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Hey, i'm the owner of sythium an upcoming custom pking server and i'm looking for a community manager to work alongside the staff team. Sythium is not released yet, it is still in development but we want to prepare and be ready for release when the time comes.  Some responsibilites you'd have could consist of:

 - Creating and managing a professional staff team that promotes a friendly environment for the players.
- Conduct staff reviews to see how staff members are doing occasionaly.
- Make sure to create events on a daily bases to keep the community engaged.
- Make sure to provide feedback on how the community reacts to updates/events.
- Managing youtubers within the community, and how well there videos are doing.

If you're interested in the position please be sure to contact me through pm with some proof of previous servers you've worked for.

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Well you've definitely peeked my curiosity with this. I use to me a Manager for Dreamscape317. A fairly well known custom server.
I did everything with in the server except back end coding. Although I did help the Server Manager (Drax) here and there. 

I can tell you more about myself and my experience just don't want to throw it all in this post. 
Discord name: Nima#2001


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