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Ikadia - Semi-Custom | 685/718 & OSRS


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  Update #1


- Updated Shooting Star D&D
- Updated Trivia Bot Messages
- Updated Sprites to the 667 look-and-feel
- Removed unused content
- Cleaned up server tip messages
- Cleaned up global announcements
- Fixed player icons & crowns overlapping inside the chatbox
- Chatbox buttons no longer has a black bar behind it
- Added back our Teleport System & Interface
- Fixed all of the orbs sprites (hitpoints, prayer, run, summoning)
- Converted 718 interfaces to a more 667-style appereance
- Players are now forced into the help chat fc on login
- Your total amount of actions will now be tracked when training a specific skill;
Supported skills & actions listed below:
Woodcutting; (Logs, Ivy's)
Cooking; (Cooked & Burned)
Crafting; (Leather, Gems & Jewellery)
Fishing; (All Fish)
Firemaking; (Bonfires, Inferno Adze & Tinderbox)
Mining; (All Ores, Pure/Rune Essence & Stardust)
Thieving; (Pickpocketing & Stalls)
Smithing; (Smelting & Forging)
Prayer; (Bonecrusher, Bones on Altar & Burying)
Herblore; (Potion Making, Herb cleaning)
Fletching; (Logs & Tipping)
Runecrafting; (Crafting runes)
- Server uptime will now properly track.
- Right clicking ''Quick-Home'' on the teleport button will now send you to home.
- Updated the information tab
- Updated the login box interface
- On login you can now select the following game modes:
*Easy - 200x combat xp, 100x skilling xp
*Normal - 2 spins, 75x combat xp, 50x skilling xp + 2% droprate boost
*Elite - 4 spins, 3x combat xp, 5x skilling xp + 10% drop rate boost & a 5% chance to double drops
*Ironman - 25x combat xp, 15x skilling xp + 5% drop rate boost
*Hardcore ironman - 25x combat xp, 15x skilling xp + 10% drop rate boost
*Ultimate ironman - 25x combat xp, 15x skilling xp
Made some small edits to the game mode selection interface
- Teleporter now opens up our new teleport interface
- Moved around some objects and npcs at home
- Added a bunch of new teleports to the teleporter
- Ho Ho Ho. Enabled snow for the christmas vibes
- Automatically enabled ground item text on login
- Automatically enabled NPC Name hovers on login
- Automatically enabled Player name hovers on login
- Updated collection log interface


Update #2 & 3


- Some CS2 Scripts have been edited so it loads 2010/11 sprites.
- Finished 2010/11 orbs
- Corrected the amount of xp per catch while fishing for all types of fish.
- You can now obtain random pieces of the fishing outfit while training fishing.
- Fishing spots will now give you the correct fish.
- Attacking corporeal beast with other weapons than a spear will have a reduced damage output.
- All crossbows now properly work with the type of bolt ammo needed.
- Gamemodes are now displayed on first time logging in
- Gamemodes are now displayed on milestones
- Added fake xp drops (up to 1b total xp)
- Fixed thieving stalls.
- Corrected some collection log data for KBD,TORMENTED DEMONS,ARMDYL KREE
- Added duel arena command
- Fixed taverly dungeon teleport
- Corrected model id for fishing animation items
- Corrected rune/adamant dragon defence/death emote
- Corrected cursed callisto size
- Added home teleport button to resizable and fixed interfaces
- Reworked clue scroll reward interface a little
- Made clue scroll caskets stackable
- Key chests and clue caskets now send items to bank when you have a full inventory
- Corrected loot pool for all thieving stalls.
- You are now able to obtain pieces of the Black Ibis Outfit while thieving from stalls.
- You are now able to obtain pieces of the Golden Mining Outfit while training Mining.
- Varrock armour 1, 2, 3 & 4 now has a chance to mine an additional ore.
- You are now able to find gems inside rocks while mining.
- You are now able to attach orbs to battlestaves.
- You are now able to craft the following Leather Types (Normal leather, Snakeskin, Green/Blue/Red/Black & Royal D'hide).
- You are now able to craft a royal d'hide coif.
- You will now get a in-game message how many hides you need to have in order to craft the item
- You are now able to craft hardleather gloves, shield & body
- You are now able to use Shortcuts, Doors & Ladders inside Taverly dungeon.
- Removed skill points messages, it will now be in your info tab instead.
- You can now open your player settings inside the info tab.
- Added event boss location to the info tab.
- ''Check Slayer Task'' Option now works inside your info tab.
- You can now switch to virtual levels inside your info tab.
- You can now check your daily task inside your info tab.
- Info tab will now be displayed on fixed mode.
- Edgeville teleport no longer teleports you inside the bank.
- Added a dialogue to the dungeoneering tutor at deamonheim.
- Closing the dungeoneering party interface will now set it back to the info tab.
- Dismissing your pet/familiar will now return to the squeal of fortune tab.
- You can now teleport to Misthalin Underground (Edgeville Dungeon) 'under category dungeons'
- Formatting gamemode output inside your info tab has been updated (Ex: EASY is now Easy).
- Changed the way dismissing works for pets it now picks up the pet instead of dismissing it
- A new bot has been added and will show how many players are online in the discord;
- Added discord rich presence to the client;
- Slayer portal to teleport to your task has been added to home.
- Ember chest no longer has a animation attached to it.
- Drastically decreased gamemode xp multiplier across all gamemodes.
- Relocated objects & npcs at home.
- Added full support for battlestaff & staff for having infinite runes depending on your weapon of choice.
- Added support for celestial catalytic staff, doomcore staff & tome of frost (shield) having infinite runes.
- Added support for Mist, Dust, Mud, Smoke, Steam & Lava runes.
- The following spells have been fixed & corrected:

* Snare
* Bind
* Entangle
* All blitz, burst & barrage spells > All spells also now has its correct delay timers.
* All blitz, burst & barrage spells will now display its correct gfx & animations.
* All above spells now has their correct damage output.
- You will now get coins for answering trivia questions (1st person = 10k-500k, 2nd & 3rd = 10k-200k).
- Wearing full akrisae will now have its set effect (restores prayer based on damage output)
- Wearing full guthans will now have its proper set effect (25% chance to heal based on damage output)
- You can no longer setup your dwarf cannon inside the godwars dungeon.
- You can no longer setup your dwarf cannon inside the corporeal beast cave.
- You are now able to eat Spinach Rolls, Edible Seaweed, Papaya Fruits & Kebab.
- Reverted abyss map to 718
- Wilderness slayer tasks no longer count outside the wilderness
- Ents animations corrected and now transform into the proper npc on death
- Corrected damage cap on nex now is 500 instead of 50
- Combat dummys no longer give xp
- You can now bury lava dragon bones (Also works on altar).
- You will no longer receive any other charms besides the Blue, Gold, Crimson & Gold charms.
- A new system has been added that handles charm rates + amount of charms being dropped.
- Chopped total amount of logs is now tracking properly.
- Thieving stalls at home no longer requires level 5 thieving.
- Thieving stalls at home now has a new loot pool.
- Increased the chances of getting a piece for the thieving skilling outfit.
- Saradomin Brew's healing effect is now working properly.
- There now will be a chance that you fail to thieve stalls and taking damage.


- Slayer XP will now be based off the npc's total hitpoints * 2.5%.
- Collection log should now add the correct items to the correct log.
- Cave horror kc will now count properly.
- Added loads of new teleports from the old system to the new system.
- Chaeldar no longer assigns crawling hands.
- Reduced the amount of coins you get after a slayer kill.
- Updated all logo's to the new logo.
- You can now accept dungeoneering party invites
- Leech prayers will decrease every minute when using them.
- Prayer draining should now feel more accurate.
- Player titles are now working properly again;
- Everyone can now set their titles using ;;title (1-58)
- Gargoyles will now only die when using a rock hammer on it
- You can now only kill turoths & kurasks with a magic dart, leaf-bladed weaponry or broad ammo.
- Thrower trolls now always will be aggressive towards you.
- Abyssal sire's loot will now drop under your player character.
- Charms being dropped by Zulrah & Abyssal Sire will now appear under your player character.
- Kraken will now drop charms under your player character.
- Fire capes will now drop on the ground if you do not have enough inventory spaces left.
- General graardor will now move & attack you properly inside his boss room.
- K'ril Tsutsaroth will now move & attack you properly inside his boss room.
- You can now right click every godwars altar to teleport safely home.
- You can now attach a rope to the entrance at the kalphite hive.
- Interacting with the fairy tree at home now gives you a fairy dossier to see the available fairy ring codes.
- Fairy ring now has an animation & gfx when teleporting.
- Npcs at home no longer changes names when clicked on.
- Renamed all pvm tokens to ''ikadia'' tokens.
- Re-phrased alot of global server messages.
- Teleport to fight caves has been fixed to the correct coordinates.
- Added a bunch of shortcuts for the grotworm lair aswell as a teleport.
- Fixed a trade issue where you could not trade any item in some situations.
- Wildywyrm teleport has been corrected.
- King black dragon lair region is now considered as wilderness.
- Scorpia's cave is now considered as wilderness.
- Added a whole bunch of chaos tunnel shortcuts.
- Coin rewards from all chests across Ikadia no longer goes into your money pouch. It will be placed into your inventory or bank instead.
- Added over 190+ automated ground item spawns.
- Grand Exchange will now check if a certain item is limited or unlimited.

- Added over 2k+ unlimited items to the grand exchange.
- You can now auto-sell certain items for -5% off from the original price.
- Added in-game messages for items being sold/bought.
- Updated the game messages if your offer has been changed;
- Added 2 new bank booths to the home area.
- Examining items will now show you the grand exchange guide price
- Examining npcs will now show its droptable, with a new interface;
- Inferno Minigame has been completely finished
- All Normal & Imbued rings now has its correct bonuses.
- All rings of suffering now has their correct bonuses.
- All necklaces & amulets now has their correct bonuses.
- Avernic Defender now has its correct bonuses.
- Fixed barbarian outpost xp rates through the whole agility course.
- You will now get a XP pop-up after you entered the gnome pipe.
- You will no longer get a graphical bug after climbing up the wall at the wilderness agility course.
- You can now step in the sparkling water pool inside the mage bank.
- You can now use bones on the chaos altar inside the wilderness.
- You can now use the ''Pray-at'' option at the chaos altar inside the wilderness.
- Added EvilTree; Nurturing, Roots, Kindlings, 7 Evil Tree Types (Normal, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic & Elder) & Random Locations - Rewards: Coins, Seeds & Logs.
- Added support for redwood tree's at Zeah's Woodcutting Guild.
- Added banker outside Catacombs of Kourend
- You can now right click collect on the grand exchange booth
- You can now teleport to the woodcutting guild.
- You can now climb-up the redwood tree at woodcutting guild.
- Added a banker at redwood tree's.
- Redwood logs now work with bonfires.
- You can now burn redwood logs. (highest xp).
- There is now a combat dummy at home to show your max hit.
- Charm magnet will now automatically pick your charms from the ground.
- Added more abyssal demon spawns at slayer tower level 3.
- Added dark beasts to the empty room at slayer tower level 3.
- You can no longer climb-up a ladder at taverly dungeon (it led to nothing).
- Fixed trivia answering + added 2 new category's & 105+ new questions.
- Added void knight to the pest control area to exchange commendations.
- You will now get prompted a dialogue to type empty before it wipes your inventory instead of wiping it instantly.
- Updated Yell Layout & Colors.
- Fixed the counter for total amount of items fletched
- Fletching redwood logs now gives 115 arrow shafts.
- Increased heapsize on the server's memory, this should result in less dcs if any.
- You can now receive god capes when praying to the god statues inside the mage bank.
- Increased the sinkholes respawn timer.
- Doubled trivia points ticket is now working again.
- Trivia's daily task is now working again.
- Replaced the venomite icon for the ikadia icon (the one used for the point store).
- Renamed Venomite Mystery box to Ikadia Mystery box.
- Replaced the ember chest with the original model & renamed back to toxic chest.
- Added a fishing shop next to the fishing spots at home.
- You can now switch your prayers by right clicking the prayer altar at home.
- Renamed venomite point store to ''ikadia point store''.
- Checking prices inside the ikadia point store will now show the correct amount.
- Nerfed the Ancient effigies exp rates by 5%.
- Starved ancient effigies will now randomly being dropped by monsters.
- fixed the Hazelmere's signet ring drop chances.
- Changed the rate values for prayer draining.
- Added stats to NPCs around zeah

Global Teleports:
- Fixed Rogue's den teleport
- Added venenatis to the global teleports.
- Added scorpia to the global teleports.
- Added chaos fanatic to the global teleports.
- Added Queen Black Dragon to the global teleports.
- Added Vet'ion to the global teleports
- Added crazy archaeologist to the global teleports.
- Added callisto to the global teleports.
- Added teleport to Great Kourend
- Added teleport to Chambers Of Xeric

Collection log data:
- Added Abyssal Sire data to the collection log.
- Added Alchemic Hydra data to the collection log.
- Added Amethyst Dragon data to the collection log.
- Added Cerberus data to the collection log.
- Updated Commander Zilyana data in the collection log.
- Added Cursed Callisto data to the collection log.
- Added Cursed Venenatis data to the collection log.
- Added Cursed Vet'ion data to the collection log.
- Updated Dagganoth Kings data in the collection log.
- Updated General Graardor data in the collection log.
- Updated K'ril Tsutsaroth data in the collection log.
- Added Vorkath data to the collection log.
- Added Zulrah data to the collection log.
- Added Demonic Gorilla's data to the collection log.
- Added Enraged olm data to the collection log.
- Added Queen Black Dragon data to the collection log.
- Added Kraken data to the collection log.
- The collection log for Easy, Medium, Hard & Elite treasure trails are now working!
- The collection log for barrows is now working correctly.
- The collection log for warriors guild is now working correctly.


Update #4


Item fixes:
- Bonecrusher is now working properly & will show a message when in action.
- Herbicide is now working properly & will show a message when in action.
- You can now recharge your drakan medallion at burgh de rott.
- You can now use ring of duelling to teleport to the myth's guild. (removed Mobilising armies).
- Corporeal beast teleport on the games necklace has been corrected.
- Added support for infernal tools.
- You can now combine a smouldering stone with a dragon pickaxe to create a infernal pickaxe (Requires: 85 smithing).
- Infernal Axe now acts the same as an inferno adze.
- You can now combine a smouldering stone with a dragon hatchet to create a infernal axe (Requires: 85 firemaking & 61 woodcutting).
- Fusing items with the smouldering stone now has the correct graphics animation.
- You can now use your toolbelts bronze pickaxe at level 1 mining.

Teleports & Instances
- Added instances to the teleports data, under Bosses>Special>Instances
- Added Kraken Instance to the global teleports.
- Added The hive minigame to the global teleports.
- Cerberus teleport is now instanced.
- Added alchemical hydra to the global teleports.
- Added the inferno minigame to the global teleports.
- You can now open the teleportation interface after closing the bank interface. Previously wouldn't let you as 'another interface is open'.
- Kraken Instance teleport has been corrected.
- Lodestone interface will now correctly open inside the teleport interface.
- Polypore dungeon teleport has been corrected.
- Thieving teleport (bandits) has been removed from the teleport interface.

Collection Log
- Alchemical Hydra's Collection log has been placed in the boss section instead of slayer.
- Dark Demon data has been added to the collection log.
- Pest control data has been added to the collection log.
- Brimstone chest data has been added to the collection log.
- Crystal chest data has been added to the collection log.
- King lava dragon data has been added to the collection log.
- Larran chest data has been added to the collection log.
- Legendary Eggs data has been added to the collection log.
- Lord of lightning data has been added to the collection log.
- Mystery box data has been added to the collection log.
- Corrected data for chaos elemental & bork's collection log.
- Barrows collection log has been corrected.
- Corrected abyssal demon collection log.

General Fixes
- You can now open the doors at barbarian outpost.
- You can now access the lodestone network through the global teleports interface.
- You can now setup a clan chat;
- You can now switch between virtual levelling in the player settings menu.
- Added a title manager to the info tab.
- You will no longer get instantly damaged by the deserts heat.
- All tree's around ikadia now counts your total chopped logs.
- Droptable now shows the max possible amount it can drop instead of showing a single item.
- Added a right click to the npc death allowing you to get a quick boss task.
- Logs & uncut gems now has the correct 718+ options such as Craft & Light
- Updated Skills tab
- When any sort of double xp activated, you will now get a xp pop-up
- You can now use the ''craft'' option on logs.
- You can now use the ''craft'' option on uncut gems & cut gems to make bolt tips.
- Reverted skilling icons for leveling up progress + they are now aligned;
- Altr of occult right click options now work.
- Added sand crabs to the home area to train up your account on first login!
- Added summoning obelisk+shop to home.
- Corrected a bunch of global messages
- Changed the layout of the information tab quite a bit.
- Added support for more titles on the title interface.
- All commands has now been sorted.
- Donator ranks now has their correct extra droprate, extra skilling xp rate & correct amount total donated.
- You can now click most of the text inside the information tab.
- Corrected sand crab bonuses + removed some spawns from home.
- Fixed dung party, can now enter the dungeon with a party
- Examine on items will no longer say ''coins'' on the end.
- Added 2 new bank booths to the ''pvm hub'', removed the 2 booths from the center at home.
- Global Double XP & Global droprate boost will now show if active or not inside the info tab.
- Slayer tasks monsters left should now be fixed.
- Skilling points will now correctly track inside your information tab.
- You will now get coin bags from home thieving stalls.
- Updated all global messages to make them look cleaner.
- When HCIM dies it will now show his total level and total xp gained in that life.
- Charm messages will now longer have a underscore in its name.
- Closing the bank interface will now actually register as closed.


Best Regards,

RuneList Sr. Moderator

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Ikadia's Update Log #5 is the last update before launch on February 1st.
This has a lot more focus on donation perks, runespan fixes, final collection log checks and necessary updates for launch

Runespan Fixes:
- Added runespan creatures to the higher level of runespan.
- Runespan interface is now working correctly
- Runespan nodes will spawn randomly
- Steel donators+ can now freely travel inside runespan.
- Runespan runes will now be converted into points on teleport/exiting runespan.
- Yellow wizard at runespan is now working properly
- Collecting rune essence from floating essence will now give you 25 essence instead of 525.
- Chipping essence from creatures is now working properly
- You can now climb-up to the highest level of runespan
- Runespan interface will now display which floor you are on.

General Fixes:
- Fixed some npc spawns at karambwanji
- Fixed the agility pyramid course + you will now be rewarded for reaching the top of the pyramid.
- Defensive casting toggle is now working correctly and is based on combat xp instead of damage.
- You are now able to cast & autocast the magic spell 'wind rush'
- Added Port Piscarilius to the global teleports [Fishing category]
- You are now able to catch raw anglerfish at the beach shore at port piscarilius
- You can now buy sandworms from tynan's fishing supplies shop.
- You can now open sandworm packs giving you 100 sandworms.
- You are now able to cook raw anglerfish (84 cooking, 230 xp each).
- You can now eat cooked anglerfish (Heals 220 each, can also heal above maximum constitution).
- Increased the sinkholes respawn timer by alot.
- [Client] Added extended zooming in and out to the client.
- [Client] Render distance is increased by alot
- Added wilderness resource area (Used to be nullified)
- Added a setting for extended double zoom inside the player settings menu.
- Upon redeeming bonds will now show a message it was succesfull.
- Updated Daily Challenges with a new system. Supporting over 200+ skilling tasks; Rewards: 1-15m coins & 1-10 sof spins
- Corrected equipment tab sprites, they will now be aligned properly.
- Moved Account Settings to the settings tab
- You can now open the available game perks inside the information tab.
- Closing the equipment interface will now register as properly closed.
- Added more grey chinchompa spawns to the hunter area's
- All potions & flasks now will automatically be shattered to pieces when they are empty.
- Players logging in for the first time now can not go out of the starter interface untill you've chosen your desired gamemode.
- Closing the starter interface without choosing a gamemode will now automatically re-open the interface.
- Corrected some more global messages
- Increased trivia bot timer.
- You no longer get free antifire & super antifire on ingoing hits.
- The alchemist instance has been fixed and upon death or destroying the map it will now teleport you home instead.
- Corrected drops for the alchemist.
- Added killerwatt spawns to the killerwatt plane.
- You can now fletch arrow shafts from any log up to magic
- Portal at killerwatts will now teleport you back to home.
- Added rare loot drop announcements

Shop Fixes:
- Inside the ikadia shop it will now show you the correct price.
- Corrected sell & buy prices for herblore supplies.
- Corrected the vote point shop prices.
- Corrected ikadia point store prices.
- Corrected trivia point store prices.
- Corrected deaths store prices + added pet death to the shop.

Game Perks:
- You can now purchase game perks from the perks interface where you can purchase, activate & de-activate your perks;

- Added game perk ''cranked'' ; With this perk, your run energy will never deplete and stay at 100% forever. NOTE: This will not work in the wilderness
- Added game perk ''coin collector'' ; Coins that are dropped while killing monsters are automatically picked up. Also increases coin drop rate and coin drop amounts by 25%. NOTE: This will not work in the wilderness
- Added game perk ''herbivore'' ; All monsters now have the ability to drop a box that contains 10 random grimy herbs. Also increases Herblore experience by 1.25% and extends potion timers by 200%.
- Added game perk ''from the ashes'' ; Gives the ability to have a permanent bonecrusher effect.
- Added game perk ''charm tax'' ; Charms are automatically sent to your Bank account after killing monsters. Also increases charm drop rate by 50%.
- Added game perk ''ava's secret'' ; Acts as a permanently equipped Ava's Alerter no matter what cape you're wearing. You also have a higher chance of recovering fired ammunition.
- Added game perk ''soul eater'' ; Gives a chance of 0.25% to steal some of the targets its lifepoints
- Added game perk ''zarosian descendant'' ; Your Prayer points decrease at a 10% lower rate. Also increases experience gained by 1.25%.
- Added game perk ''worldy fishing'' ; This perk allows you at a chance to catch double the fish at once. Exp is given for both fish caught and stacks with Agility's multi-catch.
- Added game perk ''iron forge'' ; Gives the ability to never lose an iron bar again, no matter what ring or cape you're wearing.
- Added game perk ''pyromatic'' ; Gives the ability to burn all logs as they are cut from trees.
- Added game perk ''gwd specialist'' ; Removes the requirement of having kill-count to enter any of the 4 Godwars dungeon boss rooms.
- Added game perk ''thick skin'' ; Increases your maximum total lifepoints, also stacks with nex equipment, bonfires, potions, rocktails & anglerfish effects. NOTE: This perk will not function inside the wilderness.

- Extra: You can now convert $ Bonds to donator points or squeal of fortune spins

- Implemented support for five new titles:

- the Reaper: Complete a total of 500 Reaper contracts
- the Insane Reaper: Complete a total of 1250 Reaper contracts
- the Fighter: Defeated the FightCaves at least once
- the Infernal: Defeated the Inferno at least once
- Crystillian: Opened a total of 275 Crystal chests

Collection Log:
- Added acidic strykewyrm to the collection log data.
- Added the alchemist to the collection log data.
- Added blink to the collection log data.
- Corrected dark beasts collection log.

Best Regards,

RuneList Sr. Moderator

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