begun working on websites within the RSPS scene, where I met developers from around the world and eventually worked/owned servers such as Avarrocka, Interbellum, Havoc and many others. RuneList: What obstacles have you faced? Jacmob: Near-Reality has always had a target on it’s back, same with many other top servers, and it’s a priority that you must have the proper people in the right places to ensure a stable environment for your development team, staff team, and players as a whole. We have faced people trying to exploit our systems, mass DDos, and many other threats, but as a team we worked together and we have overcame the issues of the past. RuneList: What is your biggest obstacle currently and how do you plan on overcoming these obstacles? Jacmob: Our biggest obstacle right now is becoming up to date with OSRS’s content so we can start pushing new and unique custom content that will make us much different than any other server out there. We have such a competent development team, it won’t be much longer until we are up to date with OSRS and we are pushing some of the most unique and ground breaking custom content within the RSPS space. Thanks to Jacmob for the interview. Notable Features As NR focuses a lot on OSRS, its notable features is mainly the impeccable ability to replicate content to Oldschool Runescape’s standards. The combat is great, the variety of content is amazing and the community is phenomenal. By playing NR, you won’t feel as if you are part of a server, you will feel as if you are playing the game itself but faster, and with a more close-hearted community Player vs Monster (PvM) When we say that there are a lot of PvM challenges, we mean it. NR has a boss for everyone, from Obor and Bryophyta for weaker players, to Vorkath, Zulrah for intermediate, all the way to Chambers of Xeric for those with experience. If you are more into skilling, fear not, as NR has skilling bosses as well, such as Zalcano, Wintertodt and the Gauntlet. They even have the Mimic for players that love clues, how amazing! With that being said, the PvM-aspect is fully covered as the developers have put a lot of love and effort into creating a variety of bosses for players to kill. ↑ Image 1: An group of brave players fighting the Great Olm. PROS CONS Balanced Drop Rates None Both Beginner and End-Game Bosses Identical to OSRS Skill and Combat Bosses Skilling Training skills on NR is immaculate. There are a load of methods for you to train each skill, and each skill has something to it. For instance, Thieving has both pickpocketing, stalls, and Pyramid Plunder. Mining has regular ores, salts, the quarry, and the Motherload mine. The list goes on. On top of that, there are also skilling outfits to increase your gains, which is magnificent. In sum, all skills are functional and can be trained in multiple ways, with multiple roads leading to 99 in a skill. ↑ Image 2: Sklling boss, Zalcano. PROS CONS All Skills Trainable None Serveral Methods for Each Skill Rich Economy Player vs Player (PvP or Pking) Since NR is mainly an Economy server where players have to train and obtain their items from the start, PvP is somewhat of a sore thumb. To begin with, there are low to none Wilderness incentives. People that visit the Wilderness do it due to areas such as the Wilderness Slayer, Revenants, etc. Therefore, most of the players are there for PvM purposes, where you will find players separate or just casually talking while doing their activities. While the combat is quite decent, the problem lies in the lack of players and the lack of Wilderness content, which discourages players to visit it. EDIT: At August 2022, there are about 20 people in the wilderness (out of 400). There are also Wilderness events now. ↑ Image 3: Wilderness PvP PROS CONS PvP Combat is Good Very Few Wilderness Incentives Leveling Takes Time (Economy Server) Difficult to get good items (AGS, ACB, ect) Minigames Minigames are superb on NR, with a variety between solo and group, skilling and combat, and safe and dangerous minigames. A great balance of all. There are minigames for the skillers, e.g. Pyramid Plunder, Tears of Guthix and Motherload Mine. Next, there are also activities for PvMers such as the Inferno, Warriors Guild and Barrows. Finally, there is also the infamous OG Duel Arena for people who want to get risky and bet their belongings. The only thing missing are minigames revolving around PvP, e.g. Last Man Standing or a Bounty Hunter system for the Wilderness. However, since this is an Economy server it still deserves a solid 5 stars. ↑ Image 4: The Inferno. ↑ Image 5: The Inferno. PROS CONS A Lot of Minigames None High Variety (Group/Solo/Skill/PvM) Player activity Currently, on the 20th of August, there are roughly 400 players online. This is quite an achievement, and a remarkable number to hold. The server has been released for over a month now, and still has 300+ members online every day. Although the server is still very new. Therefore, the server might hold far lower or higher players than when the review was written. But, the discord community holds an insane 5,000 members, so the activity will always be top-notch. PROS CONS High Player Activity Massive Discord Community Server Recently Launched ↑ Image 6: Player activity at home Other content Apart from PvM and Skilling, NR also offers four experience rates per game mode, with a total of five game modes. This leaves you with 20 modes to choose from, with each mode having its own restrictions and benefits. Next, there are also achievement diaries identical to the OSRS ones, with QoL rewards to make your life easier. Not enough? No worries, NR also has treasure trails, full collection logs, weekly events and far more. PROS CONS Weekly updates Not much unique content (yet) Conclusion (4.3 on average) Near Reality grants you the full OSRS experience, but at a faster pace for those who do not have time to spend years and years upon grinding an account. Even if you want a slower pace, it is available through different game and experience modes. This game is for those who want longevity, and want to be able to play the same RSPS for years to come. We highly recommend this game to players who are looking for a grind, a community, and a place to stay. Website: https://near-reality.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/nr What do you think of Near-Reality yourself? Rate this server review above. Feel free to comment your opinions below. Article Written By @ SilverNova
  5. Toplists are mostly used by players to find new/different servers to play. Server owners can setup their server on a toplist. The reason that they're doing that is because then players can vote for their server. The more votes, the higher the server ranks on the list. The higher on the list, the more impressions an server gets. It is very easy to setup your server on RuneList's toplist. Follow the next steps: 1) Register an account on https://runelist.io 2) Navigate to RuneList's toplist (https://runelist.io/rsps-toplist/) 3) Click the 'Add Server' button on the topright corner 4) Add the following information to the form: Title: Your server title (up to 40 characters) Tags: Categories to describe your server (up to 3 tags) Custom URL: Custom path that will be appended to the server URL (eg. 'SERVERNAME' - https://runelist.io/toplist/server/1/SERVERNAME/) Discord Invite Link: The Discord Invite URL Website URL: The URL to your website URL Callback: Callback URL (see your voting script documentation) Category: Choose either PvP, Economy, Custom or Gambling Short Description: Will be displayed on the Toplist page (up to 180 characters) Server Description: Will be displayed on your server page (including graphics) Banner Upload: Upload your banner (max. 468x60) 5) Click the 'Save' button 6) Go to your own websites voting script and add RuneList as voting option. You'll need to use RuneList's Callback feature for that. The voting URL is: https://runelist.io/toplist/server/{sid}/vote/{incentive} {sid} Integer Your site ID. Can be found in the URL of your toplist server listing. {incentive} String Something your site uses to identify the voter. Name: RuneList Link: https://runelist.io/toplist/server/ SiteID: your listing ID Bridge: /vote/{incentive} 7. You should now have correctly setup your server on RuneList's Toplist
  6. Zeah RSPS Review Zeah is a 718 RSPS that has OSRS Content. With that being said, you can expect the best of both worlds. It has content ranging from before the Evolution of Combat all the way to the latest OSRS implementations. In addition, Zeah also has a unique take on new content, and have implemented their own task system which goes hand-in-hand with relics that empower your game. Playing Zeah is a unique experience as you take advantage of new content on your road to becoming maxed, finishing all collection logs, or besting players in PvP. Interview RuneList: Please tell us something about the history of Zeah. Zeah: Zeah was established as a passion project officially in May 2021. As passionate long time runescape players ourselves, we wanted to provide the RSPS scene with a server that offered a truly different gameplay experience. Undergoing nearly a year of daily development, Zeah was created with the sole goal of allowing players to play their way. RuneList: What makes Zeah special? Zeah: Zeah is an RSPS that couples the best of the past and present, featuring OSRS gameplay rendered in advanced high-revision HD. The options players are given is ultimately what separates us from the rest. Whether that be choosing to relive glory times in pre eoc, keeping up to date with current OSRS content, or experiencing the thrill behind leagues without worrying about a reset of progress. Zeah offers a surplus of activities that are catered to suit the player. RuneList: What updates are coming to Zeah in the near future? Zeah: On Zeah we follow a dedicated road map based on the feedback we hear from the community. We allow players to voice themselves and vote on the updates they want to see. What we currently have planned is as follows; Our house system expansion is around the corner which will allow players to pledge to one of the five houses of Zeah, each granting different passive and active benefits in various skills. You will be able to complete tasks for these houses daily and weekly to gain rewards and relics. At the end of every season all houses can compete to showcase the winning house statue in the center of home for the following season. We also have a slayer rework, the implementation of LMS and other qol's scheduled for this month and early next month. With Theatre of Blood following shortly after. These are subject to some delays, but we usually try to meet our deadlines. RuneList: What do you expect to see from Zeah in about one year? Zeah: We're always working on improving Zeah overall and growing our community. With this we expect to see a more polished server, offering more content than it already does, and a thriving community. We provide a main focus in community engagement, offering nearly daily events and hearing feedback behind which updates should follow next. We believe this mindset will ultimately lead to a thriving Zeah in the future. RuneList: How did you personally get into development/ownership? Zio: I personally got into RSPS over a decade ago, especially during the times where RS popularity dropped. I've always had a passion for the game, and eventually became passionate towards providing an experience for others. I was part of very small servers back in the day, but the one I'm known for was one I started co-owning nearly 5 years ago which ended shortly before Zeahs inception. Over the years I've definitely grown to learn that the success of a server lays within its community, proper transparent management, quality content, and not being afraid to step out of the ordinary to provide something truly unique. Simplex: Programming and RSPS have always been an interests of mine. I've been playing RSPS since private servers were in their infancy, my first RSPS forum account was registered in January 2007, my development Journey began around the same time. RuneList: What obstacles have you faced? Zeah: We're reverse engineering a java application from 2011 that is laiden with traps set to stultify reverse engineering, our very existence is an obstacle. Outside the client, our largest obstacle was our departure and subsequent fallout with our previous team. RuneList: What is your biggest obstacle currently and how do you plan on overcoming these obstacles? Zeah: Implementing the oldschool RS identity kit (character models) and fitting seamlessly with the environment, pre-eoc items and pre-eoc animations. We've got work-arounds currently, but we still need more time to determine a proper solutions. Thanks to Zio and Simplex for the interview. Notable Features There are a lot of notable features on this server. From PvP Tournaments to Chambers of Xeric and Queen Black Dragon with both OSRS and Pre-EoC graphics alongside a relic and achievement system to help you in your journey. Phew, all that in just one sentence. That in itself says a lot, doesn’t it? To be honest, there is too much to say. You have skilling and combat pets, an in-depth Wikipedia managed by the community and staff, treasure trails, collection logs, and so, so much more. Our recommendation? Try the game. But if you’re not fully hooked yet, let's give you a detailed look at each area. Player vs Monster (PvM) When it comes to PvM, Zeah has a lot to offer. There are a lot of bosses, with each one having their own benefit. Moreover, their bosses have a lot of variety from low-tiers, all the way to the end game. Their completion log is also an excellent addition to their overwhelming number of challenges, which allows you to track your kill count, fastest time, and retrieved drops. Nex, Chambers of Xeric, Zulrah, Vorkath, Dusk & Dawn, The Nightmare, you name it; They've got it all! ↑ Image 1: Zulrah, The green hooded serpent of the poison waste. PROS CONS Identical mechanics and balanced drops None Skilling and Combat Bosses High variety in low to end game bosses Skilling Skilling has both ups and downs. While you can train all skills on Zeah, there is room for improvement. Some skills, such as Agility, Runecrafting, and others are limited in content and thereby forcing you to do e.g. Wilderness Agility Course from level 52 all the way to 85. Other skills, such as Hunter are overflowing with content where you can catch literally almost everything. Imps, Jadinkos, Birds, Grenwalls, Chinchompas, Kebbits… The list goes on and on. With that being said, taking skills to 99 can be a very painful or joyful process depending on which skill you are going for. ↑ Image 2: Multiple skilling areas, also including some RuneLite plugins for skilling. PROS CONS 25 Skills, all trainable Very few methods for certain skills Player vs Player (PvP or Pking) In terms of PvP, it would not be a server we would recommend. First and foremost, there are not enough players to always have someone to fight against. While they do have PvP tournaments every now and then, it isn't often enough to satisfy your bloodlust. Secondly, by having a very wide array of items from OSRS and Pre-EoC, combat can feel very one-sided as one type of weapon completely overpowers another. Finally, there are not a lot of incentives to visit the Wilderness. Revenants and bosses do not grant good enough rewards for players to visit them. The only time you would find people in Wilderness would be for activities such as the Chaos Altar, but even then it becomes more of a cat-mouse chase rather than an exciting battle. ↑ Image 3: Zeah PvP Tournaments PROS CONS PvP Tournaments Low Wilderness Incentives Hard to get into PvP (Requires level up) Negative attitudes towards PKers Minigames Minigames are one of the weaker areas of Zeah. While there most certainly are interesting activities to participate in, such as Pest Control, Barrows, and Warriors Guild, most of them are outdated and are used to obtain untradable equipment such as Void and defenders. There are a few highlights such as Dominion Tower and the Inferno, which do add a bit of spice to the combat aspect of the game. However, more team and skill-oriented minigames exist in lower numbers, such as e.g. Stealing creation and Sorceress's Garden. ↑ Image 4: The Inferno. ↑ Image 5: Barrows Brothers. PROS CONS Good amount of minigames No up-to-date minigames Both Combat & Skill minigames Low amount of players Player activity Despite the content that Zeah holds, it sadly does not have a lot of players. It holds between 20 to 40 players on weekdays and between 50 to 70 on weekends. However, keep in mind that the server is fairly new, with its release being the 1st of March in 2022. Therefore, it might still rise up during the year. PROS CONS None Can be difficult to find groups for team-based activities Other content What makes Zeah stand out is the new content that they have to offer. There is a very unique task system where players can complete easy to grandmaster tasks in order to gain achievement points and relic unlocks. Achievement points can be used to create new items or to purchase golden relics, whilst relic unlocks serve the purpose of permanently unlocking silver relics. These relics will assist you by granting bonus experience and giving various benefits to skills, combat and other content such as luck. This is only one of the many features that Zeah has to offer. ↑ Image 6: Zeah Achievements System. ↑ Image 7: Zeah Relic Management Interface PROS CONS Unique task system None Many unique HQ interfaces Conclusion (3.6 on average) Playing Zeah gives you nostalgia from both OSRS Content and Pre-Eoc Content while also leaving you curious about what the new and unique gameplay it has to offer. With multiple modes, a magnitude of bosses alongside 25 fully trainable skills you will find yourself hooked right from the start. Try out seven different modes, from a masters account with reduced experience rates to hardcore group ironman where you can play with your life on the line alongside four other friends. Website: https://zeah.gg/ Discord: https://discord.gg/Zeah What do you think of Zeah RSPS yourself? Rate this server review above. Feel free to comment your opinions below. Article Written By @ SilverNova
  7. Dear RuneList members, In the last week(s) we've 'revamped' our toplist. We've changed a fair bit of the design to make it match with the rest of the platform. The revamp also comes with a more mobile-friendly design. With the general revamp, here's a list of other changes too: The entry now shows a short description (up to 180 characters). * The 'tags' are now also displayed on the entry. Below the rank number (Eg. #57) there is an icon that corresponds to the category of the server. The ability to set a category for the entry (Custom, PvP, Economy). * You can now filter the Toplist by category. Ability to set a 'custom URL', which is better for SEO. * On the sidebar, the five newest servers are displayed. * Server owners/managers, make sure to edit this information in the server settings. Example of the new Toplist entry. More information about the toplist can be found here: Categories PvP Economy Custom Toplist Update Media
  8. To celebrate our one year aniversary, we're going to give away $100 store credit to spend on any RSPS to your likings. There will be more store credit giveaways in the near future. All you would have to do is reply to this post with the server name you would like to get the $100 for. Example: The winner will be pulled at the end of March! 🙂
  9. It is one of the biggest dreams of every RuneScape Private Server player.. Owning your very own server. But that seems easier than it is. With creating your brand, hiring developers (or learning how to develop a server yourself), and marketing your server, you'll also need to find a trusted hosting company that will host your server with zero downtime. Today we will inform you about hosting your RuneScape Private Server. We're going to explain what you need to know to get your server online. When you have a server that is "ready" to go online, you should navigate to a hosting company's website. In this example, we are using a reliable (Private Server oriented) Hosting company, called "HostHappy". Once you have navigated to their site, you'll see two options. Option A "KVM Windows VPS" and Option B "KVM Linux VPS". By the way, you can also host your website via HostHappy and possibly buy a domain. Right off the bat, the most obvious difference between option A and V is the cost. Linux is less expensive on average, a Linux VPS is cheaper than a Windows VPS with the same specification. If you are a beginner and don't have an IT team behind you, a Windows VPS can be easier to manage since it can be accessed with a remote desktop with direct GUI access. Also, another benefit of having a Linux VPS is that they offer unlimited bandwidth at 10GBPS. At "HostHappy" they sell different packages that meet the needs of all customers. For starters, they sell 'Sapphire' which is available for both OS. This package starts at $8.99 per month for Linux and $15.99 per month for Windows. For an average server, you'll quickly need a 'Ruby' package that sells for $44.99 per month for Linux and $49.99 per month for Windows. The most expensive package sold at HostHappy is called the 'Diamond' package. It costs $79.99 per month for Linux and a whopping $84.99 per month for Windows. A feature of this VPS is that you get 10 vCore (CPU) at 2.8Ghz, 48 GB RAM (memory), 500 GB NMVE Storage, and of course unmetered bandwidth at 10GBPS. HostHappy may not be the cheapest Hosting Company, but they still offer the best quality servers. By the way, they stand for their priorities: Easy Switch to HostHappy since they offer free migrations. HostHappy continuously monitors its networks, servers, and threats to ensure a reliable environment. They stick true to their 99.9% uptime. Their 'UltraFast' servers minimize your page load times because of the 10GBPS ports. HostHappy's VPS are guarded against Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks, with up to 150GBPS for layer 3/4 and 25GBPS for layer 7 attacks. Make sure to check HostHappy out if you are looking to host your RuneScape Private Server. As HostHappy would say.. Stay Happy, Stay Online.